A Lot of Rubies on One Sky Island (AKA Gem Tree false hope)

Whilst exploring the skies looking for some shimmery gem trees on a new SP, I came across a sky island with more rubies than usual. Perhaps this is the norm for other players, though, but it certainly isn’t for me.

Initially thought I was going to find a ruby tree…sadly did not.
For some reason, my luck in this world is terrible and it took ages to find just one gem tree; interestingly enough, it was a diamond tree–so I’m actually lucky instead!

Anyway, just meant to share the photo of rubies to ask how much gems other people usually find on sky islands, as I usually find fewer than this.


That sky island really did troll you! :laughing:

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This is quite rare. I usually find 2-3 gems on a gem tree island, and very occasionally on non-gem tree islands. Nice find!

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Unicorns fly? My game knowledge is definitely outdated :slight_smile:

Ummm, yeah? Only the rainbow ones truly fly. The other colors just have a double jump and a long glide.

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I prefer them to jetpacks–one might argue that breeding them takes longer than crafting a jetpack, but the fuel you need to make to maintain using said jetpack makes unicorns worth it to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of getting trolled, I’ve now found 3 diamond trees, a ruby tree, a handful of emerald and amethyst trees and only one sapphire tree. My luck sure is unusual in this world.

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