A neat little chart showing mining improvements after version 1.6

Well, ok, I guess I’m just a Blockhead Statistician at heart, but I figured I would make use of the old data I saved from version 1.4 and compare it to version 1.6. Turns out there were a couple of surprises:

The chart above shows how many hits it takes to remove each of the given block types for a given pickaxe type. Oil is the weakest stone, followed by stone which includes Marble, Lapiz, Limestone, Sandstone, then comes stone with any ore in it, followed by Iron ore - the strongest naturally occurring block.

Notice the overall improvement comparison after version 1.6. This percentage is simply a summation of hits required for [U]all[/U] block types pre-1.6 divided by the same summed data for post 1.6. Interesting that Steel and Ruby picks have actually worse performance after 1.6 than before. I hadn’t noticed this.

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This is perfect, this helps me show why I always go after Stone Pickaxes :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, you think you could do a chart on armor protection? That would be interesting and super helpful :smiley:

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I’ve been thinking of doing experiments with armor ever since 1.4, but just never found the time.
It’s also difficult because I can’t just experiment on SP - it has to be a Multiplayer game with PvP enabled and I either need 2 devices or another player as my assistant. Tough to set up, but doable

It took me sometime to understand what you meant by a hand is a pickaxe :stuck_out_tongue:
I was confused , but now understand you were talking about the amount of chops by hand to break a block.

Lol - exactly! I should have instead called that slot “None”… meaning no pickaxe, hence - hand chops. :slight_smile: