A full message bot


Maybe there should be a work project by dave and bib to fully encode the message bot into the portal. it would work the same but wouldn’t require a bookmark

the message bot will work without needing a second device or using your first.

it would work like this

Worlds > Eternal memories > Settings > Enable message bot.

When enabling it will take a few minutes to load everything up and then once you have all programmed you press save and it will run for you.

of course there is an option to turn it off and on or auto on and backup codes from the old bot to the new.

auto turn on would not be selected at normal but can be but it would work like this:
when your world turns off it will turn off the message bot until another player goes on the world or you.

then there would be disable which when done won’t erase everything but will disable the bot from spamming messages over and over again

what do you think of this?

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You should add a “Great!” option.


Can’t because you can’t edit polls.


That would be way easier… We need this!