A stare into the past. (SERIES)



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A stare into the past chapter six

Warping noice could be heard

Emily: Landon, Sean you go to the nearest mountain and you sean go to the cage nearby.
Landon: yes sir!
Sean: -_- I hate my job.
Emily: just do it :slight_smile:
Sean: ugh… fine!
Emily, Sean and Landon set out to get the stuff.

Emily: I think I have found the mines but I should wear this iron head protector.
emily goes into the mines
Emily: how where’s the coal and oil?
emily walks further into the mines.
Emily: I think I may have found the coal and stuff.

emily mines the coal and oil
Emily: I am going to check back with Landon and see how he is doing.
emily walks out of the mine
Emily: oh I see Landon got back quick
Landon: hello Emily, I got the special leather and fur needed for the suit and also got coal, diamonds and oil.
Emily: okay.
sean desperately tries to get the dodo swarm off of him
Sean: Emily, Landon. Help!
Emily: Sean, I don’t think that’s how to get a dodo correct. What did you do?
Sean: umm…

Sean: come here dodo :slight_smile:
Dodo: No.
Sean: that’s it.
sean gets his sword out
Dodo: HELP!!!
a flock starts collecting
Sean: uh oh…

Sean: ohh…
Emily: your not supposed to kill dodos.
Emily: come here dodo bird, I got seeds.
Dodo: seeds?
the dodo pecks the seeds and goes on Emily’s hands.
Emily: that’s how you get a dod-…
Emily: AHH!
emily drops the dodo and passes out
Landon: Emily, Emily?
Landon: you get the dodo and I’ll take Emily to majic Jungle.
Sean: yes sir.
Landon lifts Emily up and gets into the portal
Landon: don’t worry Emily, your going to be okay.
Sean: phew, at least the dod-… ahh crud.
the swarm attacks sean

warping is heard

Landon: milla, MILLA!
Milla: yes?
Landon: while we we’re out getting things Emily went into a coma due to a dodo.
Milla: oh dear… that condition.
Landon: could you at least do something?
Milla: I could but it may put Emily’s life at risk.
Landon: what is it.
Milla: I have to take a part out of her brain in order for her to recover but there’s only a ten percent chance she will make it.
Milla: lets just hope she will make it.
Landon: okay. please before she dies.
Milla: you stay here while I get Emily to the person who needs to do so.
Milla: may majicdave wish her luck.

Sean: I got the dodo.
Landon: that dodo has a smirk, you better put him down.
Sean: YES SIR.
sean puts the dodo down.
Landon: ill meet up with paper while you stay here
Sean: okay.
landon walks out of the room

Paper: hey landon, do you have the stuff.
Landon: yes I do.
Paper: good, good.
Paper: the crafting process may take two days but its worth it.
Landon: okay, as long as it takes.
Paper: ill get to crafting while you get to making the leather tech. and did you get the diamonds?
Landon: yes.
Paper: okay, with this new bench, the sowing machine we can boost the leather and fur easier.
Landon: wow.
Paper: the majic team while you we’re gone invented a new item.
Landon: okay.
Paper: plus the metalwork bench now has armors in it.
Landon: wow
Landon: I am going to get the leather done.
Paper: okay.

two days of crafting later…
Landon: oh man that was a long time to craft all that stuff, how about you?
Paper: sure do.
Paper: now we just need the diamond to enchant this armor in order to make it work.
Landon: I have the diamonds.
Paper: now all we have to do is put the diamonds on the armor and hit it real hard.
Landon: does it sound like a bad idea.
Paper: no, I’ve done it before.
Landon: are you sure?
Paper: well… a long time ago when one of our admins betrayed us and destroyed everything.
Landon: okay.
Paper: Are you ready?
Landon: yes.
Paper: one… two… THREE!!!
Paper hits the armor with a diamond hammer and causes an explosion
Landon: WOAH!
Landon and paper get thrown to the other side.

Landon: what happened?
Paper: IT WORKED!!
Landon: it what?
Paper: landon, even though there was an explosion we got it to work!
Landon: wo-wow.
Paper: do you want to put it on, while you we’re out I made two other pairs.
Landon: how long was I out for?
Paper: three hours.
Landon: oh, I honestly don’t remember being knocked out because the explosion came quick. it threw me to the wall and I felt no pain…
???: patient 17-01: is ready to be seen.
Paper: you better see Emily.
Landon: okay, ill see you later paper.
Paper: okay, btw paper is my nickname, call me caleb.
Landon: okay caleb, ill see you later.
Paper: okay. :slight_smile:

Emily: hello landon.
Landon: how was the surgery.
Emily: they had to take a part of my brain out which was by a vital part which in blockhead brains is really on the tip. its called something I can’t name but it was responsible for my condition.
Emily: milla said, that I can go with you but. I can’t get cut on the brain because that will cause the bone in my skull to dig into my brain and I could die.
Landon: oh.
Emily: its best I don’t hit anything for the next two weeks. okay?
Landon: okay, while you we’re out we got the coated armor done. want to see it?
Emily: I guess.
Landon: c’mon.
Emily and landon walk out of the room

Paper: hello landon
Landon: hi paper.
Paper: I see Emily has recovered.
Landon: she can’t be bonked in the head for two weeks so she needs a protective soft thing in her helmet
Paper: I was reading an article on dodolands or dodophobia and it said that surgeries would normally impair a person completely unless by a professional. even then they could have symptoms like loss of memory, hearing loss, loss in speech, cold like symptoms, and many more. I will give Emily a pill she can take to relieve these symptoms of the surgery.
Paper: also it doesn’t mean dodolands will go away completely, it could take weeks, days or even years.
Landon: oh…
Landon: how do you know this stuff?
Paper: I used to be a surgeon before I had a bit of anxiety with one person so I left my job and became what I am today.
Landon: oh.

serious cracking is heard in the new plate
Majicdave: yes, my plan is working.
plate collapses into itself

earthquake starts rumbling at majic jungle.

Emily: Crud.
Landon: oh boy.
landon and the two go under the desk
Landon: PAPER, c’mon.
Paper: what?
Landon :persevere:
landon throws himself successfully to save paper
the earthquake intensely rumbles to a 10.0
alerms sound off in majic Jungle
Landon: paper, you could have gotten yourself killed.
Paper: I wasn’t paying attention.
Landon: how is this possible?
Paper: I guess I sort of fell in some stand still mode.
Landon: oh boy.
the main computer gets damaged by the roof collapsing
Landon: oh boy.
glitchiness starts affecting things.
the earthquake stops
Landon: phew.
Landon: what caused that earthquake?
Paper: I will have to go through the main computer but… it seems to be damaged so I can’t do that. Dang
announcement goes off.
Milla: all people, due to a recent earthquake all cloud worlds will not work for the next 24 days and will be out, plus there maybe a few glitches because our main computer got damaged, thank you for your time here.
Milla: also you are allowed to leave the building for the duration of how long it takes to recover.
Milla: I’m sorry this happened guys.

Chapter six end

Choose what happens in chapter 7: Should they search for the temple or rebuild majic jungle

  • Rebuild majic jungle and help the injured
  • Find the temple

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I’m starting to love these!


It’ll probably be a while before I write a chapter.


chapter 8 is almost done and I was asking wumbo if I could use his character on this on the staff pm and he said yes so here it is.

A stare into the past chapter seven

Landon: it’s okay milla cough cough
the roof falls down near Landon and causes dust to fly in the air

Milla: cough cough cough
Landon: we need to cough find survivors cough cough
landon and Milla go to find survivors
Landon: cough cough, Blockheadbean.
Blockheadbean: cough cough cough I am trapped under this cough cough pillar which is cough cough cutting air from my lungs.
Blockheadbean: I-i think my leg is also trapped
blockheadbean loudly coughs
Landon: c’mon, we need to get this pillar off of Blockheadbean before he coguh cough Dies.
Landon: there are no dust masks and we are literally at the edge of suffocating.
Milla: You get the one side I’ll get the other.
Landon: Okay.
landon and Milla get to their sides
Milla: on the count of three. One, two, THREE.
landon and Milla struggle to lift it
Landon: I’m trying!
landon and Milla pick the thing up and move it slightly
Landon: I can’t hold this longer.
Milla: I think it may be safe to drop this now.
Milla: one, two, THREE!
Milla And Landon drop the pillar
the pillar drops and crushes Landon’s foot
Milla: oops, I’m sorry Landon.
milla rolls the pillar away from his foot
Milla: are you okay Landon?
Landon: yes but I think my foot is hurt.
Milla: you don’t have any broken toes don’t you?
Landon: I’m, fine.
Milla: you don’t look fine but okay
Landon: I think the wood may have bruised my foot.
Milla: oh my gosh, your leg Blockheadbean.
Blockheadbean: yes I know. The pillar severed my leg and now I can’t feel that part.
Milla: Landon, please help me get bean to the er stat.
Landon: okay.
landon and Milla carry blockheadbean
Milla: your leg is too crushed and came off but luckily no blood because that’s how things work.
Milla: you may have to get the rest of your leg amputated sadly.
Blockheadbean: o-okay.
landon and Milla get bean to the er
Milla: I’ve called somebody to get you, your going to be fine bean.
Landon: I’m a bit tired from lifting what I had too.
Milla: you can go if you want, I’ll get the survivors.
Emily: Landon!
Landon: I’ll be right back.
Milla: Okay
landon runs out
Landon: yes?
Emily: I think we may have found somebody.
Emily: okay.
emily and Landon throw the rubble off of the body
landon takes the tag off
Landon: You get uh “Sam” to the er please.
Emily: aye aye sir.
Landon: and also here’s the tag.
Emily: thank you I guess?
emily carries Sam to the er

A few hours later…

Blockheadbean: Thank-thank you for saving me.
Landon: your welcome Blockheadbean.
Blockheadbean: i should possibly be out within a few weeks but… I had to have my leg amputated.
Blockheadbean: they told me they have only two options. To have a prosthetic leg or be in a wheel chair for the rest of my life.
Blockheadbean: depending on what they choose and what’s cheaper they will do so. And for that I want to give you something.
Blockheadbean: my badge. I don’t think I may work here anymore due to this event because I almost got killed.
Landon: thanks but I hope you recover well.
Blockheadbean: you are welcome.
Emily: Landon, me and Sean we’re talking and maybe we should go and check out bfd.
Emily: over the course of a few hours we took twenty survivors to the er, sadly a few didn’t make it.
Landon: oh.
Emily: Sam and another person didn’t make it.
Landon: oh…
Emily: we should meet with Sean.
Landon: okay.
landon and Emily go to see sean
Landon: hi Sean
Sean: hey Landon and Emily. Want to go to bfd?
Landon and Emily: sure!
Emily: on the count of one. 1, 2, 3!!!

The three run into the portal

A few hours later…
the three warp ontop of the building they arrived in
Landon: oh no.

the three fall onto the building.
Landon: oh I can see they renovated the building.
Emily: that hurt.
Landon: I hate how. One time the building was like that and the ext they turned it into a monument…
Landon: somebody needs to take care of the admins responsible.
Landon: Maybe I should calm down…
Emily: c’mon let’s jump down so we don’t end up being caught.
Landon: sure but should you be careful about your head.
Emily: c’mon let’s jump!
Landon: fine.
landon, sean and Emily jump down

Emily: I KNOW.
the three land in the water
Landon: I KNOW!!
Emily: I do know where we could pump some adrenaline somewhere and it is a space to core jump but it is a bit far away. We should get to bfd.
Landon: okay.

A few minutes later.
talking is heard

Emily: so Landon how was your day?
Landon: kind of good, how about you?
Emily: same.
Wumbo: so what would you like.
Emily: I’d like the dodo supreme
Landon: and I’d like the cooked shark dish
Sean: I’d like a coffee and a dodo meat.
Wumbo: Okay. That will be 5 dollars.
Sean: wow.
Sean: here you go wumbo
sean hands wumbo five dollars.
Wumbo: have a nice day
cooking is heard in the kitchen
wumbo: EVERYONE! there are three orders. A coffee, dodo supreme and a cooked shark dish.
???: aye aye sir
???: I really don’t like cooking.
???: I know.
???: wumbo really likes his dishes so we have to cook for him
explosion is heard and the alarm sounds off
Wumbo: oh no.
???: uh oh.
voice is heard inside bfd.
???: attention, a Fire has been reported in the kitchen. Please get out of the building and leave everything behind.
Landon: oh boy. Not good.
the loudest alarm in the world goes off
the fire explodes into the restaurant.
Landon: Emily, Sean out now!
Both: okay.
Landon: c’mon everyone out of the place.
???: yes person.
???: okay sir
???: Okay
Landon: GO GO GO!!!
wood pillar falls on the door and blocks it
Landon: oh no!
Landon: everyone, band up with me and we will get things sorted.
The five: YES SIR!
Landon: while they are doing that you find some stuff to put out the fire.
???: OKAY!
The unknown persons get something and put most of it out
Landon: I see an axe.
???: this is too heavy I don’t think we can lift it much longer
???: okay.
landon taps the wood
???: Huh?
the wood breaks apart
the people run out
Landon: WUMBO!
landon runs into the kitchen
Emily: LANDON!
Sean: we need to get somewhere safe now.
flames could be heard
Landon: wumbo, wumbo?
Wumbo: LANDON!
Landon: I’ll get you out.
Wumbo: it may be no use.
Landon: why?
The doors are jammed and we are trapped.
Landon: just trust me.
Wumbo: Okay.
landon and wumbo run off
Landon: do you know where any safe doors are?
Wumbo: idk but I think there is one in the back in the freezer but anyone who goes in there will die.
Wumbo: with the fire the electricity was knocked so the freezers are collecting heat.
Landon: then let’s go.
Wumbo: But there is one problem. The fire?
Landon: what about it.
Wumbo: it’s blocking the door.
Landon: I see something to put it out. I’ll pick it up, brb.
Wumbo: stay safe.
landon runs to get it.
Landon: where is it?
Landon: oh. There it is
landon pulls on it
Landon: why is this mounted to the WALL!
landon rips it out
Landon: okay.
landon runs back to wumbo
Landon: c’mon.
Wumbo: Okay.
landon puts out the fire
Landon: and there.
landon and wumbo throw the thing blocking the door and get into the freezer

A few minutes later
landon and wumbo get out.
Landon: you mention it.
Emily: LANDON!
Landon: EMILY!
Emily: I’m glad your safe.
Landon: I’m glad your safe too.
Emily: oh who is this.
Landon: say hello to wumbo.
Wumbo: I owe Landon a great tool for saving my life and for that you get your refund and free visits for life.
Wumbo: you mention it.

News: a recent fire at bfd has many worried. A local person in the name of Landon went into the building and saved the owner of the place in a heroic move.
News: The owner says it may take a few years before the bfd here will reopen due to a fire.

Majicdave: it’s my perfect time to RUMBLE!
explosions are heard
Wumbo: we don’t know what caused the fire but…
rumbling is heard.
Wumbo: uh oh.
landon and them go onto a helicopter
milla calls landon
Milla: Landon, I need you at majic Jungle to discuss something. Please come over
an earthquake of 8.7 hits griffin land
Landon: 8.9!
Milla: Landon, Landon?
Landon: what should I do, save them or go to majic Jungle because I’m worried.

Chapter seven end

  • Go down and help the people
  • go to majic jungle

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I may decline the image rate to a few per chapter at least to make my life easier. sound good :question:

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I had to do the same for Tempus Crystallo. It’s just too exhausting.


This is the last chapter I’m posting multiple images at once then I’m decreasing it to 1-2 or 3 images. :slight_smile:

A stare into the past chapter eight

Landon: person, stop this helicopter, I’m going down to save those people.
Emily: Landon don’t!
Landon: I’ll be fine.
Emily: well…
the person lands the helicopter
Emily: best of luck Landon.
Landon: you too…
the helicopter takes off
Landon: everyone, stay calm and find somewhere safe where you won’t get caught.
???: what are we supposed to do.
cracking can be heard in the ground
Landon: listen up. There is cracking in the ground, get somewhere saf-
the ground collapses into the water
Emily: LANDON!!
Sean: Just leave him behind. We can’t save him now.
???: okay.

a pair of boots floats on to the top of the water

landon holds his breath and desperately tries to swim to the top
Majicdave: OH NO YOU DON’T.
Landon kicks Majicdave trying to be free
Landon: GET OFF OF ME.
Majicdave: not until you join me.
majicdave drags Landon back to his base.

A few hours later
a crash is heard by majic jungle
Emily: OOF
Emily: Landon.
Sean: we need to get to Paper fast.
Sean: GO GO GO.
sean and Emily run into majic jungle
Emily: what… happened!

Emily: Milla, Paper?
Paper: m-m-Majicdave.
Emily: what about it.
Paper: Majicdave… Released a force so strong it blew majic jungle apart… th-the computers are the only things surviving!
Emily: where’s milla?
Paper: gone.
Paper: the force of the explosion harmed almost every employee here… and now everyone’s gone cough cough
Paper: I got lucky because… I was wearing the armor and it absorbed the force of the explosion but… everyone else, the employees and the staff all got injured or died.
Paper: w-what happened to Landon.
Emily: there was an earthquake… and it took Landon in the process.
Emily: idk where he went.
Paper: Emily, ever heard a place called the forbidden mines?
Emily: no…
Paper: Majicdave… May have taken Landon there.
Emily: how do you know this?
Paper: milla told me about it cough COUGH
Paper: that place had a history of activity even with Majicdave…
Paper: the place was blocked off and flooded to harm anyone who tries to get in.
Paper: take this note, and the armor. I am in no use of telling how long I may be alive, I am just too injured. Now go please.
Paper: I’ll figure out a way to survive, this won’t be the end of me plus… if I die I always have the ability to regenerate.
Emily: then why are the unlucky people not regenerating?
Paper: because, the world settings have set it to no regeneration but… those who are with the jungle have the ability to regenerate.
Paper: now please just go and save Landon before you make this worse.
Emily: alright, I wish you luck paper.
Paper: I also wish you luck on your journey.
Paper: you may want to find an entrance to the abandoned mines.
Emily: do you know where it is?
Paper: on the other side of the us. At a town called the dodos seed.
Paper: please just go.
Emily: okay.
emily and Sean walk off

walking is heard
Emily: we’ve got a long walk ahead of us.
Sean: yep.
Emily: your way behind me.
Seam: op, sorry :slight_smile:
sean walks to emily
Emily: What’s that?
Sean: Looks like a handcar that’s run down and old.
Emily: do you have a wheel, I think we can make this work.
Sean: my only one.
Emily: Well, I think it’s done. We should get riding now.
Sean: okay.
emily and Sean go onto the handcar and start pushing

talking is heard
landon tries to break out of the roped chair.
majicdave unleashes a force that freezes Landon in place
Majicdave: you will not be set free.
Majicdave: I am your god. Your founder and you will work for me or you will die.
majicdave grabs his device and plants it on his back
Majicdave: Landon, I order you to kill Emily and Sean right now.
Landon: Okay master…
majicdave breaks the ropes
Majicdave: now go get THEM.
Landon: Okay…
landon goes to search for them

A few days later…
a handcar is heard
Emily: Keep pushing. We are almost there
Sean: I’m trying the best I can do.
a bolt is heard bouncing off the wheel
Emily: what was that…
the handcar crashes
Emily: OOF.

A few minutes later.
Emily: what happened?
Sean: I-i think the wheel fell off
Emily: while in the meantime I think we hit our destination.
Sean: the dodos seed.
Emily: but why does it seem abandoned?
Sean: well this is the place Paper wanted us to go too. We should go.
emily picks up a note
Emily: Huh?
“to anyone who finds this note, please be aware of your surroundings because there maybe dropbears. If you are looking for the mines it is left from the dodo apartment complex but do be aware of any people there as they are dangerous. -Legoboy70”
Emily: oh.
Emily: c’mon Sean.
Sean: well. Okay

Chapter eight end

  • Go immediately to the mines.
  • Explore the abandoned meteor destroyed lands.
  • Grab anything you can find.

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Tempus Crystallo 2 - Chapter 1 Now Out!

A stare into the past chapter nine

A few hours later…

walking is heard
dodos are heard flapping away
Emily: we need to figure out how we are going to find some key stuff to mine our way in just Incase the mine has any collapsed roofs.
Sean: well I guess.
Emily: I heard that somewhere in this world that there is an eternal pickaxe called the diamond pickaxe. It’s said to mine at the speeds of eternally fast.
Sean: wow!
Emily: the only thing keeping us from it is the abandoned palace that’s somewhere in this world.
Emily: this building is known to be notorious for treasures while also being quite unstable.
Sean: okay.
Emily: it is said that it lives by an old blockhead fried dodo that was run down and old.
Emily: the abandoned palace also has a history from being at an unknown galaxy that their world was corrupted so they sent it off to here.
Sean: I think we have made it to our destination.
Emily: what?
emily falls down on a block
Emily: ugh… dang it!
Emily: brushes her cloth off
Emily: now where was I?

Emily: oh my goodness.
Sean: okay.
Emily: this place is so NICE!
Sean: we should head in.
Emily: I guess…
emily and Sean enter the place.
Emily: the diamond pickaxe is located under the place.
Sean: idk how we will go under there.
Emily: um… never thought of it. I do see a ladder.
Sean: okay.
*emily and Sean walk toward the ladder.
Emily: “beware, this majical diamond pickaxe is know to kill those who aren’t worthy. Beware.”
Emily: uh oh.
shinning sounds are heard.
Emily: what was that.
Emily: anyway let’s go get the pickaxe
Sean: are you sure?

emily and Sean make it to the floor and get near the pickaxe
the floor starts shaking
Emily: Huh?
the diamond pickaxe throws itself to emily
Emily: woah!
emily catches the pickaxe.
Emily: that was odd.
Emily: am I, The worthy one?
a voice is heard
Emily: what was that.
???: hi.
???: I see you have stumbled to the diamond pickaxe for help.
Emily: who are you?
???: sorry I creeped you out, I am the founder of blockheads. Majicbean.
???: you see, there was a story of somebody in the name of Majicdave as the people’s creator, the legend passed on for generations to come but… I am the REAL creator
Emily: WHAT?
bean: even though I may not be here I have been watching blockheads thrive for a while now.
bean: I have sent this building here from the first world, summer.
bean: the world summer… may not be what you think it was.
bean: the corruption have spread further in that world
Emily: WHAT!
bean: I entrust you with the diamond pickaxe to destroy Majicdave for good.
bean: Majicdave was actually an admin at one time before I stripped his powers due to him abusing it.
bean: Majicdave was so jealous of his power that… he claimed he was the creator and somehow the legend passed on.
bean: now please, get out of this building before it collapses.
cracking is heard
a block falls by emily
Sean: What?
a block starts to slip
Emily: SEAN!
Sean: Huh sean looks up UH OH!
sean runs to the ladder while the block lands on the floor
Emily: GO GO GO!
emily and Sean get up onto the top and run out of the building
Emily: oh my gosh!
the building falls to the core
Emily: oh my gosh!
Sean: okay.
Emily and Sean run to the mines
bean: i hope they make it, wish them luck. :slight_smile:

emily and Sean make it to the mines
Landon: YOU!
Emily: LANDON!
Emily: oh no.
Landon: Dave told me you we’re a bad person and needed to be destroyed.
landon pulls out a sword
landon runs up to them
sean blocks Majicdaves attack
Sean: AHH!
Landon falls down and teleports back to the core
Emily: what, what was that!
Emily: Sean, we need to get to the mines.
Sean: okay Emily.
emily sits on the ground with her legs
Emily: what has happened to my poor Landon
Sean: are you coming?
Emily: Y-Yes sean…
Sean: C’mon :slight_smile:

emily and Sean run into the mines

Chapter nine end.

  • Head off to Majicdave
  • Collect gems and mine stuff

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The sky turns red, shining bright, everything is right, now it’s gone.


Note: I am not a hacker for those wondering, I went into an elevator causing this happening.


If this actually happened I would sue David. Actually…

Hey, Dave.
Are you going to:
Mind control us
Kill milla
Try to kill us
Launch missiles
Cause corruption
Lead the of free TC?

Just making sure.


The next three chapters won’t have transactions as they are the last chapters until the unannounced season two.

Do the chapters feel rushed?

I am writing on a daily bases and I want to know.


No. I think you’re doing great. Just keep the action rolling :3


Chapter 10 will hit tomorrow or tonight.

Chapter 11 is in progress and it’s a big surprise.


A stare into the past chapter ten

Water Droplets are heard from a cave

walking is heard
Emily: I think paper may have said Dave was at the core
emily unwraps the note
Emily: it’s says
“Written in 1991 by paper: To those who are looking to see the tectonic plates at the core please bring armor that can stand the temperatures and that you make sure to be safe-.”
Emily: I think the note was wrapped around this one
emily digs into the pocket to find a note
Emily: oh…
“Written in 2014 by paper: may not have any time because… Dave has turned evil and started using the tech tonic plates as his own earthquake machine but, back in an unknown year. I came to Dave’s office and he had a mad look because something happened in his blockheads life. Turns out he was being sued for copyright and was to appear in court in 2004. At the time the whole team was worried, even milla to the point milla had to take a break until Dave lost his court case and served 13 years in jail completely, during that time David teamed up with an evil band called the blockheads must die which was also planning to escape but when they tried too they failed. Eventually a prison riot happened and David pickpocketed a polices keycard without him noticing, eventually he got out and crawled in a little hole and had to run many miles. The only reason I know this is the News taught me it. Eventually in the coming year 2017 David is coming back after years of planning and is going to shake the world. We haven’t seen him since 2004, but eventually soon he has plans to start a world war. One last thing I have to say is… may god bless the world and that it be safe from harms way…”
Emily: AGHH!!!
emily rips the papers
Sean: Emily calm down.
Sean: it’s going to be fine, Once we make it to his lair we will take em down once and for all.
Emily: I just WISH David never did things like this to ruin our lives.
Sean: Emily, it’s going to be okay. Just trust me.
Emily: maybe I should calm down.
emily spots gems
Emily: Sean, I think I see gems.
Sean: I do too.
Sean: according to the map of the mines this is the gem mining area. Nobody made it out here trying to get gems.
Sean: the gems are so nice when a person touches them they di-
Sean: EMILY!
Sean throws Emily out of the way of the gem
Sean: no Emily, you can’t touch those.
Sean: avoid the urge, the only reason why I am avoiding the urge is i don’t like gems.
sean walks away from the gem area
Sean: Emily?
sean slaps emily unhypnotizing her
Emily: wh-what happened Sean.
Sean: those beautiful gems hypnotized you.
Emily: what gems.
Sean: you may not remember it but it happened.
Emily: oh.
Sean: we need to get deeper into the mines.
Sean: so far we are not even halfway.
Sean: this mine doesn’t have dangerous parts when you go deeper except the gem part.
Sean: it may take us hours or even days until we can get to the core.
Emily: oh.
sean and Emily climb down the ladders
Sean: these ladders look ol-
one of the legs break causing Emily and sean to plummet down many miles.
emily starts hyperventilating
Sean: Emily, we’re not gonna die.
Sean: Try grabbing the ladders!
emily grabs the ladders but the ladders break
Emily: Umm sean.
Sean: uh oh.
Emily: IDK HOW!
Sean: you had to at least have done it through out your lifetime
Emily: BUT WE’RE GONNA DIE! heavy breathing
Sean: Emily! Stay calm, breathe in, breathe out.
Emily: I AM!
Sean: not like that, slowly.
Emily: Okay
Sean: Remember this advice. Breathe in, breathe out.
echoing is heard in Emily’s ears “Breathe in, breathe out”
“Breathe in, breathe out.”
emily stops hyperventilating
Sean: now you got it.
Sean: Emily, I think we got a problem.
Sean: LAND!!!
sean and Emily break through a paper thin barrier into water
Sean: Oh!!
sean takes a heavy breath
Sean: c’mon Emily. I think may have passed way beyond the half way mark.
Sean: let me see.
sean pulls out a map
Sean: the water pool on the map shows we are only a hundred blocks from the core, C’mon.

Landon: my radar is detecting two individuals in the name of Emily and Sean.
a glitch happens in Landon’s chip
Landon: my radar is detectin- tw-
Landon: MAJICDAVE! WHY DID YOU Kidnap m-
Majicdave: What’s happening
Landon: Master, I think I am glitching.
Majicdave: let me open your chip
majicdave opens the box
Majicdave: looks fine…
Majicdave: Now Stop lying and get back to WORK!
Landon: Aye Aye sir-
the chip starts glitching bad

Emily: well… I think we’re here.

Emily looks at the sign
“To those who are entering beware of rising lava and high temperatures and always wear your armor.”
Emily: should we put on our armor.
Sean: I think so.
Sean: here’s your armor and here’s mine.
sean and Emily put on their armor.
Emily: are you ready.
Sean: I guess so…
Emily: let’s go into the core…
emily and Sean run into the room

stay tuned for the big fight in chapter 11.

Chapter ten end

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