A few polls about 1.7


Dave did it for a reason, it was either keep the cloud or take it down due to the costs of maintaining it.

Thousands of dollars we’re wasted just on tc pirating alone and i am sure he barely almost got nothing because almost no one was buying tc.

Think about the costs of keeping a home, all the bills then all the sudden it crashes down due to tc piracy.

Although i do not like the change it still needed to happen and if tc does spread again people won’t be able to fund worlds with it anymore which is good.

You can still play on multiplayer worlds but if you can’t maintain a server due to reasons including parents then its best to close up shop.

Just try to save some pocket money and then you got a server :slight_smile:


He did patch it, but people found ways around it, what he did was the ultimate patch.


i know of roblox, its free, it has better games, and a great community! (although the censorship is actual crap)
theres a few other, but they are ones you gotta pay for.
hope this helped!


Custom skins can be very fun, but very hard at the same time. Sometimes I can’t decide which looks better


Did you like the wait on Apple Store to update?

  • It was lovely, what a great event to the suepence.
  • Erm, we android users are way better then Apple.

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Yes, your idea would work. However, over 90 percent if all players have pirated TC before, so keeping TC but getting rid of TC safes would not have made it bett r, since users can use their unlimited supply of free TC to continue making servers.

Also, making a server is quite cheap! 1 dollar for a server? For comparison, 200 TC was a dollar and servers costed 700 TC for a week, so compare that to the price of a server is cheap! It’s the price of 200 TC!


@BE_QUIET (Yes I’m using an @ mention, can’t be bothered to reply)

Imagine having a taking care of a family, paying for bills, keeping a game up, developing a new one and paying a community manager.

And 95% of your profits being counterfeit.

Just think about that for a second, not trying to be offensive, just giving you something to think about.

The Blockheads 1.7 Out Now!

it took me 5 secs to update :stuck_out_tongue:


I meant when Dave gave a time, and it took about an hour to show the update in the App Store…