A real update!


●See what you have to understand is that the work benches in the blockheads are the main drive once you’ve made everything the game becomes boring so what DAVES done by adding some new mystery is good…but it’s just not satisfactory these new items won’t spur me on a new adventure or anything .like remeber the jet pack update …that was legendary …i was so excited to use one and I mined for days to find oil and stuff . It inspired me to play …im not inspired to make pizza …i eat oranges…this is a damn
adventure/survival game guys!

So…the things I dreamt of being added as a child:

●other things that roam the world and have basses that you can loot…in single player

●Randomly generated ruins with items and loot
(Land and underwater)

●Submarine. Motor boat and diving tanks and flippers

●New benches.

to fix items

make still to drill through rock
Make conveyer belt
And a chest that can take blocks in

●Map changes:

Add a “hell” beneath lava with more creatures and a loot. Burned trees bats wolves trolls castles
(You have no idea how much I loved finding golden chests)

I never liked the idea of “BOSSES” in blockheads but it could be fun. I used to pretend the drop bears were going to steal my stuff…reason to make iron doors in single player

Asteroids crash every so often and bring creatures and good items and blocks

The poles go through the world in to the underworld where you can find a second item !!!

Blockheads tired
Blockheads finished work
Blockheads run out of electricity
free tc video available

Whatever …somthing to remind user of game

Lots of games use the vibrator now days…look at TANK STARS for the best example

It would make blockheads feel cooler

To go along with texture pack

This will be a lot of work but will make the game awesome!

It took me days to write this


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Duolingo notifications are annoying with just one owl, now imagine all five blockheads…

The submarines would be kinda useless, it would be better if oceans were deeper.

HD sounds? Wonder how that will be, sounds promising.

Cool suggestions.


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Yeah … If they were deeper and and like lost city’s to find