A reminder about flagging posts



In the FAQ I outlined which flag option to use for what, but I’ve had several “inappropriate” flags that should be “something else”, namely for double posts.

Please also note that if someone posts more than once in a row you only need to flag the first post as something else (double post), and should ignore the other post[s].

Thanks! :upside_down_face:


Thanks for the reminder, Milla!


:slightly_smiling_face: ǝɯoɔlǝʍ ǝɹ,no⅄


Something that is confusing is that the “inappropriate” flag says that it is for “A violation of our community guidelines” (copied directly from the flag details).

Is there a way for you to change what it says to be more specific?


In my discourse: I believe not.


Bad language, political, sexual, hate speech, not suitable for kids, etc. is inappropriate.


I understand. I mean for other people, like new users.

It says that it is for anything that is against the community guidelines, so it’s misleading.


Okay. I’ll clarify in the FAQ.

Edit: Actually, looking at the guidelines they’re quite explicit. I’ve made no changes.



If there is some way of changing flag details for mobile view, I would do it to clarify. They kind of contradict each other.

Flag inappropriate posts you see as inappropriate and relax. Inappropriate means rude, using bad language, containing inappropriate content of any kind, or abusive posts or threads.

From the FAQ.

From the flag details.

The community guidelines cover far more than “rude, using bad language, containing inappropriate content of any kind, or abusive posts or threads.”


I flagged a post as inappropriate today that wasn’t (it was a voilation of guidlines) SPECIFICALLY because of that wording. I didn’t realize until later that “our” referred to Discourse, not MJ. It really is kind of misleading. Still, I have it figured out now. Sorry.


Well, the link it gives goes to the FAQ, not Discourse’s guidelines, so that makes it even more misleading.


So say if @pizzaghost said f*** will he be suspended ?
(Not the full word just f***)


Probably that message will be a filter but it can be flagged so Milla can warn the person who did it or else.


But it isn’t swearing . its just a f with 3stars


It can be swearing if the words were completely there and don’t worry it will be filtered as long as the words are really bad and what else can be mean not only bad it can be like this meaning Finn, find, fine, fall, fish, and etc.


Any attempt to circumvent the swear filter by using special characters, etc. is treated the same as swearing. The intent is the same, so…


Contrary to popular belief the forum is NOT a contest to use the worst language possible without actually typing foul words. It is about keeping the posts clean and family firendly. Easy.


It can be all asterisks, but leaving a letter in constitutes swearing, as it’s recognisable.

Regarding the FAQ you’ll see my instructions for flagging.


I’ve always been hesitant on flagging posts, in the case that I misflag, I’d hate to be perceived as trying to abuse the flagging system.


It’s more helpful to misflag than to do nothing. We can easily ignore misflags.