A tip for all that trash you got for vanilla


I really never do this but i do want to share some tips that may help.

First one is to save everything in an organized space even if its garbage.
This will really help if you are out of money and can’t afford things. and need some stuff.

Second is to NEVER throw away you’re stuff.
By doing this you are wasting time/effort it took to get those items from making coins or that stuff. always keep them.

And you should always have them in a world that is safe from players and to bring things you don’t need there.

I hope this helps :slight_smile: but i may never use it because i am throwing my cash away.

You may still throw the stuff away though, i am not forcing you to do this. actually… don’t throw you’re stuff out at ALL!


:open_mouth: I threw all the item I don’t want on magma, and it turn to grey/orange gas. Is that a waste?


Yes No


Hmm so is that a yes or a no




You can’t sell tulips and benches. So yeah, there are somethings you can go throwing away.


I’m going to go throw all things I can’t sell, let’s see, bye bye platinum coins :wave:


Ahhhh! :what: