A pet limit


Just that. On servers admins could enable a pet limit, this would limit the amount of pets people have. I would use this in case of someone spamming scorpions or something to lag the server.
There would be a slider going from None to 400.
I would say default is 400 pets cause some people like to breed and have lots of pets for breeding
If you have too many pets and someone switches the pet limit to like none for example, than you pets will simply go to ur inventory. In New wood crates. Can’t be sold and function like normal cages. Can hold any pet. If you have too many aquatic creatures they will each be placed in a wood bucket. Can hold megladons.
Also you can only switch pet limit every 5 hours to prevent abuse,
Hope you liked my suggestion!


Nice! But I think a slider starting from 0 and finishing at 400 would be better than just several options


Good Idea! Added,


I love your suggestion! It’s so detailed!


Much thx :smiley:


I like this because on some servers all the pets are causing too much lag. If everyone would keep all pets caged unless they were collecting its products or breeding that level it would not be so much of a problem. I have seen some players who just tame randomly and allow their pets to breed until the population gets overwhelming. This is irresponsible pet ownership. In real life we spay or neuter our pets to prevent overpopulation. In The Blockheads we must cage!




Good idea! This should be added into the game!


Wow I’m getting good response on this!


By game rules and functions I’m not sure how this would work but I get what you are trying to say.

Maybe as you are taming and you have reached your limit, a notification pops up saying ‘you’ve reach the pet limit’. You can cage the tamed animal and tame more.

The limit rule pops up if you also have your limit out and you try to let out an animal from their cage. The command is simply cancelled.


This would also be great for a challenge server, I like the idea! :slight_smile: :+1: