A stare into the past. (SERIES)



This is a full image story line that is technically interactive.

in the event of massive earthquake activity a new tech tonic plate is formed slamming blocksvile with a powerful 8.2, Landon a superadmin has to care for the lives of Emily and Sean while dealing with all sorts of stuff. They are sent to the new tech tonic plate to destroy what’s causing it and how it happened.

Chapter list by season.


Chapter 12.5: Behind the scenes.

A stare into the past. (SERIES)

Chapter one: the beginning

A stare into the past. (SERIES)

Chapter two: meeting landon

A stare into the past. (SERIES)

Chapter three: the history of blocksvile

A stare into the past. (SERIES)

Chapter four: the griffin lands

A stare into the past. (SERIES)

Chapter five: inside majic jungle

A stare into the past. (SERIES)

Chapter six: the majic jungle earthquake

A stare into the past. (SERIES)

Chapter seven: the blockhead fried dodo fires

A stare into the past. (SERIES)

Chapter eight: The force within Dave.

A stare into the past. (SERIES)

Chapter nine: the pickaxe

A stare into the past. (SERIES)

chapter ten: the dark world under the earth

A stare into the past. (SERIES)

chapter eleven: the fate between the world.

A stare into the past. (SERIES)

chapter twelve: The face within

A stare into the past. (SERIES)


sorry champ, you are not able to watch season two as its not developed yet, nor the plot. check back in a few months.

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Don’t forget to check out dawn of the war, and its new season.



That’s nice


Thanks :slight_smile:

@thebest1ever wants another war series. Oh no :scream_cat:


Wow i love the story. But i will not because i hate reading


I am announcing a possible date. December 1, 2017


So 2017 or 2018?


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Same! Dawn of war is awesome


I’ll eventually think about it.


Interactictive Image Stories! Can’t wait to see the good stories of other users

I personally want a post nuclear wasteland story…


Will you be asking for volunteers?


sure. but mostly I have some help from mom so I get sucked away but you can start a pm.


Probably not that far away from 1.7’s release, btw the story sounds good. :slight_smile:


A stare into the pasta set will begin construction shortly. If you want to be apart of the group pm you may if you want to work for it.


I can’t wait to see the results!!

I thought you said this though…


A stare into the pasta…


a stare into the past chapter one:

in the apartment complex in the shore line

emily wakes up and gets out of the bed
emily: ahh what a nice day out in this world.
emily: lets see what is for breakfist.
emily walks down the ladder

emily gets out a loaf of bread and the stuff
emily: i think i will make toast.
emily puts the bread into the toaster and grabs the remote
emily: haven’t watched the news in quite a while but lets see whats on it.
"in other news there have been reports of a few harmings in the vicinity. 5 people reported spinning around and particles flying around.“
emily: whats with the harmings these days. blockheads used to be nice until free tc came along.
emily: well maybe i should eat my toast and stop worrying about this stuff
emily walks to the door

"package for emily. sign here and here"
emily: okay.
emily signs the papers
"here you go”
*emily opens the box

emily: what are you doing here silly.
person: decided to check by on how my friend was doing
emily: you know you are inviting yourself here. ah nevermind i have to go to work, ill see you later.

emily walks out the door
person: um… bye?

an hour later.

emily: work as usual
emily: huh?
the building starts swaying slowly
emily: whats going on.
the ground starts shaking violently

emily: oh crud EARTHQUAKE.
emily goes under her desk and holds on tight
emily: what am I going to do. I’m on the 4th floor and the building could collapse at any time.
The MacBook falls off the thing and the windows break
Emily: should I? Get out of the building as fast as I can or stay here?

  • Run out of the building
  • Stay there and wait

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Chapter one end

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Got any ideas of what makes a good story for chapter 2? And that stuff.


Continue of what happens because of da earthquake


I’ll get chapter 2 out soon. Don’t worry