A Quick Guide to Spammers, Rule Breakers, and the...Over-enthusiastic

We do occasionally get a swarm of spammers, and there are a few things I’d really like to see happen when they post:

  1. Report spam posts you see.
  2. Refrain from posting about reporting the spam.
  3. Refrain from posting about the spam.
  4. Refrain from posting a response to the spam.
  5. Relax.

We also get people who come in and break the rules. They might do this by using inappropriate language, have rude names, or by multiple posting. This is how I’d like you to conduct yourselves towards them:

  1. Report the rule-breakers.
  2. Refrain from posting about reporting their rule-breaking.
  3. Refrain from private messaging them about their rule-breaking.
  4. Refrain from posting responses to their rule-breaking.
  5. Relax.

Occasionally we get a new user who feels that post count is everything, they need to partake even if they don’t contribute, and the like. Please see the previous two user types and the responses I wish to see made to them, and do likewise :slight_smile:


So glad you made this, Milla, now people can stop spamming. [STRIKE]But they probably won’t :([/STRIKE]

Lol, thanks for the guide Milla! Love rules 5.

I always cringe at the “spam, I reported!” posts. I want to comment “You just created more work for Milla!”… but that would create more work for Milla, so I ignore it.

same :confused:

thanks for making this

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Milla, you might want to add a line about how to report. A lot of newer forum members don’t seem to know the triangle button

Thanks for posting this, I actually have commented on when I reported before :confused: I won’t anymore. Just report and leave Lol.

I usually comment on the spam threads because more people post ‘this is bad’ or etc. However, I think I will stop after you have posted this guide, people probably will stop posting ‘stop spamming’ or that kind.

Yes, we needed this thread! :smiley:

heres some evidence

Evidence of what? Google’s amazing search engine? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for posting this, Milla! Especially the part about not posting threads about spammers or rule breakers… Reporting it is enough, we don’t need threads shouting to everyone “HEY LOOK! THIS PERSON’S BREAKING THE RULES!” Hopefully this thread will keep people from doing this.

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Fanks milla for this post ^.^
here’s a spammer lol

On every post that this gigolorandomnumbers did, it ended with “…xboter 2014”. That’s what I think he means.

Yes, I did notice that.

I’m posting this because we have two bumpers in the forums today, and some users are replying to them, rather than reporting them and refraining from posting in response to them. To those wanting to help, please report the post and leave it at that. You are creating more work for me. I’m trying to have a holiday. More work is bad. Thank you for reading.

A note to those bumping: I am reducing your post counts every time you bump. When you run out of posts I will ban you. Consider yourself warned.

To make it clear to all, bumping is posting to a thread that has sunk without contributing to the discussion in a real way. It is forbidden in all the forums that make up this bulletin board.

Also, I am getting hits from a number of you showing your devices being used for more than one forums account, and you have not emailed me to explain why this might be happening. You know who you are. Email me, before the end of the weekend, please.

Alright, Milla. Have a nice holiday!

Have a great holiday. Be safe, and enjoy yourself. Please…

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Just a reminder that you are meant to report posts that are problematic, rather than moderating users. One reason for this is it can result in a pile-on, where more than one user jumps in to inform the offender, but that’s not such an issue now the forums are quieting down. The other is because you don’t necessarily know if I’ve changed a policy. You might have missed the post where I stated the fact, and you don’t read the FAQ at regular intervals. Report posts, and I will deal with them.

This is not a new rule, but it’s amazing how many veteran users ignore it, as well as newer people. Please read the OP of this thread.


I will remember that! :slight_smile: