A Stare into the Past (2017 Blockheads Series Reuploaded with Pictures)

Wanted to go in and fix every image there was from the old series i made back in 2017. since it just wouldn’t make sense to keep it in it’s original form imageless due to a foolish thing i did back in 2018.

Note: I am Rewriting some parts of the series to fit more into the general plot and such…
Side Note: i am going to be reuploading chapters post for post, so it might take a while for each chapter to be uploaded.

A Stare into the Past Chapter One:

in the apartment complex by the shoreline…

emily wakes up and gets out of the bed
emily: ahh what a nice day out in this world.
emily: lets see what is for breakfist.
emily walks down the ladder

emily gets out a loaf of bread and the stuff
emily: i think i will make toast.
emily puts the bread into the toaster and grabs the remote
emily: haven’t watched the news in quite a while but lets see whats on it.
news: in other news there have been reports of a few harmings in the vicinity. 5 people reported lifeless, spinning around dead…
emily: whats with the harmings these days. blockheads used to be nice until free tc came along.
emily: well maybe i should eat my toast and stop worrying about this stuff
???: delivery
emily walks to the door

???: package for emily. sign here and here
emily: okay.
emily signs the papers
???: here you go
emily opens the box

emily: what in the heck are you doing here?!??!
person: decided to check by on how my friend was doing
emily: you know you are inviting yourself here. ah nevermind i have to go to work, ill see you later.

emily walks out the door
person: um… bye?

an hour later…

emily: work as usual… i hate my job…
emily: huh?
the lights start flickering and the ground starts shaking a little
emily: whats going on.
the ground starts shaking violently
emily: oh crud EARTHQUAKE.
emily goes under her desk and holds on tight

emily: what am I going to do. I’m on the 4th floor and the building could collapse at any time.
The MacBook falls off the thing and the windows break

emily: oh crud…

Chapter One End

A Stare into the Past: Chapter Two

The rector scale detects an earthquake
???: sir, an earthquake has been detected in New York. Blocksvile to be persist.
???: let’s wait for it to end and then we will send a team to investigate.
???: yes sir.
Back at majic jungle studios random office building

Emily: i don’t know what the heck i am supposed to do, this building is swaying around like crazy!
Emily: oh boy…

the buildings 5th floor stars cracking
Emily: oh no I am screwed.
the earthquake chills down and stops.
Emily: is everything fine?
explosion is heard by Emily in the distance
Emily: is it safe to come out now. Well I guess
emily clicks the elevator button but it doesn’t work
Emily: dang it. Doesn’t work. I guess I have to take the stairs
Emily: this hallway is scary and oh I see the stairs in the distance
floor could be heard collapsing onto the third floor
Emily: woah!
dust and debris fly all over the air

Emily: dang it. cough cough
Emily: I think I see the stairs
Emily: I hate using the stairs but in this case I can’t use the elevator for obvious reasons so.

Emily: two floors to go.
Emily: and done. Time to get out of the office building.
emily walks out of the office

Emily: Huh what was that?
Emily: stay back.
???: Huh?
Emily: oh it’s just a human.
???: I think we have a survivor of the earthquake.
???: good, good. Now we can get them to our place so we can keep them safe while executi- I mean caring for them.
???: sorry about that. By the way my name is Landon. What’s yours?
Emily: uh, uh, uh. Emily?
Landon: Emily, seems familiar. But hello.
Emily: I, I have to tell you something.
Landon: what is it.
Emily: I’m, I’m, I’m in lov- (bruh really added love interest)
explosion could be heard a mile away
Landon: man, second explosion today. I’ll be right back. In a minute
Emily: okay
Landon runs to the scene
Landon: this is the second explosion today. I am going to use my time crystals
emily looks into the distance and sees a tsunami in the distance
Emily: Oh Crap…

Chapter Two End

A Stare into the Past: Chapter Three

Emily: this is not good. A tsunami is coming
Emily: what am I supposed to do about Landon.
Emily: I can’t save him because I risk death trying to save him so I hope he makes it but I got to get into the building and fast.
emily runs to the building and opens the door
Emily: c’mon i need to get upstairs fast!
the glass shatters due to the impact force from the tsunami
Emily: woah!!
the stairs get washed away

Emily: oh my gosh I almost could have died!

Landon: ugh this water is too powerful. I hate tsunamis.

Emily: I can’t leave Landon to die like this. I need to figure out how to get to him but how.
emily looks to find wood and linen
Emily: I think I may have gotten an idea.
emily starts crafting a craftbench
Emily: eek. No limestone. Oh here’s some
emily upgrades the bench and crafts a boat
Emily: I need to shatter the glass but how?
emily finds a pickaxe (conveniently placed tool XD)
Emily: oh there’s a tool
emily throws the pickaxe into the glass shattering it

Emily: and done placing the boat. Now time to save Landon

Landon: I think this is it for me. I am going to die…, goodbye blockheads.
Emily: Landon!
Landon: Emily. Is that you?
Emily: yes. I have crafted a boat. Get on Landon
Landon: okay Emily
emily stops her boat
Landon: and there.
Emily: glad your alive. I thought I would have lost you.
Landon: I thought you died too. I almost drowned into spinning.
Emily: so are we going to be safe.
Landon: Idk, idk.

A few hours later

Emily: and done.
Landon: so Emily. How’s life been here.
Emily: pretty good, how about you?
Landon: nothing really much. I have lots of work. But thanks
Emily: your welcome Landon. If you need anything feel free to ask.
Landon: oh I just want to know what the cities past and stuff was like.
Emily: oh… that’s hard, how about see that lake. It may have gold in it and a dawn of the war book somewhere.
Landon: oh… I guess you don’t want to tell.
Emily: are you sure you want to hear it. It may be harsh
Landon: I guess but go ahead.

Emily: well here I go Landon… this is going to be hard

(random story line based similarly to my hometown lol)
“a long time ago… in 1934-1937 a person in the name of Justin bought the land during the the great depression. Originally it was testing land for bombs that was so polluted nobody wanted it. But Justin made a dream that his dad told him before he died. Justin worked vicariously to clean up any bombs and stuff which took three years. Then it came to the cost. Eventually Justin got the town done. There was only one thing. The Great Lakes of wisdom contained a lot of gold bits.”

“during the time Justin was cleaning the water out he found gold bits floating which then he put in his crate. Eventually the first people moved into blocksvile which was known as the small town of waynesvile. Justin did things right and gave people jobs and houses for lost costs and jobs we’re great during the depression. Eventually the Great Lakes we’re opened in 1940 after so much cleaning and when people went there one spotted a yellow spot in the water and said what is that then the person went up to it and picked it up”

“then the person said ‘I FOUND GOLD!!!’ Which then started a gold rush for years. So many people visited the town just to collect the gold. Which made the town a lot of money just for the people coming. At the time the population was 540. Then suddenly it increased to 1,000 then the next year 10,000 and the next you know. In 1954 a new revolution was born and that was movies. A movie star in the name of Caroline and MumboJumbo made the first fictional film “Tempus Crystallo” about tc piracy which blew up and it earned millions per day.”

tc pirate gets slapped
Albert: can’t you see tc is bad. It destroyed everything. Including us
Person: what are you talking about. Tc is good for your soul
Albert: oh my gosh! No it is not. Tc can destroy servers and ruin Daves money

“The movie was so popular it got 3 sequels and a remake in 2018. Many many movies we’re produced at the town until 1990. At that time the population was 1,000,000. In 1964 the town was hit with a big surprise. Somebody wanted to feature it in the news and everywhere of how well it was doing. That gave the town an opportunity to grow even higher becoming the 1st town to earn a time crystal award. In 1986 arcades we’re everywhere which was the gold prize of the town as the population was a mire 10,000,000 people and rising. The arcades we’re so hard on the town it hit 100 billion dollars for the first time. In 1990 the town started to peak as the well known movie star Caroline Johnson was diagnosed with cancer. Which hit the city hard. Many many people threw there money to find a cure for her condition but unfortunately it got to much then in 1991 Caroline Johnson died. The whole town at the time was in tears. Eventually they all got over it but that was the day that city stood still. In 1998 the population numbers decreased to 9,000,000 as there we’re complaints of not enough jobs and that stuff that Justin couldn’t handle it. In the year 2000 the population was hit hard decreasing to 7,000,000. Until in December 31, 2001. The day that changed the city forever when Justin died. Many went into tears as they missed him as he was a great person.”

“A statue of Justin was built on the Great Lakes to remember his legacy forever. Eventually in 2002 a new Mayer was elected in the name of Caleb. Caleb was not like Justin. He made new rules and that stuff. Eventually crime started going sky high that Caleb had to arrest 10,000 a day. That was known as the downfall of waynesvile. In 2007 Caleb was arrested for counts of spinning blockheads. The towns population in 2007 was at 1,000,000 as so many moved out in that time. 2008 a new Mayor that was nice and caring and doesn’t want to be named moved in. He did things so right he got everything back in control but it was too late. In 2009 he changed the name of waynesvile to blocksvile to fit the name better but that did nothing. Eventually in 2014 the population was at 100,000. It took the town for a surprise. In 2015 the town announced it was going bankrupt. Nothing could save the town at that time. And that was the time the Mayor announced a state of emergency for blocksvile. Then in 2018 they will be announcing that they can no longer be supporting the town anymore and that they will be shutting it down. Ending the waynesvile legacy. A recent earthquake in the town has mainly destroyed a lot of things. I haven’t heard news of anything yet but idk what this will do.”

Landon: wow. I’ve never heard such thing. That’s darker then dawn of the war.
Emily: oh. Well I am going to bed. Night Landon
Landon: night Emily <3

The next day

emily wakes up
Emily: what a nice day.
Landon: is that what you day every time you wake up…
Emily: uh… yeah, why?
Landon: I don’t know, just found it really weird…
Emily: I need to pick some things up at my house, want to come?
Landon: Yeah, Emily. I’ll come follow you.

A few minutes later
Emily: so this is my house. An apartment complex that is still intact (somehow)…
Emily: you can come In.
Landon: I feel like I’m inviting my self into your home.
Emily: you’re not. You are invited into my place. C’mon.
emily opens the door
Emily: oh boy. My apartment!

Emily: this thing took months to move into
Landon: I know how you feel… i once built something only for it to get destroyed the next day…
Emily: I know but you see. We’ve never had an earthquake in over hundreds of years. And this was a big one.
Landon: c’mon let’s find what could be salvaged.
Emily: well okay.
Landon: wait… I’ll be right back, I need to check the basement.
Emily: okay. I’ll come down if you need
emily and Landon walks down into the basement

Landon: Emily’s diary, Think i might read it…
Emily: Eww, get out of my diary…
Landon: Okay… Sheesh…
Landon: Also, Emily. I may send a team over to help with the cleanup soon. I’ll be right back
Emily: okay.
Emily: think i might as well read my diary…

Chapter Three End

A Stare into the Past:

Written in 2006- 2013 in blockheads years

( I was born in the year of 1994, and soon after diagnosed with a condition that is known as Dodophobia, for many years people made fun of me because i constantly feared dodos. One day we were doing a subject for school and the teacher pulled a live dodo from under the desk, i panicked and tried to tell my teacher my story, she didn’t listen… i tried to keep my fear in but i just couldn’t so i ran out of the classroom afraid… I had to be sent home for the day. one day my mother had to pull me out of school because my students kept picking and bullying me… The day i was sent to my new school i met a friend which i can’t remember the name of, but i think his name started with land, and then something else… This school was a safe place for me and land (something something). as there were no dodos in sight… Landon helped show me to my new classroom, and he also helped with my lunch when i was in need. he also was an honest guy, and did not lie to me. we eventually became friends and one day asked me if he wanted me to go to his house to play together. That was honestly one of the best days of my life, as i got to see his many toys and legos, he had many unique things… then he asked me if i wanted some of it, i just couldn’t take it so i said no… he was disappointed but understood. since he had more toys than the average person and didn’t know what to do with them. He was actually born in a rich, selfish family but was the odd one out from it… in 2012, on our last day of school, land on? announced that he was moving back to his original homestate of Nevada… I was sad to see him leave, and even broke into tears when he had to leave. but it was for the best, as that is what his family wanted… at that time his family had improved from their selfish ways, but were still a bit selfish… One day my father was using the stove when all of the sudden the stove exploded into flames… We had to get out of the house, but there was only one thing… my younger brother was left in the house… he went back into it to try to save him, but he never came out… my brother came out in serious condition but was eventually allowed to leave the hospital. This was one of the worst days i had ever suffered… as not only did our house burn down, but i had also lost my father… we lost literally everything, within the next week we moved into our grandmothers house in another state, and i moved to a new school… Things just did not feel the same after that… Land on? and i had been in the same school together and were best friends… Over time my fear of Dodos had dwindled and we were in a class when a teacher brought in a dodo. i was still afraid, but then i went up to it and well i realized it wasn’t that scary anymore…

This book is unfinished

Emily: oh. That’s sad, I haven’t even thought about this book and somewhat forgot about it because of schoolwork and stuff. Plus this book maybe a bit inaccurate. I’ll just save this in my pocket
emily puts the diary in her pocket
Landon: oh hey Emily.
Emily: I was recently reading my diary and… it described a person in the name of Land on?, You’re name just strikes a bat for some reason…

Landon: Uh i uh…
Emily: you don’t have to tell. I am fine with it.
another earthquake hits blocksvile
Emily: Crud
Landon: 9.7!
Landon: There is no time to explain, c’mon. We need to get to griffin land because we can’t stay here for long.
landon and Emily get up onto the ladder but drops her diary

Landon: leave it behind please. We need to get out of here.
Emily: but… that contains all of my stuff and without it idk what to do.
Landon: just leave it behind. The roof is going to collapse.
Emily: Okay…
landon and Emily walk out as the apartment quickly collapses
Emily: oh my gosh! My apartment.
Landon: c’mon we gotta head to griffin land now. I am trying to save you… Friend…
Emily: Friend?
Emily has a flashback

???: I got you pinned to the locker. Your never getting off. Plus I am putting a dodo on you
Emily: help!
???: oh what can you do.
the teacher walks in
???: but how
???: Jeffery. How many times have I told you STOP BULLYING
Jeffery: but… it was Landon
???: no excuses or lies. You are EXPELLED. I am calling your parents to pick you up. Go to the principals office now before I expell you…
Jeffery: wha- you can’t.
???: oh I can’t
the teacher drags Jeff to the principals office
Emily: thank you Landon
Landon: your welcome… Friend

Landon: Emily?
Landon: Emily!
Emily: huh?!?!
the wall collapses
Landon: Emily look out!
landon throws Emily to safety
Emily: wh-what just happened
Landon: we’re you sleeping? The wall almost killed you.
Emily: oh sorry. I uh… something happened…
Landon: remember. think and get out first and ask questions later
Emily: oh.
Landon: c’mon. We need to get to griffin land now.
Emily: okay…
the earthquake starts to intensify
Landon: oh dang.
landon throws Emily into the train cart
Landon: I’m just going to put the seat belt on you.
Emily: okay
landon puts fuel into the train
Landon: hold on!
the train runs and goes

Landon: griffin land is only out of this city. 1000 tcs away.
Emily: okay.
Landon: just remember this, when firing a train always put coal
Emily: cliff, CLIFF!
Landon: wha- WOAH!
Landon: hold on. We are going to make a jump

Emily: oh my gosh!
the train makes it to safety (somehow)
Landon: that’s out of the usual
Emily: what.
Landon: California was hit by a magnitude 11.9…
Emily: oh my gosh.
Landon: you want to know what was worse
Emily: what
Landon: the crust is ripping itself apart…
Emily: oh no.
Landon: also a new ring of Fire was formed by N.Y.C, and around Florida.
Emily: oh no.
Landon: the world has never seen this happen before. If this keeps happening, the world is in danger!
Emily: oh no
Landon: and it’s much worse. The Volcanic Winters from the massive supereruptions could wipe us out entirely!
Emily: okay
Landon: we need to head to griffin land and meet Albert. He knows a scientist who can help us.
Emily: Okay…

10 hours later…

Landon: are you up?
Emily: Sleeping
Landon: um… I’ll just leave you here while I go exploring.
Emily: Huh?
Landon: oh hello sleepy head. Even though it’s dark want to explore.
Emily: you go ahead. I want to sleep in the fright car because I’m cold.
Landon: okay. Have a nice time.
landon walks away

A few minutes later.

Landon: Well I’m here.
Landon: this ancient logo has been here since 2017
noice crepes by
Landon: Huh?
Landon: well. I’m going to head back to the train now.
landon walks back and lands in a trap

Landon: ouch.
???: who are you?
Landon: I’m Landon.
???: okay… what’s your birthday
Landon: you probably shouldn’t know that.
???: okay. My name is Sean.
Landon: okay Sean… then why did you set this trap.
Sean: uggh
Landon: you seem hurt
Sean: I am and all because of the riots of 2017. When 1.7 came a month later riots started forming.
Sean: also. This city griffin land isn’t what you seem
Sean: Griffin land is known for a daily purge, every night.
Landon: oh. If I never knew that I would have been dead. Thank you though
Sean: your welcome
a group walk by
???: well well we’ll look what we have here. People
???: should we kill them?
???: sure. I want to kill some blockheads for changing the credit system

Landon: RUN!!
Sean: I see a train. I think we can hide there
Landon: good idea! Let’s go.
landon and Sean run to the train
Sean: duck and stay quiet
Landon: okay.

???: where’d those losers go.
???: dang it. They got away. Let’s just find somebody else.

Sean: okay. Well I guess this is goodnight Landon.
Landon: I’ll see you in the morning.
Sean: night.
sean puts a blanket that blends into the train on them. (invisibility cloak lol)

The next day.

Landon: Sean, Emily. Wake up.
Emily: Huh? What happened.
Emily: WOAH who is this Landon?
Landon: I met him while at the logo. His name is Sean, sean say hello to Emily.
Sean: hi there Emily, I am Sean.
Landon: c’mon we need to get to the lab before we get in trouble.
The both: okay
landon, emily and Sean walk off to find it

Chapter Four End

A Stare into the Past: Chapter Five

walking noises is heard

Emily: how are we going to find this portal thingy?
Landon: I um… actually haven’t been to griffin land since 2014 and forgot where it was to majic Jungle.
Landon: it needs a special crystal or time crystals and it requires 700 time crystals to reactivate for 7 days.
Emily: oh.
Sean: I think I can help you.
Landon: how many do you have
Sean: I have 1000 I collected at my favorite world before it migrated two days ago.
Sean: anyway you can have them because I don’t need tc, I used to be a pirate.
Landon: oh. Being a pirate is bad, I once was a pirate and I got attacked by the admin and got sent to the multiplayer prison.
The both: oh.
Sean: how is your job at majic Jungle
Landon: not bad at least. I applied for a job after I learned my lesson and got unbanned.
Landon: Dave and milla are actually good people.
Sean: has Dave done anything bad before.
Landon: a few times, one time he got so annoyed he banned some person and that person was a great builder.
Sean: oh.
Emily: Sean, what is your story.
Landon: Emily…
Sean: Landon, it’s fine. I always get that question when meeting new friends.
Sean: I really don’t like telling my past because I feel so bad about it and… people hated me for it. I was a movie producer
Landon: what happened.
Sean: I’m afraid you may hate me for it
Emily: c’mon please, We were just wondering.
Sean: well… I guess I could tell

Sean: this is actually… a bit hard to say gulp
Sean: when I began as a small person, I made a little short that made fun of the green screen by doing weird things. I didn’t know that some liked it and other blockheads didn’t.
Sean: somebody saw my little film and hired me to play as the same character, Jerry. In dawn of the war.
Sean: even though at that time my name was actually Jerry. Dawn of the war was quite a flop of a blockhead film and gained low ratings.
Sean: another person hired me to play in another green screen film that flopped badly.
Sean: eventually the past got up to me from dawn of the war assuaging characters and stuff and I became hated by millions of blockheads. So I went off the grid and changed my name to Sean.
Sean: I hope that… nobody makes the same mistakes and stuff like I did in the past.

Emily: it’s okay, Sean.
Sean: I know, I-it’s just so h-hard to face people again. I-I’m just so afraid.
Landon: look, I know we make mistakes in the past but it’s just best to move on and focus on the future.
Sean: idk what I would have done without you guys. It’s been so long since I have gotten attention by anybody.
Emily: I think we have made it to our destination while talking.
Landon: we can’t use the front door because there is a guard right on the door so we have to use the pool.
Emily: okay.
swimming can be heard

landon opens the door
Landon: c’mon. We need to be extra quiet.
Emily: why?
Landon: Shh!! The guards.

Landon: this place actually had a long history.
Landon: it was my house and my path to Majic Jungle before I got banned for something I didn’t do,
Landon: c’mon…
the three move quietly
???: Sleeping…
cracking noice could be heard
???: Huh?
???: stupid kids…
the guard goes back to sleep
Landon: see that’s why you have to be quiet.
landon pulls a map out of his pocket.
Landon: okay this is the path we have to go up on.
Landon: so we have to go up the ladder to the third floor then we have to pass into the near top then we have to get right onto the top then Sean, you give me the tc.
Sean: yes sir.
sean drops 700 tcs
Landon: not now… I meant up there
Sean (speaking loudly by accident): oh… sorry!
a guard wakes up
???: Huh?
???: I heard a voice!
a guard walks by Landon and them
Landon: shh…
???: seems fine.
???: who is that?
Landon: CRUD!

sean could be heard eating chips
the guard notices them
Landon: RUN!
all the guards wake up
Sean: sorry.
Landon: now we are all dead. I don’t mean to yell but you could have done that later
Sean: I’m sorry
Landon: it’s fine.
Emily: what are we going to do now
Landon: idk
the guards and the ban hammer approaches.
Landon: whelp… I guess this is it
shots could be heard
the guards run to safety realizing there is gunfire
Landon: they left something behind.
landon grabs the ban hammer
Landon: snaps ban hammer
Sean: thank gosh.
???: hello. (random character introduction that came out of nowhere lol)
Emily: who are you?
???: milla, I heard you we’re planning to stop the earthquake.
Landon: MILLA! It’s been a long time.
Milla: Landon. How’s life been?
Landon: good so far.
Milla: I was just checking by but we should really get to the top. C’mon
Landon: okay.
Emily: are you sure, she could be a hazard.
Landon: I’ve known her since the start of her job.
Landon: she is one of the nicer while respected admins around.
landon and them climb the ladder
???: is it okay. Good
???: dang, they got away.
???: we will figure this out guard but for now stay down.
???: yes Dave.
Dave: what have I told you about calling me Dave, call me MajicDave

An hour later…
warping is heard

Milla: welcome to Majic Jungle
Emily: wow, I’ve never seen… such thing.
Milla: I know.
Sean: what is this?
Milla: oh, that’s me and Dave in the sunset at the beach as a tsunami came to us.
Sean: how’d you survive.
Milla: oh, we had to get in a helicopter quickly before June hit.
Landon: what’s June?
Milla: it was known as the strongest hurricane ever with speeds of 1000 miles.
Emily: YIKES!
Milla: it brought a tsunami up to 320 feet that swept half of the us and killed almost 100,000 people.
Landon: oh my gosh.
computers are heard
Emily: what are those.
Milla: the computers that run the cloud, And you.
Emily: I’m a simulation?
Milla: no silly, this is how our world works.
Milla: our world is powered by 1700 omega computers all having over 1 infinity of the times of omega bytes as a single quantum computer calculated at numbers of 170 million trillion and have incredible speeds of up to 10 to the power of infinity running blockheads all at once. aka random tech crap that noone cares about
Emily: wow… that’s a lot
computer blows out
Milla: crud, one of the cloud computers blew for China.
milla grabs the talkie
Milla: code 124c01 we got a blow out.
???: on it.
Emily: wow. What are the codes for.
Milla: oh for example if one of the computers blow out the codes are to where the computer is and it shows on the circuit if I’m not here.
signal comes in
Milla: oh… I got a message of somebody. It will be a minute.
Landon: okay.
Milla: what? He did what, oh he is getting banned.
milla bans the person
Milla: sorry about that, I get messages about every ten minutes of my work shift.
Emily and Sean: okay.
Milla: the co worker watching earthquake and world activity will need tou guys in a second. If you want me just say @ Milla and then I’ll teleport to your location. I’ll see you later :slight_smile:
milla walks away
???: hello
Landon: hi
Emily: hi.
???: my name is Paper.
Emily: hey piper
Paper: Paper, not piper… Gosh you are so rude…
Paper: Anyway, what are your names?
Emily: Why are you asking us that…
Paper: So i can know who you are…
Emily: Okay…
Emily: Landon, me and Sean.
Paper: okay.
the 4 walk into the room

Paper: so this is the map of the tech tonic plates.
Emily: okay.
Paper: due to recent activity a new tech tonic plate has been discovered and is shaking the east coast.
Landon: okay.
Paper: so here’s how we are going to fix this.
Paper: Landon, Emily, Sean, I need you to go to the ocean. There is a temple down there that leads to the place something odd is going on. I need you to get things back in order and stop the tech tonic plates before they collide with others and cause massive world wide earthquakes THAT if gone wrong there will be super eruptions which will kill us off with the nuclear winters and stuff.
Paper: currently the armor to get down there is not available and we can’t just summon items like that because Dave would kill us. I need somebody to ge the materials to get the armor made and ready.
Paper: who’s with me?
Landon, Emily and Sean: I am.
Paper: okay, I call for LANDON to get the materials, Emily to search for the rarest of rocks and Sean to get me a pet dodo.
Sean: why me.
Paper: because… I’m lonely without a pet
Sean: ugh… fine.
Paper: I now call you off right now
Landon, Emily and Sean: YES SIR.

Chapter Five End

A Stare into the Past: Chapter Six

Warping noice could be heard

Emily: Landon, Sean you go to the nearest mountain and you sean go to the cage nearby.
Landon: yes sir!
Sean: -_- I hate my job.
Emily: just do it :slight_smile:
Sean: ugh… fine!
Emily, Sean and Landon set out to get the stuff.

Emily: I think I have found the mines but I should wear this iron head protector.
emily goes into the mines
Emily: how where’s the coal and oil?
emily walks further into the mines.
Emily: I think I may have found the coal and stuff.
emily mines the coal and oil

Emily: I am going to check back with Landon and see how he is doing.
emily walks out of the mine
Emily: oh I see Landon got back quick
Landon: hello Emily, I got the special leather and fur needed for the suit and also got coal, diamonds and oil.
Emily: okay.
sean desperately tries to get the dodo swarm off of him
Sean: Emily, Landon, Help!!!
Emily: Sean, I don’t think that’s how to get a dodo correct. What did you do?
Sean: umm…

Sean: come here dodo :slight_smile:
Dodo: no.
Sean: that’s it.
sean gets his sword out
Dodo: HELP!!!
a flock starts collecting
Sean: uh oh…

Sean: ohh…
Emily: your not supposed to kill dodos.
Emily: come here dodo bird, I got seeds.
Dodo: seeds?
the dodo pecks the seeds and goes on Emily’s hands.
Emily: that’s how you get a dod-…
Emily Passes out…
Landon: Emily, Emily?
Landon: you get the dodo and I’ll take Emily to majic Jungle.
Sean: yes sir.
Landon lifts Emily up and gets into the portal
Landon: don’t worry Emily, your going to be okay.
Sean: phew, at least the dod-… ahh crap!
the swarm attacks sean

warping is heard

Landon: miller, MILLER!
Milla: yes?
Landon: while we we’re out getting things Emily passed out!
Milla: oh dear… that condition.
Landon: could you at least do something?
Milla: I could but it may put Emily’s life at risk.
Landon: what is it.

Milla: I have to use the power of a time crystal to recover her… but it could kill her if not done correctly!
Milla: lets just hope she will make it.
Landon: okay. please before she dies.
Milla: you stay here while I get Emily to the person who needs to do so.
Milla: may majicdave wish her luck…

Sean: I got the dodo.
Landon: that dodo has a smirk, you better put him down.
Sean: no…
Dodo: Now…
sean puts the dodo down.
Landon: ill meet up with paper while you stay here
Sean: okay.
landon walks out of the room

Paper: hey landon, do you have the stuff.
Landon: yes I do.
Paper: good, good.
Paper: the crafting process may take two days but its worth it.
Landon: okay, as long as it takes.
Paper: ill get to crafting while you get to making the leather tech. and did you get the diamonds?
Landon: yes.
Paper: okay, with this new bench, the sowing machine we can boost the leather and fur easier.
Landon: wow.
Paper: the majic team while you we’re gone invented a new item.
Landon: okay.
Paper: plus the metalwork bench now has armors in it.
Landon: wow
Landon: I am going to get the leather done.
Paper: okay.

two days of crafting later…
Landon: oh man that was a long time to craft all that stuff, how about you?
Paper: sure do.
Paper: now we just need the diamond to enchant this armor in order to make it work.
Landon: I have the diamonds.
Paper: now all we have to do is put the diamonds on the armor and hit it real hard.
Landon: does it sound like a bad idea.
Paper: no, I’ve done it before.
Landon: are you sure?
Paper: well… a long time ago when one of our admins betrayed us and destroyed everything.
Landon: okay.
Paper: Are you ready?
Landon: yes.
Paper: one… two… THREE!!!
Paper hits the armor with a diamond hammer and causes an explosion
Landon: WOAH!
Landon and Piper (Paper) get thrown to the other side.

Landon: what happened?
Paper: IT WORKED!!
Landon: it what?
Paper: landon, even though there was an explosion we got it to work!
Landon: wo-wow.
Paper: do you want to put it on, while you we’re out I made two other pairs.
Landon: how long was I out for?
Paper: three hours.
Landon: oh, I honestly don’t remember being knocked out because the explosion came quick. it threw me to the wall and I felt no pain…
???: patient 17-01: is ready to be seen.
Paper: you better see Emily.
Landon: okay, ill see you later paper.
Paper: okay, btw paper is my nickname, call me caleb.
Landon: okay caleb, ill see you later.
Paper: okay.

Emily: hello landon.
Landon: how was the operation?
Milla: We harnessed the power of the time crystal to heal her brain, this in tern means that whatever happened there should not happen again… but please be careful next time, okay?
Landon: Okay
Landon: okay, while you we’re out we got the coated armor done. want to see it?
Emily: I guess.
Landon: c’mon.
Emily and landon walk out of the room

Paper: hello landon
Landon: hi piper.
Paper: I see Emily has recovered.
Landon: she can’t be bonked in the head for two weeks so she needs a protective soft thing in her helmet
Paper: I was reading an article on dodophobia whatever its called and it said that surgeries would normally impair a person completely unless by a professional. even then they could have symptoms like loss of memory, hearing loss, loss in speech, cold like symptoms, and many more. I will give Emily a pill she can take to relieve these symptoms of the surgery.
Paper: also it doesn’t mean dodolands will go away completely, it could take weeks, days or even years.
Landon: oh…
Landon: how do you know this stuff?
Paper: I used to be a surgeon
Landon: oh.

serious cracking is heard in the new plate
Majicdave: yes, my plan is working.
plate collapses into itself

earthquake starts rumbling at majic jungle.
Emily: Crud.
Landon: oh boy.
landon and the two go under the desk
Landon: PAPER, c’mon.
Paper: what?
Landon: throws himself successfully to save paper
the earthquake intensely rumbles to a 10.0

alarms sound off in majic Jungle
Landon: paper, you could have gotten yourself killed.
Paper: I wasn’t paying attention.
Landon: how is this possible?
Paper: I guess I sort of fell in some stand still mode.
Landon: oh boy.
the main computer gets damaged by the roof collapsing
Landon: oh boy.
A Glitch starts affecting things.
the earthquake stops
Landon: phew.
Landon: what caused that earthquake?
Paper: I will have to go through the main computer but… it seems to be damaged so I can’t do that. Dang
announcement goes off.
Milla: all people, due to a recent earthquake all cloud worlds will be down for the next 24-48 hours… until then most operations will not be available… this might also cause glitches to happen, but luckily we are running on backups that somehow survived…
Milla: also you are allowed to leave the building for the duration of how long it takes to recover.

Majicdave: I can’t believe that worked, I’m so impressed of my self.
Majicdave: I gotta do that again >:]

Chapter Six End

A Stare into the Past: Chapter Seven

Landon: it’s okay milla cough cough
the roof falls down near Landon and causes dust to fly in the air
Milla: cough cough cough
Landon: we need to cough find survivors cough cough
landon and Milla go to find survivors
Landon: cough cough, Blockheadbean.
Blockheadbean: cough cough cough I am trapped under this intense coughing pillar which is cough cough cutting air from my lungs.
Blockheadbean: I-i think my leg is also trapped
blockheadbean slowly chokes due to all the dust
Landon: c’mon, we need to get this pillar off of Blockheadbean before he coguh cough Dies.
Landon: there are no dust masks and we are literally at the edge of suffocating.
Milla: You get the one side I’ll get the other.
Landon: Okay.
landon and Milla get to their sides
Milla: on the count of three. One, two, THREE.
landon and Milla struggle to lift it
Landon: I’m trying!
landon and Milla pick the thing up and move it slightly
Landon: I can’t hold this longer.
Milla: I think it may be safe to drop this now.
Milla: one, two, THREE!
Milla And Landon drop the pillar
the pillar drops and crushes Landon’s foot
Landon: Screams Intensely
Milla: oops, I’m sorry Landon.
milla rolls the pillar away from his foot
Milla: are you okay Landon?
Landon: yes but I think my foot is hurt.
Milla: you don’t have any broken toes don’t you?
Landon: I’m, fine.
Milla: you don’t look fine but okay
Landon: I think the wood may have bruised my foot.
Milla: oh my gosh, your leg Blockheadbean.
Blockheadbean: yes I know. The pillar severed my leg and now I can’t feel that part.
Milla: Landon, please help me get bean to the er stat.
Landon: okay.
landon and Milla carry blockheadbean
Milla: your leg is too crushed and came off but luckily no blood because that’s how things work.
Milla: you may have to get the rest of your leg amputated sadly.
Blockheadbean: o-okay.
landon and Milla get bean to the Emergency Room
Milla: I’ve called somebody to get you, your going to be fine bean.
Landon: I’m a bit tired from lifting what I had too.
Milla: you can go if you want, I’ll get the survivors.
Emily: Landon!
Landon: I’ll be right back.
Milla: Okay
landon runs out
Landon: yes?
Emily: I think we may have found somebody.
Emily: okay.
emily and Landon throw the rubble off of the body
landon takes the tag off
Landon: You get uh “Sam” to the Emergency Room please.
Emily: Okay…
Landon: and also here’s the tag.
Emily: thank you I guess?
emily carries Sam to the ER…

A few hours later…
Blockheadbean: Thank-thank you for saving me.
Landon: your welcome Blockheadbean.
Blockheadbean: i should possibly be out within a few weeks but… I had to have my leg amputated.
Blockheadbean: they told me they have only two options. To have a prosthetic leg or be in a wheel chair for the rest of my life.
Blockheadbean: depending on what they choose and what’s cheaper they will do so. And for that I want to give you something
Blockheadbean: my badge. I don’t think I may work here anymore due to this event because I almost got killed.
Landon: thanks but I hope you recover well.
Blockheadbean: you are welcome.
Emily: Landon, me and Sean we’re talking and maybe we should go and check out bfd.
Emily: over the course of a few hours we took twenty survivors to the er, sadly a few didn’t make it.
Landon: oh.
Emily: Sam and another person didn’t make it.
Landon: oh…
Emily: we should meet with Sean.
Landon: okay.
landon and Emily go to see sean
Landon: hi Sean
Sean: hey Landon and Emily. Want to go to bfd?
Landon and Emily: sure!
Emily: on the count of one. 1, 2, 3!!!
The three run into the portal

A few hours later…

the three warp ontop of the building they arrived in
Landon: oh no.
the three fall onto the building.
Landon: oh I can see they renovated the building.
Emily: that hurt.
Landon: I hate how. One time the building was like that and the ext they turned it into a monument…
Landon: somebody needs to take care of the admins responsible.
Landon: Maybe I should calm down…
Emily: c’mon let’s jump down so we don’t end up being caught.
Landon: sure but should you be careful about your head.
Emily: c’mon let’s jump!
Landon: fine.
landon, sean and Emily jump down

the three land in the water
Emily: Idk, i just found it fun…
Landon: okay.

A few minutes later.
talking is heard

Emily: so Landon how was your day?
Landon: kind of good, how about you?
Emily: same.
Wumbo: so what would you like.
Emily: I’d like the dodo supreme
Landon: and I’d like the cooked shark dish
Sean: I’d like a coffee and a dodo meat.
Wumbo: Okay. That will be 5 dollars.
Sean: wow.
Sean: here you go wumbo
sean hands wumbo five gold coins.
Wumbo: have a nice day
cooking is heard in the kitchen
Wumbo: EVERYONE! there are three orders. A coffee, dodo supreme and a cooked shark dish.
???: okay!
???: I really don’t like cooking.
???: I know.
???: wumbo really likes his dishes so we have to cook for him
explosion is heard and the alarm sounds off
Wumbo: oh no.
???: uh oh.
voice is heard inside bfd.
???: attention, a Fire has been reported in the kitchen. Please get out of the building and leave everything behind.
Landon: oh boy. Not good.
the loudest alarm in the world goes off
the fire explodes into the restaurant.
Landon: Emily, Sean out now!
Both: okay.
Landon: c’mon everyone out of the place.
???: yes person.
???: okay sir
???: Okay
Landon: GO GO GO!!!
wood pillar falls on the door and blocks it
Landon: oh no!
Landon: everyone, band up with me and we will get things sorted.
The five: YES SIR!
Landon: while they are doing that you find some stuff to put out the fire.
???: OKAY!
The unknown persons get something and put most of it out
Landon: I see an axe.
???: this is too heavy I don’t think we can lift it much longer
???: okay.
landon taps the wood
???: Huh?
the wood breaks apart (because logic)
the people run out
Landon: WUMBO!
landon runs into the kitchen
Emily: LANDON!
Sean: we need to get somewhere safe now.
flames could be heard

Landon: wumbo, wumbo?
Wumbo: LANDON!
Landon: I’ll get you out.
Wumbo: it may be no use.
Landon: why?
Wumbo: The doors are jammed and we are trapped.
Landon: just trust me.
Wumbo: Okay.
landon and wumbo run off
Landon: do you know where any safe doors are?
Wumbo: idk but I think there is one in the back in the freezer but anyone who goes in there will die.
Wumbo: with the fire the electricity was knocked so the freezers are collecting heat.
Landon: then let’s go.
Wumbo: But there is one problem. The fire?
Landon: what about it.
Wumbo: it’s blocking the door.
Landon: I see something to put it out. I’ll pick it up, brb.
Wumbo: stay safe.
landon runs to get it.
Landon: where is it?
Landon: oh. There it is
landon pulls on it
Landon: why is this mounted to the WALL!
landon rips it out
Landon: okay.
landon runs back to wumbo
Landon: c’mon.
Wumbo: Okay.
landon puts out the fire
Landon: and there.
landon and wumbo throw the thing blocking the door and get into the freezer

A few minutes later
landon and wumbo get out.
Landon: you mention it.
Emily: LANDON!
Landon: EMILY!
Emily: I’m glad your safe.
Landon: I’m glad your safe too.
Emily: oh who is this.
Landon: say hello to wumbo.
Wumbo: I owe Landon a great tool for saving my life and for that you get your refund and free visits for life…
Wumbo: you mention it.

News: a recent fire at bfd has many worried. A local person in the name of Landon went into the building and saved the owner of the place in a heroic move.
News: The owner says it may take a few years before the bfd here will reopen due to a fire.

Majicdave: it’s my perfect time to RUMBLE! (insert pun here)
explosions are heard
Wumbo: we don’t know what caused the fire but…
rumbling is heard.
Wumbo: uh oh.
landon and them go onto a helicopter
milla calls landon
Milla: Landon, I need you at majic Jungle to discuss something. Please come over
an earthquake of 8.7 hits Griffin Land
Landon: 8.9! (wait, how the heck does he know that…)
Milla: Landon, Landon?

Chapter Seven End

A Stare into the Past: Chapter Eight

Landon: person, stop this helicopter, I’m going down to save those people.
Emily: Landon don’t!
Landon: I’ll be fine.
Emily: well…
the person lands the helicopter
Emily: best of luck Landon.
Landon: you too…
the helicopter takes off
Landon: everyone, stay calm and find somewhere safe where you won’t get caught.
???: what are we supposed to do.
cracking can be heard in the ground
Landon: listen up. There is cracking in the ground, get somewhere saf-
The ground collapses
Emily: LANDON!!
Sean: Just leave him behind. We can’t save him now.
???: okay.

a boot floats on to the top of the water

landon holds his breath and desperately tries to swim to the top
Majicdave: OH NO YOU DON’T. (how is he talking underwater…)
Landon kicks Majicdave trying to be free
Landon: GET OFF OF ME.
Majicdave: not until you join me.
majicdave drags Landon back to his base.

A few hours later
a crash is heard by majic jungle
Emily: OOF
Emily: Landon.
Sean: we need to get to Paper fast.
Sean: GO GO GO.
sean and Emily run into majic jungle

Emily: what… happened!
Emily: Milla, Paper?
Paper: m-m-Majicdave.
Emily: what about it.
Paper: Majicdave… Released a force so strong it blew majic jungle apart… th-the computers are the only things surviving!
Emily: where’s milla?
Paper: gone.
Paper: the force of the explosion harmed almost every employee here… and now everyone’s gone cough cough
Paper: I got lucky because… I was wearing the armor and it absorbed the force of the explosion but… everyone else, the employees and the staff all got injured or died.
Paper: w-what happened to Landon.
Emily: there was an earthquake… and it took Landon in the process.
Emily: idk where he went.
Paper: Emily, ever heard a place called the forbidden mines?
Emily: no…
Paper: Majicdave… May have taken Landon there.
Emily: how do you know this?
Paper: milla told me about it cough COUGH
Paper: that place had a history of activity even with Majicdave…
Paper: the place was blocked off and flooded to harm anyone who tries to get in.
Paper: take this note, and the armor. I am in no use of telling how long I may be alive, I am just too injured. Now go please.
Paper: I’ll figure out a way to survive, this won’t be the end of me plus… if I die I always have the ability to regenerate.
Emily: then why are the unlucky people not regenerating?
Paper: because, the world settings have set it to no regeneration but… those who are with the jungle have the ability to regenerate.
Paper: now please just go and save Landon before you make this worse.
Emily: alright, I wish you luck paper.
Paper: I also wish you luck on your journey.
Paper: you may want to find an entrance to the abandoned mines.
Emily: do you know where it is?
Paper: on the other side of the us. At a town called the dodos seed.
Paper: please just go.
Emily: okay.
emily and Sean walk off

walking is heard

Emily: we’ve got a long walk ahead of us.
Sean: yep.
Emily: What’s that?
Sean: Looks like a handcar that’s run down and old.
Emily: do you have a wheel, I think we can make this work.
Sean: my only one.
Emily: Well, I think it’s done. We should get riding now.
Sean: okay.
emily and Sean go onto the handcar and start pushing

talking is heard
landon tries to break out of the roped chair.
majicdave unleashes a force that freezes Landon in place
Majicdave: you will not be set free.
Majicdave: I am your god. Your founder and you will work for me or you will die.
majicdave grabs his microchip device and plants it stright into landons back
Majicdave: Landon, I order you to kill Emily and Sean right now.
Landon: Okay master…
majicdave breaks the ropes
Majicdave: now go get THEM.
Landon: Okay…
landon goes to search for them

A few days later…
a handcar is heard
Emily: Keep pushing. We are almost there
Sean: I’m trying the best I can do.
a bolt is heard bouncing off the wheel
Emily: what was that…
the handcar crashes
Emily: OOF.

A few minutes later.
Emily: what happened?
Sean: I-i think the wheel fell off
Emily: while in the meantime I think we hit our destination.
Sean: the dodos seed.
Emily: but why does it seem abandoned?
Sean: well this is the place Paper wanted us to go too. We should go.
emily picks up a note
Emily: Huh?
“to anyone who finds this note, please be aware of your surroundings because there maybe dropbears. If you are looking for the mines it is left from the dodo apartment complex but do be aware of any people there as they are dangerous. -Legoboy70”
Emily: oh.
Emily: c’mon Sean.
Sean: well. Okay

Chapter Eight End

A Stare into the Past: Chapter Nine

A few hours later…
walking is heard
dodos are heard flapping away
Emily: we need to figure out how we are going to find some key stuff to mine our way in just Incase the mine has any collapsed roofs.
Sean: well I guess.
Emily: I heard that somewhere in this world that there is an eternal pickaxe called the diamond pickaxe. It’s said to mine at the speeds of eternally fast.
Sean: wow!
Emily: the only thing keeping us from it is the abandoned palace that’s somewhere in this world.
Emily: this building is known to be notorious for treasures while also being quite unstable.
Sean: okay.
Emily: it is said that it lives by an old blockhead fried dodo that was run down and old.
Emily: the abandoned palace also has a history from being at an unknown galaxy that their world was corrupted so they sent it off to here.
Sean: I think we have made it to our destination.
Emily: what?
emily falls down on a block
Emily: ugh… dang it!
Emily: brushes her cloth off
Emily: now where was I?
Emily: oh my goodness.
Sean: okay.
Emily: this place is so NICE!
Sean: we should head in.
Emily: I guess…
emily and Landon enter the place.
Emily: the diamond pickaxe is located under the place.
Sean: idk how we will go under there.
Emily: um… never thought of it. I do see a ladder.
Sean: okay.
emily and Sean walk toward the ladder
Emily: “beware, this majical diamond pickaxe is know to kill those who aren’t worthy. Beware.”
Emily: uh oh.
shinning sounds are heard.
Emily: what was that.
Emily: anyway let’s go get the pickaxe
Sean: are you sure?

emily and Sean make it to the floor and get near the pickaxe
the floor starts shaking
Emily: Huh?
the diamond pickaxe throws itself to emily (reminds me of when Thor reaches out for his hammer and it comes to him)
Emily: woah!
emily catches the pickaxe.
Emily: that was odd.
Emily: am I, The worthy one?
a voice is heard
Emily: what was that.
???: hi.
???: I see you have stumbled to the diamond pickaxe for help.
Emily: who are you?
???: sorry I creeped you out, I am the founder of blockheads. Majicbean.
???: you see, there was a story of somebody in the name of Majicdave as the people’s creator, the legend passed on for generations to come but… I am the REAL creator
Emily: WHAT?
majicbean: even though I may not be here I have been watching blockheads thrive for a while now.
majicbean: I have sent this building here from the first world, summer.
majicbean: the world summer… may not be what you think it was.
majicbean: the corruption have spread further in that world
Emily: WHAT!
majicbean: I entrust you with the diamond pickaxe to destroy Majicdave for good.
majicbean: Majicdave was actually an admin at one time before I stripped his powers due to him abusing it.
majicbean: Majicdave was so jealous of his power that… he claimed he was the creator and somehow the legend passed on.
majicbean: now please, get out of this building before it collapses.
cracking is heard
a block falls by emily
Sean: What?
a block starts to slip
Emily: SEAN!
Sean: Huh sean looks up UH OH!
sean runs to the ladder while the block lands on the floor
Emily: GO GO GO!
emily and Sean get up onto the top and run out of the building
Emily: oh my gosh!
the building falls to the core
Emily: oh my gosh!
Sean: okay.
Emily and Sean run to the mines
majicbean: i hope they make it, wish them luck…

emily and Sean make it to the mines
Landon: YOU!
Emily: LANDON!
Emily: oh no.
Landon: Dave told me you we’re a bad person and needed to be destroyed.
landon pulls out a sword
landon runs up to them
sean blocks Majicdaves attack
Sean: AHH!
Landon falls down and teleports back to the core
Emily: what, what was that!
Emily: Sean, we need to get to the mines.
Sean: okay Emily.
emily sits on the ground with her legs
Emily: what has happened to my poor Landon
Sean: are you coming?
Emily: Y-Yes sean…
Sean: C’mon.
emily and Sean run into the mines

Chapter Nine End

A Stare into the Past: Chapter Ten

Water Droplets are heard from a cave
walking is heard

Emily: I think paper may have said Dave was at the core
emily unwraps the note
Emily: it’s says
“Written in 1991 by paper: To those who are looking to see the tectonic plates at the core please bring armor that can stand the temperatures and that you make sure to be safe-.”
Emily: I think the note was wrapped around this one
emily digs into the pocket to find a note
Emily: oh…
“Written in 2014 by paper: may not have any time because… Dave has turned evil and started using the tech tonic plates as his own earthquake machine but, back in an unknown year. I came to Dave’s office and he had a mad look because something happened in his blockheads life. Turns out he was being sued for copyright and was to appear in court in 2004. At the time the whole team was worried, even milla to the point milla had to take a break until Dave lost his court case and served 13 years in jail completely, during that time David teamed up with an evil band called the blockheads must die which was also planning to escape but when they tried too they failed. Eventually a prison riot happened and David pickpocketed a polices keycard without him noticing, eventually he got out and crawled in a little hole and had to run many miles. The only reason I know this is the News taught me it. Eventually in the coming year 2017 David is coming back after years of planning and is going to shake the world. We haven’t seen him since 2004, but eventually soon he has plans to start a world war. One last thing I have to say is… may god bless the world and that it be safe from harms way…”
Emily: AGHH!!!
emily rips the papers apart
Sean: Emily calm down.
Sean: it’s going to be fine, Once we make it to his lair we will take em down once and for all.
Emily: I just WISH David never did things like this to ruin our lives.
Sean: Emily, it’s going to be okay. Just trust me.
Emily: maybe I should calm down.
emily spots gems
Emily: Sean, I think I see gems.
Sean: I do too.
Sean: according to the map of the mines this is the gem mining area. Nobody made it out here trying to get gems.
Sean: the gems are so nice when a person touches them they di-
Sean: EMILY!
Sean throws Emily out of the way of the gem
Sean: no Emily, you can’t touch those.
Sean: avoid the urge, the only reason why I am avoiding the urge is i don’t like gems.
sean walks away from the gem area
Sean: Emily?
sean slaps emily unhypnotizing her
Emily: wh-what happened Sean.
Sean: those beautiful gems hypnotized you.
Emily: what gems.
Sean: you may not remember it but it happened.
Emily: oh.
Sean: we need to get deeper into the mines.
Sean: so far we are not even halfway.
Sean: this mine doesn’t have dangerous parts when you go deeper except the gem part.
Sean: it may take us hours or even days until we can get to the core.
Emily: oh.
sean and Emily climb down the ladders
Sean: these ladders look ol-
one of the legs break causing Emily and sean to plummet down many miles.
emily starts hyperventilating
Sean: Emily, we’re not gonna die.
Sean: Try grabbing the ladders!
emily grabs the ladders but the ladders break due to logic
Emily: Umm sean.
Sean: uh oh.
Emily: IDK HOW!
Sean: you had to at least have done it through out your lifetime
Emily: BUT WE’RE GONNA DIE! heavy breathing
Sean: Emily! Stay calm, breathe in, breathe out.
Emily: I AM!
Sean: not like that, slowly.
Emily: Okay
Sean: Remember this advice. Breathe in, breathe out.
echoing is heard in Emily’s ears “Breathe in, breathe out”
“Breathe in, breathe out.”
emily stops hyperventilating
Sean: now you got it.
Sean: Emily, I think we got a problem.
Sean: LAND!!!
sean and Emily break through a paper thin barrier into water
Sean: Oh!!
sean takes a heavy breath
Sean: c’mon Emily. I think may have passed way beyond the half way mark.
Sean: let me see.
Sean: the water pool on the map shows we are only a hundred blocks from the core, C’mon.

Landon: my radar is detecting two individuals in the name of Emily and Sean.
a glitch happens in Landon’s chip
Landon: my radar is detectin- tw- two twowowoww microchip starts sparking
Landon: MAJICDAVE! WHY DID YOU Kidnap m-
Majicdave: What’s happening
Landon: Master, I think I am glitching.
Majicdave: let me open your chip
majicdave reaches for the microchip
Majicdave: looks fine…
Majicdave: Now Stop lying and get back to WORK!
Landon: Aye Aye sir-
the chip starts glitching terribly

Emily: well… I think we’re here.

Emily looks at the sign
“To those who are entering beware of rising lava and high temperatures and always wear your armor.”
Emily: should we put on our armor.
Sean: I think so.
Sean: here’s your armor and here’s mine.
sean and Emily put on their armor.
Emily: are you ready.
Sean: I guess so…
Emily: let’s go into the core…
emily and Sean run into the room

Chapter Ten End

A Stare into the Past: Chapter Eleven - The Final Chapter?

Emily and Sean walk into majicdaves room in the core
Emily: Landon!
majicdave hears a voice
Majicdave: oh boy I think we got visitors… Landon kill them.
Landon: Ay ay- NO
glitching occurs on the chip
Majicdave: oh hello there Emily, nice job making it here. Well I better offer you a prize for coming here… NOT!
Majicdave: your pal Landon oh boy oh boy oh boy is now a part of me now. And you can’t stop me…
Emily: I’ll kill you for what you did to Landon
majicdave throws emily
Majicdave: you can’t kill me… I am the creator, and your master…
Sean: Emily! Look out
sean throws his sword at the chip.
Majicdave: oh… I see you have a buddy with you.
majicdave flies by Sean and lifts him up
Majicdave: I see you brought Sean with you, you are never getting him back ever.
Emily: YOU better put him down before I have to harm you.
Majicdave: oh, I see your going to harm me. Well I have unlimited health and you can’t stop me and also I am fast.
Emily: I think I read a thread on it one day about to stop it you just feed them food or coffee.
Majicdave: so Emily… are you going to join me or am I going to have to kill you?
emily slices his sword at Majicdave but gets thrown by a shield
Emily: wha-?
Majicdave: oh I see you we’re trying to kill me… well my powers are unstoppable.
Majicdave: you see… I have hacked the game to give me unlimited powers and nobody can kill me.
Majicdave: oh if you want Sean, your going to have to get him…
majicdave throws Sean into a cell and lowers him down by the lava
Majicdave: so is it going to be that Sean starts spinning or are you going to join me?
Emily: I told you I’ll never join you
emily tries another slice but gets thrown by Dave into a portal

warping noice is heard
Emily: Ouch…
Emily: wipes her cloth
Majicdave uses the force to lift Emily up
Majicdave: so Emily, how’s it feel?
Majicdave: fine then, I’ll just have to destroy your old childhood city
Emily: Blockington!
Majicdave: your going to watch as this world burns in my rain of terror.
emily runs to majicdave and gets teleported
Majicdave: Heh…

warping is heard
Emily: Why is he doing this!
Emily: Is that… GRIFFIN LAND!
Majicdave: yep… and your going to watch it burn with me.
Emily: please Dave, I’ve had enough.
Majicdave: So What… you are going to join me, I’ve had enough of your petty behavior.
majicdave throws Emily into a portal

Emily: dang it…
Emily: is this blocksville?
majicdave teleports to emily
Majicdave: oh I see you got teleported aye?
Majicdave: so you want to fight me.
Majicdave: Go ahead and do so emily… but you’ll lose…
Majicdave: mahahahaha
Majicdave: it wouldn’t be fair game unless… I TOOK YOUR SWORD AWAY!
cracking is heard…
Emily: blocksvile!
Majicdave: your going to watch as blocksvile is destroyed… and the world
Majicdave: Oh no you don’t!
majicdave unleashes a vortex
Emily: What is that!
Majicdave: Bye Bye emily…
emily gets sucked into the vortex.
Paper: EMILY!

emily starts waking up
Emily: Huh, where am I?
Emily: My pickaxe.
Emily: Where’s Landon?
???: settle down person.
Emily: Who are you?
???: I am Justin.
Emily: no no no no! I’ve been sent into the past.
Justin: person, if we can get this settled down maybe we can find where you live, even though the world was nuked…
Emily: please tell me this isn’t world war three?
Justin: sadly it is…
Emily: this can’t be right, how am I in the past and Majicdave is destroying the world.
Justin: wait WHAT!
Justin: we need to get you to the future but idk what will work. I think I have a hazmat suit to get you to a time machine I know somewhere.
Emily: where is it Justin, I’ll do anything to get back into the future.
Emily: at any moment Majicdave could come out and destro-
majicdave warps into the past
Emily: DAVE!
Majicdave: while while while… look what we have here, EMILY!
Majicdave: I thought that vortex was a destroying machine but I was so wrong.
Justin: fires arrow into leg
Majicdave: flings arrow back to justin
Justin: holy smokes!
justin ducks for cover
Majicdave: you know what, say goodbye to Justin as I’m sending you back right now.
Emily: you can’t stop me!
emily grabs majicdaves vortex machine
Majicdave: get off me, you don’t know how to get that thing working.
Emily: OH YES I DO!
emily sends them both to a random time

???: and action!
the portal throws Emily and Dave to a random timeline
Majicdave: see what you got us into…
Albert: WHO ARE YOU?
Majicdave: Send us back, send us back!
Emily: Albert, grab Majicdave and I’ll send my self to the present.
???: Cut, albert you got that lime wrong, I mean line.
Albert: Really, we are in a tight situation right now.
Albert: you got it August, I mean Emily.
Albert: man I get those names confusing. Is it August or Emily?
Emily: Emily.
emily grabs the vortex machine while Albert holds em down.
Albert: your not escaping me Dave.
Majicdave: OH YES I AM!
majicdave unleashes a force throwing albert toward emily
Emily sends herself and Albert back to the present
Majicdave: EMILY!!!

emily warps back to the present.
Emily: oh… my gosh!
Emily: everything’s… gone
Albert: Where are we Emily?
Emily: what used to be blocksville.
Albert: oh… I’m sorry.
Albert: alright, I hope my wife is okay.
a voice is heard
Emily: PAPER!
paper throws a sword
Paper: Catch!
emily catches the sword
Emily: I can’t believe your alive!
Albert: I don’t have a sword.
Emily: I think I know a trick that’s never been used.
emily stretches the sword by logic
Albert: is this going to work.
Emily: trust me, NOW PULL!
albert starts pulling Emily’s back
Albert: I’m trying!
the sword breaks.
Emily: ahh crud.
the sword duplicates it self.
Albert: high fives emily
Paper: oh I see you we’re talking but anyway Emily I was trying to say, Majicdave, He destroyed everything.
Emily: oh.
Paper: not a lot of buildings are in tact but the ones around are, badly damaged…
Paper: give me the diamond pickaxe and sword… I know how to merge it
majicdave warps back to the present.
Paper: uh oh…
Majicdave: oh I see you have a diamond pickaxe Aye?
Majicdave: albert, I thought I killed you from the force of my shield.
Albert: I didn’t hit the wall, I somehow deflected onto Emily and got teleported.
Majicdave: nah nah nah, that’s not how things work…
majicdave looks at Emily’s pickaxe
Majicdave: is that a diamond PICKAXE!
majicdave goes to emily and sweeps the diamond pickaxe
Majicdave: you are never getting that pickaxe back now…
Majicdave: grabbed her pickax-
the diamond pickaxe unleashes an explosion.
majicdave drops it and Emily flies to catch it
Majicdave: eek.
a voice is heard
Albert: I think papers calling you.
Paper: now Emily… LISTEN TO ME.
Paper: On the count of three I will tell you to merge them together.
Paper: 1.
Paper: 2.
majicdave gets up from the explosion
Paper: AND THREE!!!
emily slides the pickaxe ontop of the sword causing an explosion merging them
Emily: what is this?
Emily: a sword and a pickaxe.
Albert: Oh my gosh, is that the godly weapon that was said never to return again?
Emily: Yes.
Emily: all I need to do is -
Albert: I think Majicdave is doing something
Majicdave: you know what!
typing is heard
the tool sweeps to majicdave
Majicdave: now I’m the worthy one.
Emily: How?
Albert: that’s no fair Dave…
Majicdave: Hacks…
Majicdave: Now I can rule the world with this tool.
Majicdave: now say hello to your new leader AND YOUR NEW CREATOR!!! MAHAHAHAHHAHA
majicdave raises his hand
Majicdave: With the power of this tool I shall destroy the world ONCE AND FOR GOOD!!!
lightning strikes the tool
the builds start slowly collapsing as the world starts cracking slowly
Fissures start forming on the earth’s crust*
CNN: there are reports of earthquakes happening around the world as a person in the name of Majicdave, OUR LEADER is destroying the world
Fox News: reports of earthquakes have been reported in the 9.0 area, reports are suggesting some evil spirit is destroying the world.
Many other outlets: the world is cracking, world leaders are declaring a state of panic around the entire world as cracks open up around the world.
majicdave and Emily teleport back to the core
Emily: it’s all over, the world is doomed and now we have a crazy hacker destroying the world.
Albert: Emily, don’t lose hope yet.
Albert: we can fix this, tell you what. In 2015 a tc epidemic effected thousands and caused those to get bored but no matter what we stuck up to it while the other world didn’t know about it.
Emily: it’s all over all because of Dave.
Albert: we can figure this out somehow, I think I have an amulet to send Dave into another dimension instead of wiping him out completely…
Albert: it’s in my back pocket.
albert pulls the amulet out.
Albert: tell you what you can have it.
Emily: are you sure this is going to work?
Albert: yes, my family has been using it for generations to ban evil people.
Albert: now let’s get Dave and banish him to another dimension.
Albert: tell you what, this amulet banishes them to the dark realm.
Emily: that… realm?
Albert: yes…
Albert: now it’s time to… save the world.
Majicdave heat the voices
Majicdave: not so fast.
majicdave throws a portal on the floor teleporting them to the core
Majicdave slips.
Majicdave: uh oh.
majicdave gets teleported with them.

warping noice is heard
Emily: OOF.
Emily: albert, are you okay?
Albert: y-yes.
Emily: c’mon.
emily and Albert run to majicdave
Majicdave: o-o-o.
Landon: Master!
landon runs toward majicdave
Landon: Master! Are you okay?
Majicdave: yes… I can’t get up because… EMILY HURT ME!
majicdave regenerates his health and flies into the air

Landon: okay maste- I can’t Dav- I will
Albert: LANDON!
Albert: slap the chip off Emily.
emily runs up to landon
Emily: Get out of it!
Emily slaps the chip out of landon
Landon: Aye Aye Master…
landon goes unconscious for a moment…

Landon: Emily?
Landon: What happened?
Emily: He planted a chip in your back and you turned evil.
Landon: Wait Wait Wait, I’d never do that.
Landon: idk what to do now.
Emily: we need to destroy Majicdave now.
Landon: but I turned evil, I feel like a bad person now.
Landon: in my whole life I never betrayed my parents or betrayed anyone.
Landon: I need some time.
Majicdave: YOU KNOW WHAT!
majicdave goes near Landon, throws Emily and starts holding Landon down
Majicdave: ha ha ha I got you now.
Albert: LANDON!
Emily: LANDON!
a crack in the Wall causes little drips
Emily: I need to save Sean.
Albert: you go get Sean I’ll find a way out.
emily runs up to Sean’s cell and uses a crowbar nearby to break him out
Sean: thank you Emily, I felt like I was going to die down there…
Emily: we need to get out of here…
Albert: I think I found an exit.
the roof falls on the exit
Albert: Emily, we may be in trouble.
Landon’s mind: idk what to do, I’m being choked by Majicdave and… I think I may die.
Landon’s mind: I think, my time is over. I’m going to save Emily while sacrificing my self. I’m sorry Emily
emily hears a voice
Landon: Emily.
Landon: Go without me.
Emily: But… Why Landon?
Landon: save yourselves.
Landon: Albert, Sean you be the new man of the group.
Emily: But… I can’t leave you
Landon: I can’t keep up much longer plus I think the oceans are filling in fast.
Emily: Landon. No
Albert: we need to get out of here Emily.
Landon: please, you will save yourselves and save the world.
the water starts filling in on the exit
Emily: But Landon, you are all I got.
Landon: just leave me behind please.
Emily: but… no
Landon: Emily, I’ll always be there.
the roof starts cracking and water starts rushing in
Emily: are you sure?
Landon: from all the good times we had, to the bad ones. You will always be in my heart forever. I will never leave you behind
Sean: Emily, we better get going.
Emily, sobbing: but. How am I supposed to live
Landon: trust dave, he will take care of your depression. Just go please.
Landon: also, here.
landon hands emily something
Emily, sobbing: is this, your badge?
Landon: Yes. Now please get out
Sean: Emily we gotta go now.
Landon: I will always be there. Always
Emily: o-o-okay.
Emily: I am coming Emily
Emily: and a little surprise for you David…
emily throws the amulet at david
shaking can be felt.
the exit wall bursts and water starts washing in
sean, albert and Emily rush to the surface
Majicdave: whelp Landon, goodbye. You failed.
Landon: well. Goodbye to me, and you…
Majicdave: what?
beeping is heard
the rocks start falling
Majicdave: oh CRAP!
the rocks slam onto the core
an explosion happens from the amulet sending Dave and Landon to another dimension

After Emily and sean floated up
Sean: oh my gosh. We made it
Emily: I know.
a ship could be heard
Sean: hey!!!
Albert: HELP US!
Emily: What are you yelling at?
Sean: SHIP!!
sean shines a mirror at the captain
???: reflection, ouch.
Emily: it’s not working.
Emily: Harder!
sean points the mirror at the captain again
???: ouch, that dang light…
the Captain looks and sees them
???: holy smokes.
the captain stops the boat
Emily: we’re saved.
Albert: YES!
emily and Sean climb the ladder
???: are you guys okay?
Emily: yes, yes I am okay.
???: how’d you end up here.
Emily: we floated up to the surface trying to get out of the core.
???: thank dave you guys are okay.
Emily: I know, I know…

News: the world has been badly damaged by a rogue admin named Majicdave. World leaders are trying to build of what was all destroyed in the day that changed the world for good.

Three years later…

“As the world slowly recovered as many as five billion people have perished from the earthquake nearly three years ago, many economies still trying to rebuild life and start a new on what was once our proud earth, is now corrupted and destroyed on ground level, most landspots have survived while still having cracks in the ground but overall life is slowly recovering over what happened that fateful day. Over 2 billion are left on the planet, many still seriously injured. Technology has slowly started coming back and we have gotten communication from people in space once again. The earthquake caused many volcanos to blow except for the ones that are Yellowstone and many, due to the earthquake all the nuke supplies have sunk into the ground and have blown up causing the ground to shake sometimes.”

Sean: you can open your eyes now.
emily opens her eyes
Albert and Sean: SURPRISE!
Emily: OH MY GOSH!
Sean: Landon told me all about your house so I decided to build you a new one
Sean: your welcome.
Emily: wow, I love the inside
Sean: thank you, It took a few months.
Emily: thank you so much.
Sean: whelp, I gtg. I’ll see you later
Emily: okay.
sean walks out.
emily looks at the wall
Emily: it’s been 3 years since Landon past away…
albert walks to Emily
Albert: it’s going to be okay.

A day later
Albert: oh hey Emily and Sean.
Albert: I have to return back to my timeline to get chapter 1 of tempos crystallo done.
Emily: Albert, are you sure?
Sean: what’s going to happen to you.
Albert: I’ll be fine.
Albert: I’ve called Karen to set up a temporary 1 minute portal to arrive any minute.
Emily: well if this is goodbye I hope you the best you could have.
Albert: I wish you the best future too.
Albert: for now, from the times we had fighting Dave and the times I was here in this time I wish you a big thanks.
Albert: my portal is arriving.
Albert: whelp, goodbye Emily and Sean.
Albert: See you later.
albert drops something as he goes into the portal
Sean: uh oh…
Emily: Dibs
Sean: ahh crap…

The End…?

A Stare into the Past: Chapter Twelve

inside the dark realm
Majicdave: AHHHH!!!
majicdave lands on the ground
Majicdave: wipes off his clothes
Majicdave: THOSE… IDIOTS!
Majicdave: tried killing me and now IM IN A STRANGE UNIVERSE!!
Majicdave: why is life so unfair…
majicdave unleaches a force but fails
Majicdave: so what do I do here now… since this is not good.
tasing is heard
Guard handcuffs fernando
???: sigh…
???: we should really put you in a confinement center where you can’t escape…
Majicdave: I forgot he was banished here months ago.
Majicdave: But He is probably somewhere unknown.
Majicdave: fernando is the only one who is not a script kiddie like me and knows how to hack.
Majicdave: do I recall this being the dark realm?
Majicdave: oh yes!
Majicdave: the dark realm is known to be a scary place.
Majicdave: I need to get to fernando fast before they in prison him because he knows a code that can get us out.
majicdave runs to the place

Majicdave: I should be here now.
majicdave uses his muscles to break the prison doors open
alarm sounds off
???: we got a break in!
the guards run to majicdave
Majicdave: uh oh…

Majicdave: while that didn’t go out as I planned.
the guards throw Majicdave in the cell
???: oh welcome.
??? Checks his clipboard
Majicdave: I need to get to fernando.
???: I know what your planning.
Majicdave: How?
???: I am a guard but… I am also your friend.
Majicdave: I don’t remember you or your name.
???: oh… let me introduce my self again.
the guard unleaches a force breaking the cell doors

Majicdave: Fernando, you look so… different.
Fernando: I had to do this so I wouldn’t get caught.
Fernando: I know my tricks, I place clones of me that feel like humans and work like me.
Fernando: I put on a wig to hide my look and I applied for a job as a guard. I actually take care of my prisoners well and teach them hints on how to become a hacker like me.
alarm sounds off
Fernando: C’MON, WE GOT TO GO NOW!
majicdave and Fernando run out of the room
Majicdave: The guards are getting to us.
???: HALT!
gun clicking is heard
???: you are going back to your cells
Majicdave: NOW!!
fernando starts charging up his magnetic force
???: what is he doing?
fernando unleaches a force throwing the guards far
Majicdave: RUN!
majicdave and fernando continue running

majicdave and fernando run out of the prison
Majicdave: we made it!
Fernando: I need my teleporter but… the guards destroyed it from my previous escape.
Majicdave: I think I have one.
majicdave hands fernando a teleporter
Fernando: clicks the button
majicdave and fernando teleport to the overworld

3 years later…
Priest: takes paper out

Priest: we are here for the wedding of Emily and Sean.
Priest: Sean, do you take Emily as your lovely wedded wife and to treat her with love and kindness, until the day you leave this earth?
Sean: yes, yes I do.
Priest: and you emily, do you take Sean as your lovely wedded husband.
Emily: yes I do.
Priest: you may kiss the bride.
emily and sean kiss
cheering is heard in the room

Majicdave: how’s the time fernando. Like I mentioned
Fernando: ok.

bottle cork is heard popping off
bursting in the wall is heard
Emily: DAVE!!
MajicDave Flies into the room
Majicdave: while while while, look what we have here.
Majicdave: emily Aye?
Emily: but, that’s impossible.
Majicdave: I knew a way out.
Majicdave: my dear old friend FERNANDO.
Emily: Oh Boy…

Chapter Twelve End…

Tempus Crystallo? :eek:

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They were pre-1.7 eyes

Hehe, i challenge someone to find all the changes i made to the series when i reuploaded it…

i added some special things using photoshop

i was considering making a sequel to this series at some point in the future maybe… but the plotline might not be child friendly… doesn’t contain swears, but definitely isn’t something kids should be reading

no… i would never do that…

it is probably the longest plot i made to date