A Friend System?

I mean that’s already a issue

We have it rated for people older than 12, which is the Apple version of 13 years. I’ll have a word with Noodlecake. I didn’t realise they had kept the pre-multiplayer rating.

But one thing is, if someone has you in their discovered area, they could just watch you and see what you are saying!

I haven’t checked in a while so it may just be misinformation for me.

Depending on the server, you might have something like a hidden base where it’s safer. I’ve also seen many ppl just leave messages for others when they’re not online by putting signs in chests. If you don’t want to do that, you don’t have to, I’m just giving you an alternative. Also if you know the person irl you could just use discord, or you could invite them to the forums and PM them. In this case, you just have to get creative.

Something that just crossed my mind if you could view what server your friends are on there would have to be an unfriend option or you would have to be able to deny the request because people could follow others around to annoy them yes ik there is a mute button but I’ve muted people and they make alts to keep annoying me

If that were to happen, would it be connected with an alt or 2 if you have any? It’s kinda like when someone has 2 devices and they both have the same Apple ID thing so you can go on with the 2 devices. Or is it just with one account so you could get privacy when you don’t wanna be on your main.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking.

I guess it COULD as long as ur IP stays the same and you don’t delete the app.

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No, lol. Just tryna be helpful on the forums I guess, since I can’t really play.

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