A few polls about 1.7


How do you feel about the update so far?

  • I like it
  • It’s okay
  • I hate it

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How do you feel now that free tc is gone

  • I love it!
  • I miss messing with them
  • I want free tc back

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And lastly, how do you like the blockheads now that it has character customization, yaks, unicorns, pets, and more stuff?

  • It’s the best update ever!
  • Eh, it’s fine.
  • I wish ∫ stayed the same, and it was still the blockhead head and not the entire body
  • It could be better
  • It could be way better
  • I hate this update
  • You could’ve done anything and you chose to add THIS?! I’m going to delete this horrible game.

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Do you think the update to trade portals is good?

  • Yes
  • No

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I don’t think it’s a good change.


I really love the updated TPs, actually. I can’t get enough of those job listings. I’m too lazy to venture out of my house, so the rewards from the listings are quite convenient.


Woah i didn’t expect 27 voters



YouTube’s horrible refreshing system…


The best happened here in new update and from whole community that we have Unicorns!!!

(Dont be offeneded at the others new its nice mostly dodo have lots purpose!)


I really like the update to the trade portals. You actually have to play like you did before 1.5. (Ahh nostalgia) Trade portals make it easier to do stuff after you’ve actually gone through the hard work.

Although, whilst I get some people enjoy building/playing easier more than survival. Dave still added it into a custom rule that you don’t have to ‘discover’ the undiscovered before buying


expert mode comes out
can barely survive in vanilla


I really hate the new trade portal update. When I first saw it say undiscovered I thought it was a glitch. But no, I have to discover every single item. To be honest, it’s making me glad I’m cloudbanned, so I don’t have to deal with new 1.7 servers. The game is more fun when you can just buy stuff without taking so long to find it, and I have to take an hour just to find useful things just so I can buy more in the trade portal. I hope later they make the option where you can choose if the trade portal shows you everything or you need to discover can be an option in vanilla servers.


The change was made to reduce players’ dependence on trade portals, and have more fun finding new stuff. (And possibly to reduce stuffupershop usage) I’m not against the trade portal nerf, as this forces me to make my own farms for items that I want. But the trade portal changes did make me a little disappointed at first. :slight_smile:


New animals is an upgrade
New food is an upgrade
Being able to have pets is an upgrade
The new trade portals? That’s a downgrade.


You’re entitled to your opinion, of course, but I believe it was a necessary balancing change. A lot of people relied too heavily on trade portals, me included. With the change, exploring and mining the items yourself has been encouraged. If one wishes to build pixel art, they could instead use a custom world.





So many people sayin yes


Custom skins

  • I LOVE THEM!!!
  • Yuck! I hate them
  • Meh.

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This newest update is a cash grab. Why else would they make it so that you have to pay for servers now? Couldn’t they just have patched the free tc and left the servers to use tc instead of money? Yuck.

if anyone else knows any free games that are social and you can chat with others (like in blockheads) please reply.

thank you


He did patch it, but people found ways around it, what he did was the ultimate patch.


i know of roblox, its free, it has better games, and a great community! (although the censorship is actual crap)
theres a few other, but they are ones you gotta pay for.
hope this helped!