A reminder for the vets. New information for the newbs

If you take issue with something present or occurring in the game please PM me about it or email me at support at theblockheads.net. Don’t get into it in the open forums, and certainly don’t bandy words about stuff going on outside our channels. We do not accept evidence from Discord, as we have no way to verify that a Discord user is the player you think they are, or that they appear to be. Plenty of people have impersonated me on Discord, and people believe it if they don’t know how I operate. Someone you are accusing may not be who you think they are.

Anyway, any more spats and I will simply ban everyone who takes part for two weeks.


Considering how small the community is now, wouldn’t that be very disastrous for the activity of the forums?

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Yep, and I hate banning as well. Nobody said it had to make me happy to enforce the rules. We do need to be consistent though, or it’s impossible to maintain standards.

Rip I been banned once let’s not make it twice hehe

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At that point, wouldn’t it make more sense to shut down the forums, especially depending on how long the bans are?

‘newbs’, love it

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Are you really trying to negotiate something I really hope never happens, just in case it does? I have no plans to ban anybody. I hope this community won’t make me do so :slight_smile:

@courageous.spinal: We love our newbs. That’s why this forum is here and run the way it is :slight_smile:


No, of course not. What would be the point of keeping up the forum if it wasn’t being used by anybody? :smile:

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yeah great to know i’m loved :rofl:

Another reminder for the vets and information for the newbs: If I ban you for breaking our rules, and you create an alt account, your ban is extended on the original account by a few weeks, and the new one is banned permanently. This continues through two alts, and then you get a six month ban. After that it’s a permanent ban. If your ban is for serious misconduct I may also ban you from the cloud worlds. Please don’t push it. I really don’t like banning people.