A new category


There should be a category, NSFW. where you can curse and stuff. But it’ll say something like
“This is nsfw. Are you sure you want to view it?”


No. I don’t think this fourm should have a nsfw category…


Sadly this is probably not possible. Just stick to reddit ehehehe


I don’t think this is necessary. Why would you go out of your way just to curse?


Yeah, stick to reddit.


no. just no


Some people’s brains are different. They have to go out of their way to not curse. Lol


I’m sorry, but that won’t be happening. If this were just my personal forums it would be fine, but this is an official channel of Jungle Ltd. No brand making games that aren’t rated for adults will associate their brand with adult content, if they know what’s good for them :slight_smile:


just use discord