A lot of android bugs

I’ve noticed that the game is not that optimized for android and has a few bugs.
I played this game on my android phone and on my iPad, the iPad version was smoother and had less bugs. Here are some of them:

Sometimes pop-ups appear out of the screen (like the tutorial pop-up)
Sometimes staying too long on the welcome message kicks you out of the server
Chat is also pretty laggy, I sometimes freeze while trying to enter/exit chat, sometimes the send button doesn’t appear.
And last, the game takes way longer to load compared to the iOS version.

I also want to mention that the 1.6 version doesn’t have that loading problem and feels smoother in general.

Could it be due to old hardware?

Maybe, I’m not sure, my tablet used to launch the game just fine despite it having battery problems, it was also an older version of 1.7

This is my issue.

Could you provide some information regarding both of your devices (model number, software version, etc)? I want a better perspective of the situation.