A small question

When will the next The Blockheads update be coming Out?

While we all love this community, the next update will likely not be coming out at all. Dave is working on a new game currently, and the playerbase is dwindling. I’m not sure if maybe a couple small patches will be coming, but I think there won’t be another large one like 1.7.

That’s sad to think about. :frowning:


Hope there will be another update. But not likely.

I’m sure nobody knows the answer, not even Dave. He may take time off of sapiens in the future and decide to roll out another update to Blockheads, or he may never release new content here again.

I think it’s safe to say that a new update won’t happen soon.

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So many people love this game. Why can’t volunteers help with various updates? Coding people from our community who want to help Dave and this game grow?

It’s very unlikely that a content update, either major or minor, will be developed, but there is a chance that a bug fix update may eventuate. Right now Dave is on holiday, and is making a music composition app for kids. Once he’s back at work he will get back to Sapiens. Right now no updates are in planning.