A stare into the past. (SERIES)



A stare into the past. Behind the scenes.

an hour later.
emily: work as usual
emily: huh?
the lights start flickering and the ground starts shaking a little
emily: whats going on.
the ground starts shaking violently
emily: oh crud EARTHQUAKE.
emily goes under her desk and holds on tight
emily: what am I going to do. I’m on the 4th floor and the building could collapse at any time.
The MacBook falls off the thing and the windows break
Emily: should I? Get out of the building as fast as I can or stay here?
???: Cut!

Person: nice job everybody, ten minute break before we go back to filming.
Emily: yes person
emily starts walking down the hall
Landon: hey Emily, how was your day.
Emily: great. So far, I like filming this new series.
Landon: Awesome. I am going to make an appearance shortly.
Emily: sweet.
Emily: your role is to play as a person from majic Jungle who came and met me and formed a long lasting friendship.
Landon: got it.
Emily: and that you are my long lost friend that I had to leave.
Landon: got it.
jerry walks by
Emily: Hey Jerry.
Jerry: oh. Hi Emily, just walking down the place and exploring my new role here.
Emily: Jerry in later episodes will play the role as Shawn or Sean. Depending how you call it.
Landon: Nice.
landon and Emily sit down on the table chairs.
Person: five more minutes guys before we go back on set for episode two of a stare into the past.
Landon: so I was talking about visiting somewhere later on when we are done.
Emily: yeah, like where?
Landon: you know… BFD
Emily: Nice, I love bfd.
Landon: I heard they got a new chicken wing that is spicy and I really want to try it.
Emily: while that’s nice.
landon takes a bite of his sandwich
Landon: you know… this sandwich is nice.
Emily: yeah, but you also risk choking by eating while talking.
Landon: oh.
Landon: c’mon, we should get back to the set.
Emily: yeah, I feel as it’s right.
emily and Landon start walking back

a few minutes later
Emily: we’re here.
???: what are you talking about. This isn’t your set. We are currently shooting caillou gets grounded season two.
Boris: caillou. You are grounded grounded grounded for nine million years. Go to your room now.
???: perfect.
Emily: uh oh.
Landon: this isn’t our set.
boris notices Emily and landon
Boris: what are they doing here.
Boris: Time for punishment day
Landon: RUN!!!
landon and Emily start running

a few minutes later
Landon: where are we now.
Emily: idk.
Emily: but we need to get out of here.
Landon: uh oh.
Justin: go rob, go!
Landon: oh… a dark realm.
Justin: Landon?
???: cut!
???: your line is “we need to get to the secret hideout now before the guards find us”
???: try it again.
Justin: sorry. I just saw Landon
???: who’s this Landon?
Justin: a friend.
???: okay. Can we get back to our work now.
Justin: yes sir…
landon and Emily walk out of the room silently…

Landon: we are never gonna find out way back
Landon: this is like a freaking maze.
Emily: I know.
Landon: plus the other half of this was nuked so it’s gone.
Landon: realizes what he said
Landon: uh oh…

landon and Emily teleport to the spawn portal
Landon: did we just die?
Emily: I think so…
Landon: this is not good at all Emily. Do you realize what we are in right now?
Landon: Chaos.
Landon: we are NEVER gonna find our way back.

???: guys.
Landon: we are screwed.
???: GUYS!
Landon: WHAT!!!
???: do I know you?
Landon: look at that… a fan, how are you?
???: I am not a fan
??? Takes off his hoodie
Landon: Georgie?
Georgie: I know your troubles. And I think I can get you back to your set.
Georgie: let’s get into my car.
Landon: I can’t believe it’s you. It’s been 19 years!
Georgie: I know.
Emily: you know her?
Landon: this is my friend from college.
Landon: we haven’t met since idk. 1998
Emily: oh.
Landon: we need to get back to our set. It’s in bloksVille.
Georgie: got it.
georgie uses google earth
Georgie: it’s in bloksVille movie production INC at 147 minecraft street.
Landon: are you using google earth?
Georgie: uh… no, why would I?
Landon: you sound like your lying but I’ll let it slip.

many hours later…
a halt of the train is heard…
Georgie: we’re here.
Landon: Zzzzz…
Georgie: wake up Ezekiel Landon.
georgie slaps landon
Landon: Huh. I’m sorry
Emily: wait… your name is Ezekiel Landon.
Landon: yes…
Emily: no need to be ashamed. We all have names that we don’t like.
Landon: I’m sorry for lying all these years.
Emily: it’s fine Landon. Let’s just let this slip and we can all just move on.
Emily: let’s just get to our set and move on.
Landon: okay…

a few minutes later
Landon: it’s over… we are going to get fired Emily.
Emily: no we are not. We will just tell them we got lost.
???: is that. Landon and Emily?
???: it looks like it.
a crowd runs toward Landon and Emily.
Landon: woah!
???: welcome back guys!
???: welcome back!
the crowd starts cheering
News: the search for Landon and Emily has ended. We’ve just gotten news that THEY ARE BACK AT THE SET!! WELCOME BACK LANDON AND EMILY!!
Another channel: Landon and Emily have returned to their set after many hours of them gone.
???: let’s go guys!!
the crowd heads toward the green screen
???: C’mon guys!

Emily: so this is it Landon?
Landon: I guess so.
Emily: good luck champ. Your going to do great!
Landon: I wish you good luck too.
Emily: let’s go.
emily and Landon head to the set

a few months later
Landon: so wanna head back to the set to record episode twelve
Emily: you bet yah.
Emily: let’s just hope we don’t get lost again.
Emily and Landon go to the set
???: let’s go Landon and Emily!

???: ready
???: set
???: ACTION!!

landon: takes paper out

landon: we are here for the wedding of Emily and Nicholas.
landon: Nicholas, do you take Emily as your lovely wedding wife and to treat her with love?
Nicholas: yes, yes I do.
landon: and you emily, do you take Nicolas as your lovely wedding husband.
Emily: yes I do.
landon: you may kiss the bride.
emily and Nicolas kiss
cheering is heard in the room
Landon: congrats Emily!
Sean: congratulations!

Majicdave: how’s the time fernando. Like I mentioned
Fernando: ok.

bottle cap is heard flunking off
bursting in the wall is heard
Emily: DAVE!
majicdave flies into the room
Majicdave: while while while, look what we have here.
Majicdave: emily Aye?
Emily: but, that’s impossible.
Majicdave: I knew a way out.
Majicdave: my dear old friend FERNANDO.

???: CUT!! That was a good one.
???: we will see you next year for a stare into the past :v:t2:!!!
Landon: hello Emily, want to head to KFD?
Emily: yes sir.
but they never got their chicken fingers… the end
Landon: Shut up
Sunny: sorry.

Stay tuned for a stare into the past season two coming 2018.

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And to answer a question, Yes. I got inspired by zeeks name so I decided to use it for Landon. There is no way this is naming or shaming if I’m right.

And this ones on you TheFoil. I added potato on the rating system


I know the title says it all but would you like to see a season two just to make sure. of course after a dark realm.

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I’m currently the only person who isn’t interested, I just don’t really take interest in this story and stories written in the form of messages. I personally did dislike the story, but I do appreaciate the amount of effort you put in the story and pictures.



“Calliou you are grounded for 9 million years” I can relate to those videos. They are a nightmare…




Why did you delete your post?


It was just a pointless post saying “goanimate” but I undeleted. “Undeleted” it?

This series may be a little dark between season two which is in development and will be released after a dark realm. With episodes done but not all but I’ll still work on a dark realm but I’m trying to keep away from making the series too dark and getting it deleted. So I’m gonna cut down the darkness for season 2.

And for some I know what your saying about the adventure. I have cut it off for a reason for now so I can work on other projects. I have no plans to release episodes or chapters as people call them. Right now. I’m just too busy


Landon: Emily. where are you?

???: there was once another being more powerful then Fernando. he was passed through history. that person is milla
Landon: but milla is dead.
???: sh sh sh shhhhh…
???: the fate of the world. lies in you landon.
???: you can resurrect milla.
???: your the key to stopping majicdave. and I can help you.

???: we need to get to the majic palace and grab the 5 shards that will help us through our journey to destroy Fernando and soon to be all mighty majicdave.

Landon: EMILY!!

A face between evil. soon


maybe instead of April ill push it to a time I think its ready for


The continuation of the series is finally here. if anyone is seeing this. but if you are here this will be a bit of a short one. there will be more in the future.

Chapter one:

Emily: I thought you we’re dead fernando!
Fernando: that’s obscene. I never died
Emily: then where we’re you.
Fernando: trapped in the dark realm with this person.
Emily: so what is this like you are friends now?
Fernando: Yes, YES IT IS. now stop your behavior now!
Emily: NEVER!
emily runs toward Fernando with a sword
Fernando: nope
fernando uses force to throw emily
Landon: EMILY!
Fernando: c’mon Dave, let’s go somewhere away from these uhh… people.
Landon: EMILY!!
landon runs toward Emily
legoboy70: your right near her. why run.
Landon: oops. sorry lego.
Landon: now back to what i was doing.

Landon: your gonna be okay. Emily, stay with us.
Emily: l-Landon cough cough please. Please while I’m gone, do something about them.
Landon: Emily? Emily? EMILY!!
landon hears no pulse
Landon: uh oh…
Sean: what happened?
Landon: get Emily to a hospital STAT!
Sean: Aye Aye sir.
Landon: your gonna be okay Emily, your gonna be okay. Stay with me.

a few hours later
landon walks in
Landon: how’s Emily, is she okay?
???: I’m afraid Emily… has been knocked into a deep sleep from the impact of the injuries. She has suffered damage to the ribs and has severe bruises. It could be days, weeks or months before she wakes up again.
Landon: I understand doctor.
landon walks close to emily
Landon: I hope you are okay Emily, please stay with us.

emily wakes up
Emily: Huh, where am i?
Emily: is this my bedroom?
???: no Emily.
Emily: who’s that voice specking to me?
???: I am your leader. MAJICDAVE.
Emily: No… It can’t BE!!

Chapter one end

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An unfinished chapter that I will be releasing. But I will leave the markers where I wanted images to be.
A stare into the past: a face between evil. Chapter Two

Landon: I need your help.
???: what do you need?
Landon: a person in the name of Fernando and Majicdave are trying to kill us. We need your help.
???: Landon. I see your having troubles. Let me guide you to your troubles
Landon: whatever you do please help us.
???: Landon… there was once another being more powerful then Fernando. he was passed through history. that person is milla
Landon: I know about milla and her powers but milla is dead. And there was a glitch so we can’t regenerate her anymore.
???: sh sh sh shhhhh…
???: the fate of the world. lies in you landon.
???: you can resurrect milla.
???: your the key to stopping majicdave. and I can help you.
???: you need to grab something called the owners journal. It is located in the majic palace. That will help you on your journey to finding the 5 shards of resurrection, destruction, creativity, happiness and infinity.
Landon: okay.
???: come with me.
Landon: okay.
a secret door slowly opens
Landon: Woah! What is this?
???: This i’ve been keeping secret from the public for many centuries.
Landon: Centuries?
???: this is the portal to the owners new world. This is where you can find his journal.
Landon: but why did this need to be secret.
???: the owner never wanted you to visit this world or anyone.
???: he still plays there today but never thinks of this world.
???: the owner has a mixed mind about this world and the others so he started a private world and left this one.
Landon: how do you know this?
???: because… my name is mark. The very first community manager.
Landon: woah! First there was majicbean and now you?
Mark: yes. back in the day I made the worst mistake of my life. I killed somebody who was innocent. It was one of the superadmins named milla. She took my powers so now I just lie here where the owner takes care of me occasionally. The community hates me for my actions and even once I received a threat that someone would come over and do bad stuff. If milla ever found out I was alive. She would kill me.
Landon: oh.
Mark: I am going back to my chair now.
Landon: okay.
Mark: if you need anything just call me but you may read some of the books by the portal.
Landon: okay.
Mark walks back to his chair

Emily: get out of my head
Majicdave: lady, settle down.
Emily: no. I am not settling down. For all the bad things you’ve done I will never forgive you.
Majicdave: you know… you can’t get me out of your head. I am a very powerful being ready to kill at will. So you better do what I say or face serious consequences…
Emily: okay.

Landon: what’s this?
Landon: the legend of blockheads. I’ve heard it was an awesome book so I may as well read it.

Chapter two end


Sorry for dredging this thread back up.

I have no plans to continue this series as I want to focus on what is best for me.

This series I did like making but to be honest many chapters we’re rushed and had probably no creativity in them just so I could push the “final” chapter out which that wasn’t chapter 11.

Plus one thing to mention is Fernando is more powerful then Dave and that’s where everything starts to spiral out of control. Dave can control anything but how can fernando be more powerful then him.

I stopped producing chapters of anything because I am really not interested anymore. TBTL and TPW will probably not receive chapters for a long time or not at all.

I may or may not like this series but it’s just what I have to mention.

If you like the series I do appreciate it. As it was what I could do back then.

My mind nowadays is twisted and dark when it comes to stories…

One more thing, the teaser I showed you was never used in the real series but instead idk. :confused: