A Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Blockheads

Welcome to a little game I like to call “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Blockheads”!

In this game we will create a “guide” to playing the Blockheads by creating each step one post at a time.


  1. Please keep the guide cohesive, a real guide wouldn’t jump all over the place, this one shouldn’t either.
  2. Steps don’t have to be something you can actually to in-game, creativity is encouraged.
  3. The guide should not end, so don’t try making a final step or try sending the guide down a dead end.
  4. ONE step only, multiple steps in one post is not allowed.
  5. All standard community guidelines apply to the content of each step
  6. Any post made must contain a new step. If you want to question another step you can, but you have to add a new step in the process.


Now without further ado, let us begin!:

Step 1: Mine a dirt block with your flint shovel


Step 2: Craft a workbench with your dirt block at the spawn portal.

Step 3: Get plenty of flint with your flint spade.

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Step 4: Craft a tool bench at the workbench.

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Step 5: Use your kung-fu skills on some tree branches to collect some sticks

Step 6: make a tool bench

Step 7: Make a flint pickaxe with the flint and sticks you collected.

Mine some stone

Step 9: mine enough stone to upgrade your tool bench and craft a stone pickaxe and then never touch flint (EW) ever again!


Step 10: Build a flint axe at the tool bench

Make a machete

Step 12: Find some more trees and use your new tools to get all the sticks and wood.

Step 13: build a woodwork bench

14: wait

15: craft a bed and chest at the woodwork bench

Step 16: With the flint spade, collect 20 blocks of dirt.

Step 17: Craft a craft bench

step 18: get some fur from dropbears

Step 19: Use your sticks from step 12 to craft a few baskets

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Step 20: mine a limestone and upgrade your craft bench