A Guide to Inventory Organization


Ohhhhhhhh… I think I could make a server like that, for players who want to get a jet pack, take their play to next level, survive


Friend request sent. You can take a look at my current organization, wax nostalgic on when you had such a small inventory, and point out where I’m going to have difficulty scaling… lol. I just wish I knew the most efficient yet still versatile form of each ore, etc, to store. Like, should i craft all ore into ingots? or should some ores be left as ore for certain crafting purposes (e.g. copper for paint/dye colors, iron to be mixed with limestone to make EVEN MORE iron ingots / steel; convert all iron to steel or leave a good amount of it iron, make blocks or leave as ingots… ack… too many questions!)

Um… yeah. See, that’s where I start running into analysis paralysis and why I’m unable to complete the “perfect storage system” on my own…


Back in June of 2014, Milla started a thread. I came across it this week.

If that link doesn’t show, search the title “School Experimental Server Need Input” and it should come up.

I thought it was a GREAT idea but I think she was too busy to stay on it.


i came to the forums because i started to feel hopeless with all the frustrations i encountered after a long while of playing on single player only :smiley:

re topic, i as queen of disorganization was immediately drawn to this thread in the hopes that my sickness would be cured. but alas! the pill was too big to swallow, it hurt my jaw! if only i were an anaconda! (heehee really i am impressed with your system, at same time felt more hopeless as i compare my laziness to your compulsiveness :D)


Haha, just take it a little at a time, maybe start with just the 8 color coded chests.


Very nice organization!

After my first few worlds, and deciding against using signage, I developed a pretty simple way of saving things. It would have to be changed at least somewhat, if I were to stay in a world as long as you have, but I generally don’t, so my present system works well for me.

As I begin to fill in the workbenches that I need, I set my storage chests above and beside each bench, that I’ll need during later play. I generally make my rooms three spaces high. I know there’s plenty of space in the worlds (even in the tiny ones), but I just like my houses compact and efficient most of the time.

I place my initial workbench first, with space beside it for storage, continuing in this manner until I get my woodworking bench placed. Then I make a large number of chests, and begin filling in the spaces between th benches. I have regular patterns that I always use for each workbench grouping, that I hardly even have to think about anymore–other than which rooms I will use for what.

Some of my chests get shelves over them, to indicate further, how the contents are broken down. Mostly, though, my storage is grouped by raw materials (ores, picked fruit, etc.) in the bottom chest, then manufactured materials that are made on any particualr workbench, in the chest(s) above the raw materials chests.

This means that when I’m smelting ore, for example, I can easily reach up to get the ore I need, then when it’s done, I can easily reach up to deposit the ingots. Since I keep my weapons and metalworking benchs in the same grouping as the furnace and the kiln, I can easily choose to use any of the related chests in a very short time, without running around all over the place.

Once I do get a chest filled, I always have a stockpile area in a room to the side, somewhere, where I can go gather a number of stacks to keep in my immediate work areas.

This works for me even with a number of blockheads, because I always spread them out. One of the first things I do, even with a single blockhead, is work toward getting another portal. Once I have that portal and can travel, I travel with either my single blockhead or a different one, as far as I know I can get back with no more than 20 time crystals as the cost, by teleportation. At first, I would pack up all of my working stuff and take it with me, but I finally decided that wasn’t worth it, so now, when I add a portal, I spend enough time to get all the basic stuff set up, ready to begin with electricity, in every location.

If I tire of working through the basics again, I go back to the first portal and start building more advanced stuff for a while.

So, for now, even though I would like to have single-space signs (that I really don’t think would be too small, since all you need room for is three small words on a sign, in most cases, so the font size wouldn’t have to be reduced), my own categorization works well for me. If I really need a special chest marked, I used a shelf above it, to indicate what is in that chest.


That sounds like a pretty good organization your have going there, Lindawing.
I like the idea of raw materials above the benches for easy access during crafting.

I tried that myself, but I couldn’t come up with a consistent plan, so I eventually resorted to the 8-color coded temporary storage chests. Since I usually place these fairly close to my crafting benches, it works as raw material storage for crafting - I just have to walk farther than you, :slight_smile:


Hmm, you just love organizing :lol: My son occasionally plays Roblox, and when I saw one of the games named Catalog Tycoon, I laughed 'cause I remembered you, Skeeve! :lol:


Hahaha , and here i am whit my idea of organizing : will use soon, and confescated items XD


Hey Skeeve, I’d be interested in seeing your metals (mainly the quantity) if you don’t mind. It’d be interesting to see how much you’ve collected …


Oh, it’s a pretty modest collection, not quite what one would expect to have after several years of accumulation:

Copper Ingots: 2 Chests, 1 stack
Tin Ingots: 2 Chests, 9 stacks
Bronze Ingots: 1 Chest, 12 stacks
Pig Iron: 4 stacks
Iron Ingots: 2 chests, 12 stacks
Steel Ingots: 2 Chests, 3 stacks
Gold Ingots: 2 Chests, 6 stacks
Platinum Ingots: 1 stack
Titanium Ingots: Empty!
Silicon Ingtos: Empty!

I’d say I have almost a chestful of most metal blocks except for the really expensive ones like Titanium and Platinum.


That’s modest, Skeeve? Well, yeah, I guess, maybe it is, mine’s just noobish, been playing for 3 years too. The things is I don’t mine if I can help it, I dislike mining. At least I have over a stack of titanium, that’s a bit of comfort…

Example of my lifestyle/organization:
I usually just use stuff up, and keep things at two stacks, so they can all fit comfortably (including oil and gems…) into 2 chests, labeled “Mine Stuff”. (I know, I’m very eloquent. XD) In fact I don’t like too much stuff, and I like certain numbers, so I throw away stuff a lot, unless it’s valuable. I have around 3 or 4 chests of blocks, mixed with leather and fur, and other miscellaneous messes, and I organize them in the 4 chests, labeled–you guessed it–Other. I’ve been thinking of color coding them for a while, actually, so I only have to look at one chest instead of all 4 to find what I want.
I jumble food together, I have too much food. O.O When a chest gets full, I bury them underground. Should the world go empty of food–like that’ll ever happen in my SP–I can dig up my many chests of food…
Then I have personal chests, for each BH, where they keep their things and clothes…

Thank goodness I don’t have OCD. My “other” chest is already painful enough to a normal person, they’re messy, and don’t look subtle, so do you think I should divide them up and label them separately?


Organization ninja:slight_smile:


Wow! I haven’t got a world like that, but I do have a very basic system, gleaned from a FB user:

As chests fill they go into a basement, with a similar set-up, but with repetition. Lots of oranges, for example :slight_smile:

I don’t nest chests at all.


Phhssss, who needs organisation and chests when you can fill up your inventory!
No, seriously…I need to make a chest system. My current way of storing stuff is just letting it accumulate in my inventory, then throwing unimportant stuff out to get the other stuff in. The chests i do have though are filled with totally random stuff.
…basically I’m not good at organising


Wow! Fantastic! I agree with others it is truly inspiring :+1:t2:


Hey, Skeeve… I’ve been using this inventory system I worked up based very heavily on your system but only incorporating the stuff applicable to me, and I’ve been using it since you came to see what I was doing back in April… But I’ve encountered a little problem.

My world now loads incredibly slowly, and it’s constantly lagging.

I’m considering spreading out the storage between multiple single-player worlds (or at least a second world), but I’m not sure how best to do that to avoid having to jump between worlds frequently to get stuff I need for crafting, etc, or to store recently crafted stuff elsewhere, etc.

Any suggestions for how to segregate stuff for this purpose?


I had done this partially in 1.6, and only did about half of it. Now I’d like to do it in 1.7, but there are more items in some categories, and there needs to be a new animal category. Edit: Also a pet category. Two categories for animals. Tame/Untame.

I’m planning to create a full-scale 1.7 version of this, in a slightly more OCD way (the buildings will just be a tower of rows, instead of buildings put around in an area).


My god this is old


2 years old to be exact.