A New Universe Awaits You in Dragonets! (Mac Server)

This is a Mac server that Wingysam made for me! He is so kind.

What is the server about?

Dragonets is a server where you can build pixel art, houses, just about anything, as long as it is appropriate. You can hangout with friends or breed animals. I think I might make some sort of quests for people to complete. I might do jobs.

Is this server PVP?

It is not mainly PVP, however I may create a dueling arena for those who enjoy pvp.

Is there any other information I need to know?

Not currently. As I need to, I will add information here.

Where is the Welcome Message?

It is in the Summary below.


Welcome to

The following story is not true and is made up by IcicleDragonet

Legend has it…

…that somewhere in the universe, lies a planet that is unknown to man. This planet is known as Planet Whisper. The reason is unknown, but some say it is because only peaceful creatures and plants live there. But that is wrong. This planet is bustling with adventure and life. Plants wave in the light breeze. Animals roam across the large continents. And dragons fly. As far as one can see, this planet is anything but a place where all is relaxed. Dragon fly briskly through the sky. Animals adventure wherever life takes them. And plants give the planet its beautiful landscapes. And now, you and your friends have become the dragons.

Fly through the sky, explore the land, live in a cave, chat with friends, eat to stay alive, find lakes, find and tame animals, find floating islands in the sky, there is so much to do!

Where will your journey begin?

There are some rules to keep the dragons in line—we don’t want dragons going crazy now do we?

  1. No littering—we want to keep the landscape as beautiful as possible!

  2. No swearing, trash talking, or bullying—let’s all be nice dragons here!

  3. Have fun! What would a journey be with no fun?

  4. Don’t steal! You wouldn’t want your stuff stolen, now would you?

  5. Do not ask for admin and/or mod—Icicle knows a leader when she sees one. No need to ask, some are admin/mod because they earned the right to be one. Who knows, maybe if you’re good you’ll eventually become one? No one knows!

  6. If you cut down a tree, please leave a stump. We all know we will eventually cut down a tree, so please, leave the stump! It will help all of us in the long run.

  7. Please, do not hack. No one wants to deal with hacker dragons, right?

Let the journey…BEGIN!

How Do I Join?

You’ll join with the information below.
IP: block.wingysam.xyz
Port: 15198


I’ve already built a pet supplies shop, and i have two signs that point in the direction of where stuff is. I’m going to be making a pizzeria and a cafe.

Also if you join, you star out with a jetpack and a bunch of fuel, thats supposed to represent dragon wings. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I see that Darkhorse has joined! xD anyway, I finished the pizzeria, and also a garden type thing.

Your making me hungry for pizza! :pizza:

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I actually finished the pizzeria. I also finished a public garden.

Im going to make dragons in the sky! Ii’m also allowing pixel art now.

I know it has been a very long time, but I am getting back into this server!

I’m working on creating quests for people to complete for money.

Edit: quests have been made!

I’m hoping to get back into this server again! Hopefully I can get more time with summer coming.