A quick guide to time crystals

This guide was mainly to say the things at the end of it, but I figured I’d make a fuller guide to it.

Time crystals can be obtained through watching time crystal videos, mining, or in-app purchases. They are rarely obtained through meditation.They are also sometimes awarded to beta testers and as compensation for lost tcs or world credit by developers such as Milla or Dave.

When watching videos, you obtain 20 tcs per video watched. The number of videos sometimes varies between days, but there’s supposed to be at least 5 videos allowed per day per device.

When mining, one earns 3 tcs for every tc block they find multiplied by the pickaxe they used.
Regular pickaxe = x1
Amethyst = x2
Sapphire = x3
Emerald = x4
Ruby = x5
Diamond = x6

Time crystals can be spent on speeding up actions, adding time/creating a server, upgrading portals/diamond portals, and making gem pickaxes (listed above).

Time crystal Blocks:

Time crystal blocks give off a slight glow. They are found underground. Currently, if a trapdoor is attached next to a tc block, the trap door gives off the same appearance as the tc block. If a door is placed on top of or directly underneath the tc block, the same effect happens and the door takes on the appearance of two tc blocks.

Backdrop! (The reason I made this thread in the first place cause I thought this was pretty cool)

Yes that’s right, tc blocks (in trapdoor/door form) give off backdrop! However, this backdrop is transparent. (Yet it still casts a shadow like many other backdrops.) this is useful for making “floating stairs” as stairs require backdrop to be placed in the air, even though this sometimes can make them look not so great.

Here’s a picture of some “floating stairs”.

Feel free to comment anything that I didn’t include that you’d like added!

Wait, beta testers get free time crystals? No fair! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I think that veeze knew how to make an actual tc block, I’m not sure anyone else does.

So I’ve heard. I’m not a tester so I’m just telling you what I’ve heard from a few people who I believe are testers.

I guess that would make sense, especially if they are testing out tc items.

Great guide! I might try to make the TC trapdoor sometime…
Up rep!

Not as a matter of course, no.

Oh, okay.:slight_smile:

Here’s an example of the shadow that it casts

Thats…really creepy, Lets do that to the whole Playground lol

Lol, I was thinking about doing that vlad