A new mode that locks the death setting to die on exit (challenge mode)


This doesn’t come as a shock, but i believe die on exit may be a little underused.

So maybe there should be a new mode added to the game that uses die on exit as one of its main objectives. It would be named “challenge mode”, in which you have to go through the game like normal, except it is on die on exit and all your stuff disappears when you die.

And it will only allow one blockhead only. This will go for custom and survival too.

I know this already exists in custom rules but c’mon, why not. :wink:


What about ultra mode?


I personally dont like die on exit, especially on servers.

All of the sudden, my wifi isn’t doing so well, and I lose connection. And I am forced to leave, die, and lose all of my stuff. And since it isn’t working well I am unable to get it back without dying, and it is all a lost cause. It’s happened before and it really ruined my experience with it.


Until the current disconnecting from cloud servers randomly problem is solved setting your server to die on exit isn’t a good idea. Players cannot prepare for unexpected disconnects by putting down their current inventory. I cannot imagine anyone would have the patience to start from scratch after an unexpected disconnect.


How about this, it will only kill your blockheads when you leave the world by the button to leave it only.


Possible, but what about double clicking and closing the app? Dave might be able to prevent that too, I believe there’s a way to fire an event when the home button is pressed in an app…