A few tricks for building

In this post, I will tell you about a few building tricks, but not just for appearance, but also for maybe a trap, a secret base, and just the overall must-haves for builds! Also, this is all my opinion.


  1. Platinum blocks are OK, just don’t use them for the WHOLE thing.

The reasoning for this is that, they cause lag as they ARE an animated block, but you can use them as color pops.


Just don’t use too much!

  1. Rails. Use them FOR and IN your builds.
    It can cause lag, but anywhere you want an angle, or hanging sign, lantern, or just a small addition, use rails.

    You can use them a in a lot of areas, but don’t cover your whole base in rails. It will cause lag to load in the area then and it will likely lag you out.

  2. Color palette and usage.
    Basically, keep your palette nice, simple, but have contrast. You want color, but not like SMACK YOU IN THE FACE color. Keep it subtle.
    Block combos:
    Plaster (can be luminous), marble, gold block. Lighting: Diamond Chandelier

Stone, copper blocks, Amethyst blocks. Lighting: Steel up/downlights

Basalt, red marble, limestone. Lighting: Diamond/diamond chandelier

Overall, use your neutrals with your brighter colors. Keep your palette small, but use similar blocks to add textures and just overall a better look. I personally like to do light colored blocks with really bright blocks, and darker blocks with darker colors and ALWAYS use paints if you want interesting textures. And just a tip, 2 black+1 white dye in paint on plaster(normal) makes it look almost exactly like stone!

  1. Size and proportions.
    If you are building a spawn, make it large because you want it to stand out. If you are making a small base temporarily, make it small. If you are building a mansion, make it very large.

Make sure you know what you need and want to have in your base. If you are wanting ALL the crafting benches and ALL the different animals and ALL of everything, then make it fairly large. If you only need a pet dodo, a bed, a trade portal, and maybe a crafting bench, make it smaller, but never too small. Always have room for expansion and the room height I would recommend is 4-7 blocks. My recommendation for a small house is 9x4to7. For a large house I would go 2+stories high, each floor 9x6

Also I will try to update this topic frequently and if you need any reference photos of color combos, leave a reply and what kind of mood and theme you are going for, and I will get you a few.


You’ve inspired me to do some building today. Thanks for the tips! :slight_smile:


No problem, if you need more, they should be coming out within a week or less, I’ve been testing many colors and blocks together and I have a whole list of them coming soon!