A Thread for World recommendations that you are not owner on


Don’t know how long this will last but this will be a thread where you can recommend any world that you like into this list, I can only say you must not be the owner of the world.

You can recommend worlds that you aren’t owner of here. Rather then making a thread.

You may recommend any world, as long as it doesn’t have bad behavior.

Worlds that dupe or don’t dupe are allowed here.


Heya i don’t really understand, so if a world allready has a thread no nominating it ? Becasue to decribe one on the forums so people can aptly understand it would entail for it to have its own thread?

Also [quote=“Legoboy70, post:1, topic:74597”]
Worlds that dupe

People can include worlds that dupe ir cannot? Sorry a little confused :frowning:


Excuse me, I just have bad explaining. My spelling with things like these isn’t really great.

But things have been fixed a little.