A guide to formatting on the forums



This is a list of the formatting this you can do on the forums!
Here it is!

Name Example Markdown Way HTML Way Other
Bold Text BOLD **bold text here** OR __bold text here__ <b>bold text here</b> OR <strong>bold text here</strong>
Italic Text ITALIC *italic text here* OR _italic text here_ <i>italic text here</i> OR <em>bold text here</em>
Underlined Text L̲I̲N̲E̲ Not Currently Supported in Discourse Not Currently Supported in Discourse Available in BBCode. [u] Underlined text [/u]
Strikethrough Text STRIKE ~~strikethrough text here~~ <s>strikethrough text here</s>
Hyperlinks LINK [Link title](link url) <a href='link here'>Link title</a>
Images ![image alt](image link "title") <img src='image link' title='image title' alt='image alt'></img>
Code CODE `code text here` <code>code text here</code>
Code Block


code text here

code text here

Not Currently Supported in HTML
> quote here <blockquote>quote here</blockquote>
Horizontal Line
--- OR *** OR ___ <hr>
Strikethrough Text With Red Background del text Currently not supported in markdown <del>del text</del>
Underlined Text With Green Background ins text Currently not supported in markdown <ins>del text</ins>
Predefined Text
predefined text
Currently not supported in markdown <pre>





# Heading 1 OR
Heading 1

## Heading 2 OR
Heading 2

### Heading 3

#### Heading 4

##### Heading 5

###### Heading 6
<h1>heading 1</h1>
<h2>heading 2</h2>
<h3>heading 3</h3>
<h4>heading 4</h4>
<h5>heading 5</h5>
<h6>heading 6</h6>
Ordered List
  1. Item 1
  2. item 2
1. item 1
2. Item 2
(yes, type the numbers)
<ol><li>Item 1</li><li>Item 2</li>
Unordered List
  • Item 1
  • item 2
* Item OR
- Item OR
+ Item
<ul><li>Item 1</li><li>Item 2</li>
Head 1 Head 2
Item 1 Item 2
Item 3 Item 4
Too messy to show. <table>
<th>Head 1</th>
<th>Head 2</th>
<td>Item 1</td><td>Item 2</td>
<tr><td>Item 3</td><td>Item 4</tr></td></table>
Big Text big! Not supported in markdown <big>Big text</big>
Small Text (can be stacked) small! Not supported in markdown <small>Small text</small>
Keyboard Button button! Not supported in markdown <kbd>Button text</kbd>
Superscript Normalsuperscript Not supported in forums <sup>Superscript text</sup>
Subscript NormalSubscript! Not supported in forums <sub>Subscript text</sub>
Hover Text Hover over me! Not supported in markdown <abbr title="Hover title">Hover over this text</abbr>
OTHER (not tags)
Name Example Markdown Way HTML Way Other
Centered Text
See [1]
None yet. <div align=center>Centered text</div>
Right Aligned Text
See [2]
None yet. <div align=right>Right aligned text</div>

Centered Text by @GoodGradesBoy

Note 1:

Centered text

Note 2:
Right Aligned text

Line message
Writing Functions

Nice, for those using who can’t see markdown turn you’re device horizontally.

What about bullets and number list?


ok, added!


I don’t understand why they would redact the last part.


It probably made false mentions.


I removed that part


This guide could be very helpful to new users!


Very nice :thumbsup:


Well done! Even I (confessions) didn’t know some of them! Great work :wink:


Added tables!


Can you make the tables a 3x3 not a 2x2 so we can get the pattern?


Thank you, that’s super helpful!!


Cool. I never thought about it before, but I guess it makes sense you could have tables.

Nice guide. :+1:


What about Big text and small text


Oh my! I can’t believe I forgot that!


Heres something you can put. I don’t think many people are aware of being able to put keyboard buttons.

Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Keyboard buttons:


I don’t think there is a way to do this in markdown, but I am not sure.

This is a very nice guide. Lots of thought put into it and well formatted.

I personally think this thread should be pinned for all users to find these methods.


I’ll add some more that I forgot


OK, added!


This is great! Could you also show how to make polls?.. before this I didn’t know how to any of this :joy: