A Guide To Bumping And Dredging




And please remember guys DO NOT mini moderate. We were specifically told not to. :joy: :rofl: Just had to get that out and say it.


Yeah, I stated in the thread to not, lol. Wait, did I?!? I think I technically did, since I said to not react if someone already did.


Oh I thought you meant don’t react if somebody already reacted


Then what about between 2 months and 3 months??



Raymond, LilAngel said “2 months or less”


I moved this to #meta because it’s not a guide about the game.


hmmm does 2 months and 1 day count as two months?


Just flag and ignore the bump, milla will deal with it.


I’m pretty sure that a bump is 30 days or more.


Does 30 days count as less than 2 months? Mhmm


I don’t agree with the OP. Bumping is posting to a sunken thread, to raise it to the top of a forum listing. Dredging is an attempt to resurrect a dead thread. Neither is okay, except in the cases where a meaningful contribution is made. Dead = inactive for more than 28 days.

Note, dredging threads that are redundant is never okay, and dredging world threads is fine, but only to either ask if a world is likely to be relaunched, or to announce that it is. Announcement threads may be dredged so long as the new post is on-topic with the OP.


Just added that, ty milla!


Adding it doesn’t help a lot. I just directly contradicted the OP, i.e. it’s incorrect and misguiding.


Ok, I’ll just redact it :frowning:


Thanks. Don’t be put off. Guides are good. They just need to be accurate and informative :slight_smile:


I might try making a guide like this for myself.


I loled at this