A guide to formatting on the forums




You better charge that device, brer :open_mouth:


I always have to make polls and spoilers manually; typing everything out. Because after a while I guess Discourse updated, or something broke for me. Buttons like that can’t open for me on my iPad 3 (can for other devices, though), including the category changing thing in the ‘Latest’ tab.
I’m also limited to only emojis which names’ I remember.

@Raymond5525 Maybe I’m missing it in the guide itself somewhere, but how did you show the “HTML way” or “Markdown way” without it becoming the examples shown?


Does this poll work?

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Nice to see a reference page for html


Yes, the poll works but I decided to pick no instead of yes. Now it won’t ever get 100% :slight_smile:


It does.


I used &gt; for > and &lt; for <

The markdown wouldn’t show because it was inside html, I had to make a line break to show markdown.
I made HTML like this: (it was a hassle)


I don’t think this will work on mobile.


The ironic thing is… I wrote the hover text section on mobile.


Finally, I can type D= ∏ r2




Underline text works, @Raymond5525!


Press start to play some roblox:



AND useful to those who was writing stuff in html…





Can you add how to center text?

Center Text on Forums:

This is how to use HTML in order to create centered text on post.

<div align="center">

*please do not use this on every post. it may be annoying for other users, especially in long paragraphs. abuse of this may cause your posts to be deleted




Post titles

Here is the code for titles.

<html> <p> <big> <b> <div align=center> Post Title </div> </b> </big> </p> </html>

Html tag because otherwise :slight_smile:emoticons wouldn’t work. Paragraph big bold center title end all