A note about accountability

NOTE: This applies to forums accounts and Blockheads accounts.

Secure your stuff.

Any rule-breaking done on your account is your responsibility. If you don’t secure your devices and someone else picks one of them up, anything they do is on you. If they engage in activity or share content that is in breach of our standards, using your account, you will be punished. This punishment is not negotiable on the basis that you didn’t do it. Secure your stuff.

An an example of “secure”, I use 8-16 character passwords, even to unlock my phone. I tell nobody my credentials for anything. I change my passwords at regular intervals. I do not enable proximity unlocks, such as that you can set up between Apple watch and iPhone or Mac. I secure my stuff.

If you give someone your Owner Portal credentials, leave your phone lying account without securing it, or hand your unlocked device to someone you are accountable for anything that results. Secure your stuff.

I’ll stop telling you to secure your stuff now, but please note that this is good advice for every aspect of your life :upside_down_face:


One question as people have found glitches to get into people’s phones so what if they get in using a glitch and go to blockheads and do inappropriate stuff on it ( this applies to other games but I’m using blockheads as a example)

Why are you specifically telling us this now?

I’m afraid that’s just tough luck.

@WumboJumbo: I’ve had a rash of people claiming that their little brother got them banned, or similar. Whether it’s the phone owner or their little brother, we don’t want that client connecting to our platform any more, so I thought I’d clarify this one last time. It’s not the first time. There’s a thread about doing your part that covers this as well.


Have situations like this become extremely common over the past month or something? In that case, why do you think so?

Please! Use a password manager! LastPass generally works well. I personally self-host BitWarden.

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Wingy my only fear is that I’m gonna get signed out of one of thoughts then have to figure out a extremely complex password

Well I just use correcthorsebatterystaple.

Jk, I use something with more than just letters. Please don’t use only words in your password. Some words separated by symbols generally are okay iirc.

I think context also matters as well. For example, I personally wouldn’t make my forums password something like “the#blockheads” because it could be easily guessed here as a password, especially by a robot.

I tend to select passwords that are associated with the site or brand in question in my mind, but that would make no sense to anyone else. Personal mental associations can be really weird, so it’s good to exploit those.

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