A new badge (Welcome back to the community!)


No no this is not for bans or anything but rather instead if you are inactive for at least a month or something and come back you will earn the badge “welcome back” as a gift.

People who have been banned will not earn this badge obviously because they have been banned.

This badge can be earned multiple times to welcome you back.

Does this sound good?

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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Also I know people can abuse this so please don’t comment about that. :slight_smile:


That would be perfect to motivate part time forum members like students(like meee!!!) for returning to the forums and the game itself :smiley:


And what about a silver badge for someone arriving back after 6 months?


ANd a gold for someone inactive for A YEAR BOI


Challenge accepted :cool:


No, because it’s useless.


A year would be a little to much


I have closed the poll, 58% said yes, 38% said no and 4% said maybe.

Just a reminder that this can’t be earned after a ban has ended and inactivity starts. you must have been on the forum once and then come back a few months later to get the badge.


You don’'t have to attend the forums like you do with school.


It’s not awarding the absence, it’s awarding coming back from it.


I like the idea because it can maybe help to motivate people to come back to the forums. Then when they come back to the forums, the forums will probably motivate them to come back to the game. Obviously if they ever left in the first place.


Why can’t Dave or Milla add it? It is their forum even though it is Discourse.


Huh, true.

Making it automated is work for Dave though, unless milla can code badges.


Like half of the people on the forum: leaves forums for one year to get one measly badge


Would inactive accounts that haven’t joined for the migration still get the badge?


I feel like it’s a kick to the face to people who would otherwise be active on forums
But then again, not having all badges isn’t going to kill anyone, and there are plenty of badges that reward active forumers


True, true.


I don’t like this badge, simply because it encourages forumers to leave for a while for no reason just to earn the badge, if they want to earn it. Nobody really likes to see an active, contributing forumer leave just because of a badge they want.


Yeah, that makes sense.