A very weird glitch


So, I was walking/flying across the world by rainbow unicorn, after I’m done, I got to spawn, I was wondering “Would there by diamond tree on top of spawn”, so I fly upward with my unicorn. I found a few islands but non of them have diamond tree. Then I started to fly around, then this is the magical part: I teleported right beside the North Pole (The red and white pole), with my unicorn. I was like “What in the world just happen”. Can anyone explain this? Or did this happen to you?

spend pass few minutes to try digging down from the pole, I realize something weird. There’s always a time crystal block in each of the caves, and the time crystal block is perfectly alignment (vertically) with the pole. Another thing, I also found 2 golden chest, but a very weird thing. Both of the chest contain 99 gold coins. Is it just a coincidence?

I can’t I really can’t, teleported while sleeping on the ground, after teleport I was riding on a unicorn but I already cage my unicorn and it’s in my backpack. I got off I found out it have the same name with my other one in cage. WHAT???

I found out how, I go to top (ground level) beside the pole. Next I will start to scroll down, and zoom in, and I teleported again. Now it’s duplicating unicorns.


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so you just teleported to the north pole with a unicorn…
Does it work with just one unicorn?
And those TC blocks were natural right?


No, I can teleport even when sleeping/meditating/crafting. Also the time crystals are perfectly aligned with the pole. (When teleported in sleep/med, I can ride unicorn and sleep/med at the same time, but it removes the d-pad, which only allows me to jump)


What about using tilt screen instead of D-pad?
You can change that in the settings.


Hmm good suggestion, let me try.
Alright, it works, I can meditate and ride a unicorn and walk/jump, too.
:exploding_head: When I use both characters to meditate, then change to the character that rides on the unicorn and walk, it’s very fast speed! I will try record this to show you what I mean.

Ok, so here’s what I mean: here
Skip to 1:26 of the video if you don’t want to see the part when I get out of the cave

Had a few weird accidents before I record this part: teleported to another random cave, teleported to the equator and got damage when teleported to random cave.

I realized another thing: when I get off the unicorn, I’m meditating while standing up

What is the fastest way to travel?

does the random cave also have TC blocks aligned and is it near the place you meditate?
Amazing to see the unicorn run fastspeed tho xD


No, so far I only find time crystals aligned with the North Pole


oh sorry but what if you stop medding while riding?


If you stop med, you will just be riding unicorn in normal way. If you stop riding, you will get damage, and mediate while standing on the ground.


okay thanks,it the blockheads app updated?it will be very helpful if you give some info about your device :slight_smile:


iPhone 5s, latest updated.


Thankss,I hope this will help the developer :grin::grin::grin:


Can you try dig down from your North Pole? I just want see the time crystals and the gold chest is a coincidence or not. It’s alright if you don’t want to


I can try but will take some time :3
edit:north pole is known to cause weird stuffs :joy: