A message to milla

Hello @milla I have a question I have a server that was gifted to me about a year ago and one of my admins had access the owner portal and I was not owner since it was gifted to me and they hacked took owner and changed the password so I was wondering if this could be solved I have proof of it being gifted on my pc I downloaded logs thank you


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@skankydanky stop swearing about blockheads :cool:
@F1R3B0SD you can contact milla or dave with developer@majicjungle.com. try it. :slight_smile:


Milla was on like a few days ago lol

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Milla isn’t very active no more

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yes isnt very active but active.


it’s not as popular but it lives, some people are just toxic about it, probably upset about how some users are treating them and how it’s all milla’s fault because she can’t respond to cloud ban them

@SkankyDanky you can still buy tc on ios.

Quotes appear to be broken again

There’s not really a point of buying tc anymore the game is dead


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You can pm milla

not entirely

She doesn’t reply much tho I messaged her over a month ago for my usernames back no reply she busy with irl stuff

i buy tc sometimes when i relly needed it. majic jungle staff may be happy. because im not kind.

No kidding! That’s terrible :flushed::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Could we figure out how to solve my problem here ?

I’m looking into it.

Thank you

put a grin on my face with that one

How ?

Thanks milla for joining my server