A Guide to Inventory Organization

Warning: This thread is slightly OCD. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).
Now don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Ok, well, since you’re still reading, perhaps you’re OCD, too.
So now I’ll begin sharing my OCD organizational style. If it works for you, great! If not, well, I’m sure you’ll come up with something equally OCD or even worse.

Macro Organization

When you have plenty of room and no worries about griefing (such as on Single Player Worlds) - you can really go hog-wild with Categorical Organization. By this I mean, organizing your items into large groups. The grouping I find that seems to work rather well are as follows:

[li]Blocks - (27)
[/li][li]Columns & Stairs (42) (or 21 of each if you will)
[/li][li]Food & Seeds (28)
[/li][li]Tools & Weapons (29) (This includes the Gem Pickaxes)
[/li][li]Clothing (11) (This includes the tin foil hat, and linen)
[/li][li]Natural Items (9)
[li]Wealth (25)
[li]All Coins
[/li][li]Pig Iron
[/li][li]Silicon Ingots
[li]Tech Items (27) (Includes Flywheels/Solars, Jet Pack parts, Train parts, etc.)
[/li][li]Lights (11) (Includes Ice Torches and all Gem Chandeliers)
[/li][li]Armor (20) (Tin, Iron, Ice, Carbon & Titanium)
[/li][li]WoodCrafts (14) (Anything made from wood or sticks, except below)
[/li][li]Other (12)
[/li][li]Carrot on a Stick
[/li][li]Tin Foil
[/li][li]Fishing Poles
[/li][li]Iron Pots
[/li][li]Gold Chests
[/li][li]Iron Doors/Trapdoors
[/li][li]Display Cabinets
[/li][li]Golden Beds
[/li][li]Crushed Limestone
[li]Buckets (5)
[li]Empty Buckets
[/li][li]Water Buckets
[/li][li]Fish Buckets
[/li][li]Shark Buckets
[/li][li]Paint Stripper
[li]Workbenches (49) (Includes Campfires)
[/li][li]Portals & Trade Portals (13) (Includes Portal Chests!)
[/li][li]Misc (7)
[li]Shark Jaws
[/li][li]Ownership Signs
[/li][li]Tulip Bulbs/Seeds
[/li][li]Train Stations
[li]Pole Items (4)

Now, what you do with this categorical organization is up to you. For example, you could create a warehouse with 27 chests in a row to represent your “Blocks” storage.
Or you could create a small house with 3 floors containing 9 chests each for the same thing. There’s really no right or wrong way to do it - use whatever space you have available to you.

Here’s an example of my categorical organization on my Single Player World:
This building is my Blocks Storage warehouse.
(I’ll explain the color-coding, and inventory notations on the sign later)

And here is my Food Storage Building:
(Except, in my case, I moved Tulip bulbs/seeds here because I forgot to include them in my Miscellaneous building. No big deal.)

Micro Organization

Here is where OCD comes in Big-time. Much of this is totally optional, but if you’re interested, read on!
As you can see in the above Blocks Warehouse photo, I’ve color-coded the chests to look approximately like the blocks they represent. This is just a visual aid in helping me find what I’m looking for.

You may also notice that I have shelves above each chest with 4 of each representative block. This is just another visual aid - I don’t store more than 1 in each shelf slot and I don’t plan to remove items from any shelves unless there is nothing left and I’m totally desperate.

Looking further, You’ll see signs indicating what each block type is in each inventory chest. And of course, you’ll notice this strange Dewey-Decimal like system for indicating exactly what is inside each chest. Which, I’ll explain in a moment.

But first - an explanation of how the inside of each chest is organized.
Below you can see the inside of a chest of Limes. As we all know by now, you can fit 99 items in each slot. It can take quite a while to fill up a chest completely with 1584 items (99’s in all 16 slots), so for the most part you don’t need a system to deal with this.

Except when it comes to Stone. Yes… I save my stone. Hey - don’t judge! I can crush it to gravel, then sluice it, and get about 2 Titanium and Platinum ores for every stack of stone! So basically, what I do is use the 16th slot to store Completely full CHESTS of that item. In the case below, you can see I have 96 Chests filled with stone, and another 13 stacks of 99.

Total: 153351 stone - and I only had to nest my inventory chest 1 deep. (you don’t want to go 2 or more deep due to lag concerns, and instability, which may cause you to lose items)

Now, by the way - in case you’re thinking - “wow, gee Skeeve, you might actually run out of room to store completely full chests of stone” This represents 3 years of accumulated stone. And I never use a Diamond pickaxe to mine stone. To me, it’s a waste of wear on the pickaxe. But supposing I did - then I would have 6 times this amount, which would still fit in one chest without nesting deeper.

OCD Organization
Ok, so what about those signs?
My system is fairly simple here, but it may look confusing at first.
Basically the syntax is: #.# (#)
The number on the left of the decimal point indicates how many CHESTS full of the item are inside the chest.
The number on the right of the decimal point indicates how many STACKS are inside
And the number in Parenthesis indicates anything less than 1 stack (1 - 98 items)


Suppose I have 1 CHEST full, and ZERO stacks and ZERO partial stacks?
It gets written on the sign as 1.0

Suppose I have 1 STACK and ZERO partial stacks and ZERO Chests full?
It gets written just as 1.

Suppose I just have 5 items and nothing else?
It gets recorded as (5)

This is just to save time so I don’t have to record 0.0 (5)
Or in the 2 cases above, 1.0 (0) or 0.1 (0)

But you can use the full syntax if that is more clear for you.

The beauty of this inventory system is that I can see exactly how much total material I have of a given type just by looking at my sign.
Naturally, the sign MUST be updated whenever you deposit or withdraw from your warehouse slot. But, risk of inaccuracy aside, I find this to be a great system - especially when your warehouse is rather distant and you don’t want to waste a trip to go look inside your chest to see what you have.

Now how about quick, temporary storage, of meditated or other acquired items?
If you’re like me, you save everything - even the average run-of-the-mill meditated items.
But you don’t want to go running to your warehouse everytime your blockhead’s inventory gets full. So, here is a temporary storage system I devised:

Green Chest = All Edible Fruit and Seeds (Including Worms)
Red Chest = All Meats & Inedible Seeds (Cooked or uncooked, Dodo Eggs, Vines, Pine Cones, Tulip Bulbs/Seeds, Roasted or Green Coffee beans)
Purple Chest = All Pigments and basic paint colors
Lt Blue Chest = All naturally found items (Flint, Clay, Sticks, Flax, Leather, Fur, Feathers, Poison - also included Charcoal because there’s space)

Portal Chest - right in the middle for easy transfer!

Black Chest = Any type of Block
White Chest = All Ores including Coal
Yellow Chest = All Ingots, Gems, coins
Ultramarine Blue Chest = Pretty much everything else. Usually crafted and tech items.

The first row of color coded chests is where you store the items as you get them.
The second row is for entire stacks only. (Or just use it as overfill storage)
When a second row chest begins to get full, it’s time to transfer that to the warehouse!

I find this system to be efficient and organized. Once you have it set up - and I agree it does take a LONG time to set up - it begins to pay dividends in time saved. No longer do you have to fumble with your items, but you can neatly place them and store them, while at the same time know exactly how many of an item you have at a glance.

Hope you found this guide as useful as I do using it.
Next, I will see if I can post some pictures of my Single Player Warehouse which I have been working on since version 1.6.1 was released. It’s quite a lovely place.


My current warehouse looks like this. It follows the Macro Organization scheme mentioned above - whereby each building is a Category of Organization. The shape of each building is designed to accommodate the number of items in that category and preserve symmetry.

Elevators run through all buildings, and each building is easily accessible from one to the next without having to travel to ground level.

This is a 1/16 Vanilla World so there are some very large extremes in mountain height and depth of ocean valleys.
I took advantage of this to drain the main ocean and build Arch Bridges across the chasm.
The original height of the ocean was about at the sand level - a few blocks below the upper bridge deck.

Just for fun, I made the Buckets building suspended below and also semi-flooded with water:

Below the buckets section is another section for miscellaneous items and such.

Oh, and what’s that Gold Building you ask? Well - of course, that’s my Pole Items section. Since this is a Vanilla World, I can import any Pole Item from another Vanilla World. As you can see - I don’t really have too many.

This is actually where Spawn is. I didn’t intend to build a structure here, but it somehow worked out best this way.


omg fabouls thats amazing i never build on single player worlds

Skeeve, may I be your disciple? I need to learn the proper ways to organize my tiny inventory so that it can expand as I continue playing. 2-3 months worth of accumulation is nothing compared to what you’ve collected, but I’m already feeling the strains on my meager system (which isn’t that different from yours, all things considered… just much smaller scale and without dedicated buildings or numbering systems. lol)

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Dang Skeeve, you’re more organized than I am! Great guide, btw, as all of yours are. You have inspired me to pursue the mastery of organization in The Blockheads.

Amazing work, Skeeve! I’m so glad I don’t suffer from OCD :slight_smile:

Just a remark for the cowards and faint hearted: On my warehouse worlds I avoid water and any mines/tunnels near the storage area. I mine for a diamond far away from where I will set up my storage and after I got a PC I won’t mine anymore on that world at all. This is to avoid the chance of anything bad happening, like lag making me lose items or the world getting corrupted. For the same reason I space the particular storage houses further apart, so the game won’t have to load so many chests in one chunk. Oh, and I don’t nest chests with stacks of stuff. There is enough place available to place a few chests side by side.
I do know the chances of corruption/bad lag happening on SP servers is small, but I don’t take any risks with my precious warehouses. SP worlds are for free, after all :slight_smile:

I am ashamed to admit that I don’t have much of an organization system for my storage. I don’t keep nearly as much on hand, but with how much i love mining something like this would be helpful. Guess I’ve got some ideas now!

Wow, this is very inspirational! I suffer from ocd too. Now I got some ideas for my new storage world thanks to you!

Portal Chest - Right in the middle for easy transfer!

Oh, and what’s that Gold Building you ask? Well - of course, that’s my Pole Items section. Since this is a Vanilla World, I can import any Pole Item from another Vanilla World. As you can see - I don’t really have too many.

Hi Skeeve. I’ve been trying to figure out how taking items between worlds works, and most posts I find are from much older versions of the game when it couldn’t be done.

Can you please clarify for me the current versions abilities? According to the quote above, I can create “vanilla” worlds and transfer items between another vanilla world. But I don’t know how to use the portal chest to do that. Also, your storage warehouse on the 1/16th world is SP. Can I take items from an SP world to an MP world? If both are vanilla?

If it is a customized server world…Ive been reading the thread about “The Void” and they say they bring jetpacks. How can they “bring” something to a customized world? They also say they can take things back with them that want for inventory. So how do they do that?

It would help newbies like me to have a chart with all the possible world combinations each with its own square and in the square a description/example showing if transfering items is possible and how. The combinations would be of these three options: 1) SP or MP and 2) Vanilla or Custom and 3) local or server or cloud. Heck, a chart like that showing ALL significant differences between these combinations would be pricesless to me right now, saving me the amount of hours I’m spending digging through the forums and finding only answers from 2014. I have spent the past two weeks digging for answers to all my questions and still have many unanswered. (I really wish that “School Server” idea had come to fruition.)

I hope my questions aren’t too confusing. I want to make a 1/16 vanilla world for storage, and I don’t know how to take things back and forth. I also want to start learning how to do MP worlds both server and cloud, but don’t know how to choose which ones to visit since I can’t figure out how to take things with me, and there is still so much I don’t understand about how to play that way. I don’t want to make mistakes or upset any other player with my naivity so I’m trying to learn as much as I can first. I also don’t want to get eaten by a troll or scorpion upon arriving in my underwear! LOL

You can bring items from any vanilla SP or MP word to another vanilla SP or MP world. You need to have portal chests on both ends. On custom worlds, there’s no way to get portal chests. The Void isn’t custom… At least I don’t think… I have a portal chest on there.

Thank you deathguy! So I will always have to join the other world first and upgrade my play until I acquire a portal chest, and then I can do it - right?

So you have to enter ALL new vanilla worlds without clothes or weapons?

The Void is a vanilla world and you use the Portal chests to transfer items between it and other vanilla SP or MP worlds.

Yes, you spawn in ALL vanilla worlds (in both SP and MP) with just the default items, usually a basket, a shovel and a few fruits. Then you will have to make your own Portal Chest there to transfer items back and forth.

You can search for MP worlds to join from this thread: http://theblockheads.net/forum/forumdisplay.php?13-Multiplayer. Always read the welcome page of the world you want to join and follow their rules. Some vanilla MP worlds specify you may or may not have a Portal Chest at all, or only have/use one if you are staff.

Thanks so much for this guide, Skeeve! I’m super disorganized, I love the idea of quick, temporary storage that’s still organized. :smiley:

@JuJubee22 - Your idea for a chart outlining all the combinations is intriguing. I’m gonna work on it! :slight_smile:
Will post something here when I do.

@Ronnie - Good idea there. I never thought of the idea of exploring as little as possible to reduce or minimize lag. Although so far, on this SP world of mine, I’m not experiencing any lag. I think perhaps it is due to spreading out the warehouse buildings. Back on my older SP warehouse, I did notice lag, presumably because everything was close together in one large building.

@ModifiedReality - :lol: why sure! Perhaps I will send you on a quest! If you ever would like me to inspect your Single Player world, you know it is possible through Game Center? My Game Center ID is Skeev3. Once you send a friend request you can then invite me to your SP world to inspect it. If I’m available I’ll join.

Awesome Skeeve! You rock! (I know, 50 year-olds shouldn’t talk like that but old habits die hard. Lol)
This thread is my absolute favorite. Probably because I’m very OCD and overly detailed. I covet your organization style, and can’t wait to start following it.

And I’m sooo excited to hear you can invite someone to one’s own SP world using game center IDs! That’s great! Maybe at some point in the future more advanced players can offer “in-world” tutorials one on one to help semi-noobs get the ropes. (Semi-noobs = played a few weeks to month or two and ready to learn how to REALLY advance with the hard stuff like jet packs and sky-worlds, lava, and MP worlds.) That’s right where I am at. :slight_smile: :cool: :slight_smile:

Thanks for the encouragement JujuBee - I’m almost 50 too and I still talk like that! :lol:

Anyway, I think perhaps one reason I know about Game Center is that I’ve been playing this game since version 1.0 and before Multiplayer and the Cloud Worlds became available the only multiplayer capability we had was Game Center.

The capabilities of Game Center compared to what we have now is like comparing the Wright Brother’s first airplane to the Stealth Bomber. :lol:

Except there’s one feature about Game Center that is unique:
Audio Chat feature. That’s one thing we don’t have in the current multiplayer, and probably wouldn’t want it anyway with 16 people potentially chatting at once.

No, you probably wouldn’t, BUT it makes “training” inside someone’s personal SP world that much easier/better! I really would have loved that brilliant School Server idea by Milla had it taken off. Maybe using Game Center and audio chat would be a good alternative in the meantime.

Oh wow, I either forgot or didn’t even know about Milla’s idea for a School Server. That’s a pretty good idea - but I guess one reason it might not have worked is that the only way to know about it is to come to the forums or theblockheads facebook page and I guess most players only come to the forums after they have tinkered with the game and learned quite a lot about it.

What’s a school server???

I think she means a server where the theme is to teach new people to the game tips on how to play it.
As if they were getting “schooled”