A somewhat master mode for blockheads


Maybe there should be a master mode for blockheads that would be even harder then expert mode. This would be an in-app purchase or an unlockable after 30 days of play time. those who played before the update would unlock it instantly.

This mode would be the hardest in the game.

-Only one life, die and its game over.
-Only 2 blockheads allowed.
-inventory space lessened to 5 inventory spaces.
-Items are the same recipe as expert but each item requires an upgrade
-Baskets lessened to 2 inventory spaces
-Every mob is hostile
-Every hostile mob attacks instantly.
-Cave trolls have 10x the health they used too.
-Cave trolls die once they reach the surface.
-Food is more scarce
-Compost has even more reduced effects. (Plants do not last forever anymore)
-Gem pickaxes (amethyst, sapphire, emerald, etc) no more
-Gold beds now have reduced effects
-Crafting now takes 1 minute and 30 seconds for each and every thing.
-Workbenches now have triple the upgrades. 58 in total.
-Teleporting is now gone
-Trade portals are now gone
-Health set to normal but you now take triple damage
-Blockheads now have stamina and if they run out they can’t climb things
-Health is now half of what it used to be
-Titanium sword deals less damage to blockheads and mobs
-The ownership sign now requires 10 time crystals, 1 sign and 12 gold
-Electricity now shocks you
-Blocks now collapse on you if not supported for at least 4 blocks.

I know this is overkill but this is just an idea.

Nothing of this mode can be adjusted via custom rules. and custom mode for this is not allowed.


Challenged excepted!!
well not really because I’m still to scared to play regular Expert mode


Same here.


skeeve would delete blockheads due to the rage


I personally would only play it if I for some reason wanted a challenge. Might bring some hardcore players to the game though


It’s time for fishes to come out of the water, go into your houses and slowly murder you while dodos eat your flesh


Houston we have a glitch in the matrix


XD Love the repherance :ok_hand:


One life and die game over is not good but the rest of the idea super duper awesome!


Triple damage and everything tries to kill you??? That’s sounds maybe almost totally impossible… I mean you can’t tell me that that kind of a setup isn’t specifically designed to get you killed instantly.

In my opinion this sounds more cruel and painful than fun. I mean I don’t have a problem with an expert mode+ type thing, but there comes a point when a super challange mode becomes a ludicrously hard mode of death.

I’d say take expert mode, make resources decently scarce, tweak the happiness so that that it only goes up in perfect conditions, limit bhs to 1 or 2, remove the second tier health/death bar thing , make trees die faster, tools/clothes break faster, remove all treasure, increase spawn rates of all hostile mobs, and cut the inventory size in half (Keeping standard basket size, but you wouldn’t start with one like you normally do). That would be his I’d Start things off.