A moderately pretty cube in which you may house vegetal organisms

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that, as of 1.7, spreading compost via usage of trapdoors has been removed. As such, all trapdoors on the planting level itself should be replaced with actual blocks of compost.

This greenhouse is fairly complicated, but highly rewarding. Here’s a picture:

It consists of lots of levels, containing every plant (except vines, tulips, pine trees, kelp and cacti, tulips and kelp because I haven’t found any yet, vines because they’re a pain to clean up and pine trees and cacti because of the danger they present) in-game. This means it currently grows mangoes, corn, coffee cherries, chillies, oranges, carrots, limes, sunflowers, apples, flax bushes, maple trees, coconuts and cherries all at once.

Here are some screenshots of the building process:

  1. Make sure to clear a lot of space, it doesn’t necessarily have to be underground, but because I built it on Survival Of Time, it was the only option (well, that or make 200 more campfires)

  2. Once the space is cleared, this is among the most efficient options for building (or at least the most bountiful). Since I don’t have a screenshot of the full construction process, here is a letter diagram of 1 pod (a basic 9x12 [widthxheight] area): (guide: w=wood, l=limestone, ol=oil lanterns, g=glass, c=compost, td=trapdoors, s=stone, t=tree, p=plant and cf=campfires 0=empty space)
    l l l l l l l l l
    l ol ol l w l ol ol l
    l g g l l l g g l
    l 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 l
    l 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 l
    l 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 l
    d 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 d
    d t p p p p p t d
    l c td td td td td c l
    l l l l l l l l l
    s s s cf s cf s s s
    (repeat sequence)

Once you’ve done this, you should get this lovely result:

3.Now that you’re done, enjoy your delicous and bountiful harvest!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this partial tutorial on how to build an excellent greenhouse!

Note: Things like the choice of lighting, heat source and building materials are all subjective, and if you find things that work better, so be it, good job. These are only the instructions for one farm in particular, and you’re more than welcome to modify it to suit your needs.

I hope you adore your new farm.
Note: Due to the massive overhaul that is 1.7, I am considering either overhauling this thread to include the new features or making a new one altogether.


Cacti don’t spawn scorpions if you know how to stop spawning them.
I had a greenhouse on my SP world filled with cacti and not even one scorpion spawned, even after 25 real days.
Anyways, how fast do the trees grow in your greenhouse?

Awesome! What’s it made of, bronze? Those colors look really nice

It looks like limestone?

@Pokehgs (Do you have pictures of it? I’m curious… The average trees bear fruit every 5-10 minutes, but take 5 to grow to full height once planted, this excludes the coffee cherry, maple and coconut trees)

@MAMA_FOOD_SUPPLY (Thanks, but I’m not nearly rich enough to afford that)

@Alexandra_Inglorien (Correct! Marble was too rare)

Instructions are uploaded, have fun trying to build one yourself!

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Unfortunately no, I do not have pictures of the cacti greenhouse anymore. I destroyed it because I needed the glass for another more useful greenhouse.
I do have an apple greenhouse that doesn’t spawn dodos though. Here it is:

It is curious, though. When I make a greenhouse in the same style but use carrots or pine trees, then donkeys and dropbears do spawn. But dodos and scorpions don’t spawn with apples and cacti in my greenhouse.
There is also an open apple farm right next to the greenhouse. Dodos spawn there normally though.

Scorpions will only spawn if there is no back wall.

Dodos will spawn with a back wall if an egg is placed as well as apple trees planted. Make sure there is always at least one egg or dodo there to keep the population going.

Drop Bears will spawn anywhere but they prefer cold (so you get more if you place ice torches), they sleep during the day so place lots of lanterns to confuse them if you don’t want to be attacked. If mobs are set to aggressive then this won’t protect you.

Donkeys usually don’t spawn with a back wall so I’m surprised that you managed to get some inside.


Ok thanks @MummyK.
About the donkeys, I never use doors since then I can’t ride them outside their “stable”. But yes, I do keep a few spaces open, that’s probably why they spawn.

After trying to make a scorpion farm, I finally realized it was the amount of space. Imagine you have ten blocks of sand, fenced in by two wood blocks on either side, with cacti. Nothing spawns…
Then, after taking the fence down and opening to a huge area of land… they spawn. Ow! That hurt!

Testif this is a spectacular farm. Seriously nice work!! So much thought and effort went into it for the efficiency as well as the beauty combined. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I can’t wait to see when the surface build is complete.

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Thanks! Much of the beauty may have been by chance though, and I just used random things I had heard of to boost efficiency. The surface build is alas, no longer there. I keep trying to build something that resembles a city built within a statue, or a statue built out of a city, but I simply can’t seem to get it right. If you do have any ideas regarding it, I made a questions thread on the topic here.

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