A meme I made regarding the updates



The pictures thread is for in-game pictures or fan art. If this is only Blockheads memes it can stay here. Otherwise it goes in the forums games forum.

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I see, thank you

1.8 will be released in 3020 to critical acclaim. :sweat_smile:


You should probably think about why they stopped letting people use TC to power servers.


Dave: Release bug fix update
Google:just a minute…

4 years later…

Community of this forum: WhY iS MaJiC jUnGlE nOt ReAlEasIng UpDaTeS?

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Yes blockheads community doesn’t mind waiting haha

Dave doesn’t do any of the Android stuff. A developer over at Noodlecake Studios in Canada does that.

Finds out its in canada.
Mind= :exploding_head:

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