A Friend System?

Maybe there could be a way to friend request people and a private chat between the 2? There could be a section after create a world or wherever, and you could search by username and friend request and chat with people. You could also creat groups and see what server your friends are in. I feel this would really take the blockheads a notch up the multiplayer leaderboard because a lot of other games have this EXCEPT for the blockheads.


This exposes users to potential abuse. Dave has always avoided any form of private chat because it makes it harder to trace what players do in private. They could get harassed, bullied, or tricked into sharing personal info. That’s just not what the game is about.


I don’t think it would do much (largely due to the fact that the game is waning).

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It’s just that almost all the other multiplayer games have private chats except for this one, and there is basically no way to talk to someone privately without everyone else knowing about it.

Some players have used other communications such as Discord to chat outside of the game. Additionally, private messaging through the forums is an effective way to communicate privately. While you might have to leave the game to access these, I think that they’re safer options than risking someone abusing the function.


I would veto the addition of private chat in the game. A friends system is pretty harmless, but private chat is a big, brick-like no from me. I haven’t talked to Dave about it recently, but a few years ago it was a resounding no from him too.


I too feel like a friend system (where you can see what servers your friends are on and can easily invite them to servers etc) is pretty harmless but allowing for PMs I feel like will allow for a lot of privacy issues, especially if we have younger blockheads


But if someone was bullying you could always report the, or maybe have a way to block or unfriendly them.

What if it’s not bullying? What if maybe the person asked for personal information like their address or phone number?

Then don’t give it to them. That’s common sense people. :confused: :confused:

To a kid, probably not common sense.

Well, true, but blockheads app download says it’s recommended for 8 and up, which by then you should be educated on not giving personal info to strangers unless the age group recommendation changed.

I’m pretty sure it should be 8 and up too for Pokemon Go but the only reason they don’t have a chat system at all (whereas Blockheads at least has a chat in the server) is because they’re afraid of potential liability/scandal from minors being scammed/tricked into giving away personal identifiable information.

This is already a issue, theirs a lot of child preds in this game

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Great idea so that I can always join the server my friends are in or in their server

Heard of threats?

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Yeah but it’s only a game. There could also be a few chat moderators or bots that can detect a potential address, email, or other personal info.

Why would you bother risking this?

There are also false positives. Anyway, we should probably stop arguing about this.

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If you really need to talk to someone privately because, let’s say the server you’re in has teams or something, and the conversation’s related to the server, you could use signs. Not the easiest way to communicate, but it’s there if it comes to that. Like everyone else is saying, private messaging could be used for both good and bad. The topic has been going around the forums, and though it would be nice to have, it’s probably not gonna happen.