A stare into the past. (SERIES)



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Landon and Emily was originally the name of a stare into the past when it was in its planning before I ripped a stare into the past out of dawn of the wars edits.

And chapter 11 will be released soon, should I continue a stare into the past after chapter 11.

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A stare into the past chapter eleven

( The longest chapter in the series )

Emily and Sean walk into majicdaves room in the core
Emily: Landon!
majicdave hears a voice
Majicdave: oh boy I think we got visitors… Landon kill them.
Landon: Aye ay- NO
glitching occurs on the chip
Majicdave: oh hello there Emily, nice job making it here. Well I better offer you a prize for coming here… NOT!
Majicdave: your pal Landon oh boy oh boy oh boy is now a part of me now. And you can’t stop me…
Emily: I’ll kill you for what you did to Landon
majicdave throws emily
Majicdave: you can’t kill me… I am the creator, and your master…
Sean: Emily! Look out
sean throws his sword at the chip.
Majicdave: oh… I see you have a buddy with you.
majicdave flies by Sean and lifts him up
Majicdave: I see you brought Sean with you, you are never getting him back ever.
Emily: YOU better put him down before I have to harm you.
Majicdave: oh, I see your going to harm me. Well I have unlimited health and you can’t stop me and also I am fast.
Emily: I think I read a thread on it one day about to stop it you just feed them food or coffee.
Majicdave: so Emily… are you going to join me or am I going to have to kill you?
emily slices his sword at Majicdave but gets thrown by a shield
Emily: wha-?
Majicdave: oh I see you we’re trying to kill me… well my powers are unstoppable.
Majicdave: you see… I have hacked the game to give me unlimited powers and nobody can kill me.
Majicdave: oh if you want Sean, your going to have to get him…
majicdave throws Sean into a cell and lowers him down by the lava
Majicdave: so is it going to be that Sean starts spinning or are you going to join me?
Emily: I told you I’ll never join you
emily tries another slice but gets thrown by Dave into a portal

warping noice is heard
Emily: Ouch…
Emily: wipes her cloth
Majicdave uses the force to lift Emily up
Majicdave: so Emily, how’s it feel?
Majicdave: fine then, I’ll just have to destroy your old childhood city
Emily: Blockington!
Majicdave: your going to watch as this world burns in my rain of terror.
emily runs to majicdave and gets teleported
Majicdave: Heh…

warping is heard
Emily: Why is he doing this!
Emily: Is that… GRIFFIN LAND!
Majicdave: yep… and your going to watch it burn with me.
Emily: please Dave, I’ve had enough.
Majicdave: So What… you are going to join me, I’ve had enough of your petty behavior.
majicdave throws Emily into a portal

Emily: dang it…
Emily: is this blocksville?
majicdave teleports to emily
Majicdave: oh I see you got teleported aye?
Majicdave: so you want to fight me.
Majicdave: Go ahead and do so emily… but you’ll lose…
Majicdave: mahahahaha
Majicdave: it wouldn’t be fair game unless… I TOOK YOUR SWORD AWAY!
cracking is heard…
Emily: blocksvile!
Majicdave: your going to watch as blocksvile is destroyed… and the world
Majicdave: Oh no you don’t!
majicdave unleashes a vortex
Emily: What is that!
Majicdave: Bye Bye emily…
emily gets sucked into the vortex.
Paper: EMILY!

emily starts waking up
Emily: Huh, where am I?
Emily: My pickaxe.
Emily: Where’s Landon?
???: settle down person.
Emily: Who are you?
???: I am Justin.
Emily: no no no no! I’ve been sent into the past.
Justin: person, if we can get this settled down maybe we can find where you live, even though the world was nuked.
Emily: please tell me this isn’t world war three?
Justin: sadly it is…
Emily: this can’t be right, how am I in the past and Majicdave is destroying the world.
Justin: wait WHAT!
Justin: we need to get you to the future but idk what will work. I think I have a hazmat suit to get you to a time machine I know somewhere.
Emily: where is it Justin, I’ll do anything to get back into the future.
Emily: at any moment Majicdave could come out and destro-
majicdave warps into the past
Emily: DAVE!
Majicdave: while while while… look what we have here, EMILY!
Majicdave: I thought that vortex was a destroying machine but I was so wrong.
Justin: fires arrow into leg
Majicdave: flings arrow back to justin
Justin: holy smokes!
justin ducks for cover
Majicdave: you know what, say goodbye to Justin as I’m sending you back right now.
Emily: you can’t stop me!
emily grabs majicdaves vortex machine
Majicdave: get off me, you don’t know how to get that thing working.
Emily: OH YES I DO!
emily sends them both to a random time

???: and action!
the portal throws Emily and Dave to a random timeline
Majicdave: see what you got us into…
Majicdave: Send us back, send us back!
Emily: Unknown person, grab Majicdave and I’ll send my self to the present.
???: Cut, Joey you got that lime wrong, I mean line.
Joey: I am Joey, anyway.
Emily: we need to banish Dave and save my friends Landon and Sean.
Joey: we are in a tight situation right now.
Joey: who are you anyway?
Emily: I am Emily.
Joey: okay August, I mean Emily.
Joey: man I get those names confusing. Is it August or Emily?
Emily: Emily.
emily grabs the vortex machine while Joey holds em down.
Joey: your not escaping me Dave.
Majicdave: OH YES I CAN!
majicdave unleashes a force throwing joey toward emily
Emily sends herself and joey back to the present
Majicdave: EMILY!!!

emily warps back to the present.
Emily: oh… my gosh!
Emily: everything’s… gone
Joey: Where are we Emily?
Emily: what used to be blocksville.
Joey: oh… I’m sorry.
Joey: alright, I hope my wife is okay.
a voice is heard
Emily: PAPER!
paper throws a sword
Paper: Catch!
emily catches the sword
Emily: I can’t believe your alive!
Joey: I don’t have a sword.
Emily: I think I know a trick that’s never been used.
emily stretches the sword
Joey: is this going to work.
Emily: trust me, NOW PULL!
joey starts pulling Emily’s back
Joey: I’m trying!
the sword breaks.
Emily: ahh crud.
the sword duplicates it self.
Joey: high fives emily
Paper: oh I see you we’re talking but anyway Emily I was trying to say, Majicdave, He destroyed everything.
Emily: oh.
Paper: not a lot of buildings are in tact but the ones around are, badly damaged…
Paper: give me the diamond pickaxe and sword… I know how to merge it
majicdave warps back to the present.
Paper: uh oh…
Majicdave: oh I see you have a diamond pickaxe Aye?
Majicdave: joey, I thought I killed you from the force of my shield.
Joey: I didn’t hit the wall, I somehow deflected onto Emily and got teleported.
Majicdave: nah nah nah, that’s not how things work…
majicdave looks at Emily’s pickaxe
Majicdave: is that a diamond PICKAXE!
majicdave goes to emily and sweeps the diamond pickaxe
Majicdave: you are never getting that pickaxe back now…
Majicdave: grabbed her pickax-
the diamond pickaxe unleashes an explosion.
majicdave drops it and Emily flies to catch it
Majicdave: eek.
a voice is heard
Joey: I think papers calling you.
Paper: now Emily… LISTEN TO ME.
Paper: On the count of three I will tell you to merge them together.
Paper: 1.
Paper: 2.
majicdave gets up from the explosion
Paper: AND THREE!!!
emily slides the pickaxe ontop of the sword causing an explosion merging them
Emily: what is this?
Emily: a sword and a pickaxe.
Joey: Oh my gosh, is that the godly weapon that was said never to return again?
Emily: Yes.
Emily: all I need to do is -
Joey: I think Majicdave is doing something
Majicdave: you know what!
typing is heard
the tool sweeps to majicdave
Majicdave: now I’m the worthy one.
Emily: How?
Joey: that’s no fair Dave…
Majicdave: Hacks…
Majicdave: Now I can rule the world with this tool.
Majicdave: now say hello to your new leader AND YOUR NEW CREATOR!!! MAHAHAHAHHAHA
majicdave raises his hand
Majicdave: With the power of this tool I shall destroy the world ONCE AND FOR GOOD!!!
lightning strikes the tool
the builds start slowly collapsing as the world starts cracking slowly
earthquakes around the world start happening
CNN: there are reports of earthquakes happening around the world as a person in the name of Majicdave, OUR LEADER is destroying the world
Fox News: reports of earthquakes have been reported in the 9.0 area, reports are suggesting some evil spirit is destroying the world.
Many other outlets: the world is cracking, world leaders are declaring a state of panic around the entire world as cracks open up around the world.
majicdave and Emily teleport back to the core
Emily: it’s all over, the world is doomed and now we have a crazy hacker destroying the world.
Joey: Emily, don’t lose hope yet.
Joey: we can fix this, tell you what. In 2015 a tc epidemic effected thousands and caused those to get bored but no matter what we stuck up to it while the other world didn’t know about it.
Emily: it’s all over all because of Dave.
Joey: we can figure this out somehow, I think I have an amulet to send Dave into another dimension instead of wiping him from blockheads.
Joey: it’s in my back pocket.
joey pulls the amulet out.
Joey: tell you what you can have it.
Emily: are you sure this is going to work?
Joey: yes, my family has been using it for generations to ban evil people.
Joey: now let’s get Dave and banish him to another dimension.
Joey: tell you what, this amulet banishes them to the dark realm.
Emily: that… realm?
Joey: yes…
Joey: now it’s time to… save the world.
Majicdave heat the voices
Majicdave: not so fast.
majicdave throws a portal on the floor teleporting them to the core
Majicdave slips.
Majicdave: uh oh.
majicdave gets teleported with them.

warping noice is heard
Emily: OOF.
Emily: Joey, are you okay?
Joey: y-yes.
Emily: c’mon.
emily and Joey run to majicdave
Majicdave: o-o-o.
Landon: Master!
landon runs toward majicdave
Landon: Master! Are you okay?
Majicdave: yes… I can’t get up because… EMILY HURT ME!
majicdave regenerates his health and flies into the air
Landon: okay maste- I can’t Dav- I will
Joey: slap the chip off Emily.
emily runs up to landon
Emily: Get out of it!
Emily slaps the chip out of landon
Landon: Aye Aye Master…
landon goes unconscious for a moment…

Landon: Emily?
Landon: What happened?
Emily: He planted a chip in your back and you turned evil.
Landon: Wait Wait Wait, I’d never do that.
Landon: idk what to do now.
Emily: we need to destroy Majicdave now.
Landon: but I turned evil, I feel like a bad person now.
Landon: in my whole life I never betrayed my parents or betrayed anyone.
Landon: I need some time.
Majicdave: YOU KNOW WHAT!
majicdave goes near Landon, throws Emily and starts holding Landon down
Majicdave: ha ha ha I got you now.
Emily: LANDON!
a crack in the Wall causes little drips
Emily: I need to save Sean.
Joey: you go get Sean I’ll find a way out.
emily runs up to Sean’s cell and uses a crowbar nearby to break him out
Sean: thank you Emily, I felt like I was going to die down there…
Emily: we need to get out of here…
Joey: I think I found an exit.
the roof falls on the exit
Joey: Emily, we may be in trouble.
Landon’s mind: idk what to do, I’m being choked by Majicdave and… I think I may die.
Landon’s mind: I think, my time is over. I’m going to save Emily while sacrificing my self. I’m sorry Emily
emily hears a voice
Landon: Emily.
Landon: Go without me.
Emily: But… Why Landon?
Landon: save yourselves.
Joey, Sean you be the new man of the group.
Emily: But… I can’t leave you
Landon: I can’t keep up much longer plus I think the oceans are filling in fast.
Emily: Landon. No
Joey: we need to get out of here Emily.
Landon: please, you will save yourselves and save the world.
the water starts filling in on the exit
Emily: But Landon, you are all I got.
Landon: just leave me behind please.
Emily: but… no
Landon: Emily, I’ll always be there.
the roof starts cracking and water starts rushing in
Emily: are you sure?
Landon: from all the good times we had, to the bad ones. You will always be in my heart forever. I will never leave you behind
Sean: Emily, we better get going.
Emily: but. How am I supposed to live
Landon: trust dave, he will take care of your depression. Just go please.
Landon: also, here.
landon hands emily something
Emily: is this, your badge?
Landon: Yes. Now please get out
Sean: Emily we gotta go now.
Landon: I will always be there. Always
Emily: o-o-okay.
Emily: I am coming Emily
Emily: and a little surprise for you David…
emily throws the amulet at david
shaking can be felt.
the exit wall bursts and water starts washing in
sean, joey and Emily rush to the surface
Majicdave: whelp Landon, goodbye. You failed.
Landon: well. Goodbye to me, and you…
Majicdave: what?
beeping is heard
the rocks start falling
Majicdave: oh crud!
the rocks slam onto the core
an explosion happens from the amulet sending Dave to another dimension

After Emily and sean floated up
Sean: oh my gosh. We made it
Emily: I know.
a ship could be heard
Sean: hey!!!
Joey: HELP US!
Emily: What are you yelling at?
Sean: SHIP!!
sean shines a mirror at the captain
???: reflection, ouch.
Emily: it’s not working.
Emily: Harder!
sean points the mirror at the captain again
???: ouch, that dang light…
the Captain looks and sees them
???: holy smokes.
the captain stops the boat
Emily: we’re saved.
Joey: YES!
emily and Sean climb the ladder
???: are you guys okay?
Emily: yes, yes I am okay.
???: how’d you end up here.
Emily: we floated up to the surface trying to get out of the core.
???: thank dave you guys are okay.
Emily: I know, I know…

Emily: That day, the world started collapsing into its self, the world sunk by 17 feet and caused massive earthquakes reaching high magnitudes, Many that day died. Over 3 billion died that fateful day by Majicdave, the tectonic plates we’re completely ruined. The world had massive holes that couldn’t be rolled back. All electronics we’re crippled and China and many other parts of the world we’re no more. Will we ever make it… or will we have to find a new home, nobody can ever tell.
Mother: Emily, is that you?
Emily: mother, is that you?
Mother: it is you.
mom and Emily hug each other
Mother: I’m glad you survived.
Emily: how’d you get out alive.
Mother: I was lifted by a helicopter when the earthquake struck.
Emily: I’m glad your okay.
Emily: :triumph::cry:
Mother: what’s wrong.
Emily: Landon.
Mother: who’s Landon?
Emily: you know the kid I met at school
Mother: oh him?
Emily: he sacrificed himself to save me and Sean.
Mother: oh… I’m sorry for your loss.
Emily: it’s okay.

News: the world has been badly damaged by a rogue admin named Majicdave. World leaders are trying to build of what was all destroyed in the day that changed the world for good.
CNN: experts predict that it may take thousands of years for our planet to recover, the planet shrunk by 17 feet in that fateful earthquake.
Fox News: the government, the economy is on hold, rescue people are recovering many bodies that still need to be found.
Dodo news: people are calling this the event that changed the world since 9/11.
Griffin land news: may god bless those who have passed away from this horrible incident…

Three years later…
“As the world slowly recovered as many as five billion people have perished from the earthquake nearly three years ago, many economies still trying to rebuild life and start a new on what was once our proud earth, is now corrupted and destroyed on ground level, most landspots have survived while still having cracks in the ground but overall life is slowly recovering over what happened that fateful day. Over 2 billion are left on the planet, many still seriously injured. Technology has slowly started coming back and we have gotten communication from people in space once again. The earthquake caused many volcanos to blow except for the ones that are Yellowstone and many, due to the earthquake all the nuke supplies have sunk into the ground and have blown up causing the ground to shake sometimes.”

Sean: you can open your eyes now.
emily opens her eyes
Joey and Sean: SURPRISE!
Emily: OH MY GOSH!

Sean: Landon told me all about your house so I decided to build you a new one
Sean: your welcome.
Emily: wow, I love the inside
Sean: thank you, It took a few months.
Emily: thank you so much.
Sean: whelp, I gtg. I’ll see you later
Emily: okay.
sean walks out.
emily looks at the wall
Emily: :triumph:… it’s been 3 years since Landon past away. Maybe I should visit him in an hour. Well I hope he is okay.
joey walks to Emily
Joey: it’s going to be okay.

A day later
Joey: oh hey Emily and Sean.
Joey: I have to return back to my timeline to get chapter 1 of my series done.
Emily: Joey, are you sure?
Sean: what’s going to happen to you.
Joey: I’ll be fine.
Joey: I’ve called Karen to set up a temporary 1 minute portal to arrive any minute.
Emily: well if this is goodbye I hope you the best you could have.
Joey: I wish you the best future too.
Joey: for now, from the times we had fighting Dave and the times I was here in this time I wish you a big thanks.
Joey: my portal is arriving.
Joey: whelp, goodbye Emily and Sean.
Joey: See you later.
joey drops something as he goes into the portal
Sean: uh oh…
Emily: Dibs
Sean: ahh crud.
Emily: I hope he doesn’t notice anything.

A few days later…
the phone rings
Emily: Huh?
emily grabs the phone
Emily: hello?
???: Could you come to majic jungle please?
Emily: sorry, it’s just been a hard time for me right now for these past three years.
???: oh… still sad about Landon?
Emily: Yes…
???: maybe we could tell you a bit more about Landon but if you need to call back later that’s fine with me…
Emily: Wait.
???: I guess you decided not to leave. We also needed to discuss something at the Jungle with you.
Emily: I guess I could come over.
???: we can’t summon a portal over because we are still rebuilding from three years ago… the computers got an error and blockheads temporarily went out during the night so that’s why there weren’t any dreams.
Emily: I’ll come over.
???: also a person in the name of Sean is waiting for you here.
Emily: oh…
Emily: I’ll be there within an hour sharp, got it?
???: okay.
emily puts the phone down
Emily: sigh
Emily: it’s been three years since Landon passed away on that fateful day.
Emily: well I better show up there no matter what.
emily walks out of her house

An hour later…
warping noice is heard
Emily: I’m here.
???: oh hello.
Emily: who are you?
???: for now until the team is regenerating we’ve put them in things to speed it up. Also my name is Karen. Who are you?
Emily: I’m Emily, I used to live in blocksvile at the majic jungle place there before blocksvile and griffin land became one thing one year ago.
typing is heard
Karen: uh huh. I see you we’re on the fourth floor of the majic jungle help service at blocksvile. That technically makes you a helping manager, we’ve recently promoted a few people here at majic jungle but I think I’m going to upgrade you to…
Emily: okay.
Karen: a superadmin on here.
Emily: Wow, thanks so much.
Karen: also… Sean wanted me to give you this. It looks like a note book.
Emily: I’ll just have to read this later but thanks so much.
Karen: your welcome, your room will be sector 2B where a person in the name of Landon used to work here.
Karen: during the search for Landon we may have found a clue where his regenerating body is.
Emily: oh.
Karen: he is somewhere under dodo seed in the lost mine which two people in the name of Justin and August used to work at before they left the place.
Emily: who’s Justin and August?
Karen: idk, the books never say and I don’t even think they are real people.
Emily: I think I may have a clue of what your thinking.
emily pulls out a book
Emily: ever heard of dawn of the war?
Karen: oh yes where Justin and August have to fight fernando and rob and save the world from war?
Emily: how’d you know that?
Karen: I know everything… I am an admin.
Emily: so once your superadmin you know everything in the world?
Karen: the answer is… yes
Emily: ok.
Karen: we new superadmins now have the power to destroy the universe by will all by destroying the main computer…
Emily: Uh oh…

Chapter eleven end

  • Find Sean.
  • Go to the memorial

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btw i made a little update to chapter 9 removing majic from bean


I’ve merged in this post because blocky pointed out something but for the wrong thread.

I’ve never actually showed this before but for now I am going to show the world I use for a stare into the past. I usually build things and not buildings for them because it’s a lot easier.

Also a little thing I found while on the way to the core.

Chapter twelve may be a bit stubborn for two parts so I’ll separate it into a few parts. Like 4-6


Some artwork I made for a stare into the past.

Some of it was made a few months ago or so


Actually, I am going to change things up…

Chapter 12 will just be a chapter but I am making it the ending.


I made a fan art for your story because I happened to need some lettering practice today

I also applied some of my basic geographical knowledge into this


nice. 5/all my drawings


A stare into the past chapter twelve.

inside the dark realm

Majicdave: AHHHH!!!
majicdave lands on the ground
Majicdave: *wipes off his cloth
Majicdave: THOSE… IDIOTS!
Majicdave: tried killing me and now IM IN A STRANGE UNIVERSE!!
Majicdave: why is life so unfair…
majicdave unleaches a force but fails
Majicdave: so what do I do here now… since this is not good.
tasing is heard
Guard handcuffs fernando
???: sigh…
???: we should really put you in a confinement center where you can’t escape…
Majicdave: I forgot he was banished here months ago.
Majicdave: But He is probably somewhere unknown.
Majicdave: fernando is the only one who is not a script kiddie like me and knows how to hack.
Majicdave: do I recall this being the dark realm?
Majicdave: oh yes!
Majicdave: the dark realm is known to be a scary place.
Majicdave: I need to get to fernando fast before they in prison him because he knows a code that can get us out.
majicdave runs to the place

Majicdave: I should be here now.
majicdave uses his muscles to break the prison doors open
alarm sounds off
???: we got a break in!
the guards run to majicdave
Majicdave: uh oh…

Majicdave: while that didn’t go out as I planned.
the guards throw Majicdave in the cell
???: oh welcome.
??? Checks his clipboard
Majicdave: I need to get to fernando.
???: I know what your planning.
Majicdave: How?
???: I am a guard but… I am also your friend.
Majicdave: I don’t remember you or your name.
???: oh… let me introduce my self again.
the guard unleaches a force breaking the cell doors

glitching is seen in the skies
News: reported glitching has been seen in the skies, reports say the universes may be merging. We don’t know but weird figures we’ve never seen before have appeared everywhere. If this is true the universe may be damaged and the world may never recover.
emily turns off the tv
Emily: :triumph:
blockheads can be heard floating
Emily: man… it’s been three years.
Karen: still depressed about Landon?
Emily: you could say that…
Karen: read the note I gave you earlier. It may have something you’ve never seen.
Emily: oh… I forgot about the note.
Karen: I’ll leave you alone for now…
karen walks away
Emily: well, maybe I should read it.
emily opens the note
“Emily, i may not be here anymore but that doesn’t mean I’ll always be with you. When I moved I was depressed like you may be now. I may not be there to see you eat your cake or walk down the park but I’ll still be there in the stars, think of one of those stars as me. Even though I can’t see you I may always be with you. I think it maybe time to move on. I will always be with you. -Landon”
Emily: Landon… why did you have to Sacrifice yourself for me…
Emily: I miss you so much.
emily goes down onto the floor
Emily: tears start coming out of her eyes
karen walks back to emily and puts her knees on the floor
Karen: there there Emily, your going to be okay.
Emily: I know, I just miss him so much…
alarm goes off in the office
everyone goes to where they are
Karen: are you coming emily.
Emily: Idk…
Karen: we recently we’re going to where Landon got crushed by the rocks and died and… I think we may have found something.
Emily: oh…
emily gets off the floor
Karen: c’mon Emily.
Emily: are you sure?
Karen: yes.
karen and Emily walk off to where they got back

cheering is heard
Emily: Landon?
???: I am so sorry, but Landon’s injuries are too bad… it may take a hundred years to get him regenerating.
???: I think we may have to press the old r.i.p button on him
Emily: no… you can’t do that.
???: I’m sorry but we have too.
Emily: I’ll take care of him, I swear.
???: Emily, it’s a hard choice we blockheads we have to make.
???: Landon when he’s done regenerating… he won’t have any memory of anything plus are you sure you want to waste your life for him?
Emily: YES, I’ll do anything to get Landon back. We we’re friends in the start and I don’t want to lose him, please just don’t pull the plug on him.
???: fine… you get to keep Landon.
Emily: thank you so much sir.
???: but I am only doing this because you we’re friends with him since the start.
???: I’ll get him into the regenerating hall.
the guy pushes Landon’s capsule to the regenerating hall.

Majicdave: Fernando, you look so… different.
Fernando: I had to do this so I wouldn’t get caught.
Fernando: I know my tricks, I place clones of me that feel like humans and work like me.
Fernando: I put on a wig to hide my look and I applied for a job as a guard. I actually take care of my prisoners well and teach them hints on how to become a hacker like me.
alarm sounds off
Fernando: C’MON, WE GOT TO GO NOW!
majicdave and Fernando run out of the room
Majicdave: The guards are getting to us.
???: HALT!
gun clicking is heard
???: you are going back to your cells
Majicdave: NOW!!
fernando starts charging up his magnetic force
???: what is he doing?
fernando unleaches a force throwing the guards far
Majicdave: RUN!
majicdave and fernando continue running

majicdave and fernando run out of the prison
Majicdave: we made it!
Fernando: I need my teleporter but… the guards destroyed it from my previous escape.
Majicdave: I think I have one.
majicdave hands fernando a teleporter
Fernando: clicks the button
majicdave and fernando teleport to the overworld

A year later…
karen walks into the regen hall
Karen: so hi Emily.
Emily: hi.
Karen: I see you have gotten better.
Emily: still waiting in Landon.
Karen: I think I have a surprise for you.
Karen whispers to her self: I’m sorry dear old tcs.
Karen grabs her time crystals onto the pod
Emily: what are you doing?
Karen: you’ll know.
regenerating is heard
Emily: LANDON!!
emily runs to the portal
Emily: I’ve missed you so much.
Landon: you too Emily.
Karen: mouth drops
Karen: I thought blockheads lost their memories.
Karen: let me read that again.
karen pulls out a note
“Those who have tcs put into them will regain memory within seconds due to something in the tcs that’s recover their memories”
Karen: oh.
Emily: welcome back Landon.
Karen: I think Nicholas is waiting for you somewhere.
Emily: okay.
Landon: who’s Nicholas?
Emily: oh, I started dating him a year ago.
Landon: oh… that’s fine. :grimacing:
landon shivers
Karen: Nicholas would like to see you.
nicholas walks into the room
Nicholas: hello Emily.
Nicholas: oh hi Landon.
Landon: nice to meet you.
Nicholas: I am Nicholas.
Landon: Emily told me about you.
Nicholas: I need to tell Emily something.
nicholas walks up to emily
Nicholas: I want to tell you something Emily.
Emily: what is it?
Nicholas: Will you marry me?
clapping is heard by the majic team

A few months later…
landon: takes paper out

landon: we are here for the wedding of Emily and Nicholas.
landon: Nicholas, do you take Emily as your lovely wedding wife and to treat her with love?
Nicholas: yes, yes I do.
landon: and you emily, do you take Nicolas as your lovely wedding husband.
Emily: yes I do.
landon: you may kiss the bride.
emily and Nicolas kiss
cheering is heard in the room
Landon: congrats Emily!
Sean: congratulations!

Majicdave: how’s the time fernando. Like I mentioned
Fernando: ok.

bottle cap is heard flunking off
bursting in the wall is heard
Emily: DAVE!
majicdave flies into the room
Majicdave: while while while, look what we have here.
Majicdave: emily Aye?
Emily: but, that’s impossible.
Majicdave: I knew a way out.
Majicdave: my dear old friend FERNANDO.

To be contined…

so how’d you like season one, its the best I could throw out :slight_smile:

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While i was going to griffin land after I lost connection I lost connection again and it brought me to my single player world and it was turned into a 16x.

I’m still keeping the thing though even though now I have misplaced chunks.


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Will there be a season 2?


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