A War In Blocks: A Blockheads Story (Discontinued)



Jackson speeds through the forest, ignoring the growls of the dropbears. All that mattered was telling Will what he saw. He moves as fast as he can, not letting a single thought cross his mind, being guided by the instinct sense of direction he had gathered from three years of patrolling this area.Then he heard a sound that startled him to the core; the sound of minutemen wearing light carbon fiber armor, clanking through the forest. It’s not the thought of death and incarceration that scared him most, it was the consequences to the world if Will doesn’t find out. As he runs, Jackson can barely make out a small path branching off the right of the path, and recognized it as a shortcut. He bolts towards the river at the end, and jumps in, surprised by how water is at this hour. Jackson considers swimming to the other side, but he instead he swims downstream and hides in the roots of a giant mangrove, knowing it’s not visible from the path. Soon, the minutemen arrive and swim across the river. A few minutes later, they swim back empty-handed. Jackson knows that minutemen are only used for catching blockheads who don’t work for any military, so they’re required to return to their post if they don’t catch any enemy soldiers.
Jackson thinks to himself: “Good thing I took off my patrol armor.
Jackson knows he doesn’t have time; he swims to the other side and dashes down the path. Soon, he sees a large patrol with many soldiers wearing carbon fiber and riding on donkeys.
“Who goes there?” asks the commando leading the patrol.
Jackson responds: "A scout who bares urgent news ma’am.
The commando hands him a note to write down the news to deliver to a secretary later in the day. But when she reads what’s on the note, she was visibly overcome with urgency.
“Soldiers, we must deliver this immediately!” she ordered.
A soldier asked: “Commando, what could be so urgent that it requires disobeying one of Will’s orders?”
“Will might die if he doesn’t find out!” she demands arrogantly.
Jackson fills with fear as the patrol rides down the path. What if it’s too late?


Will lets out a sad sigh as he looks at the map. So much of it is covered with yellow, marking the enemy territory. Then he turns his head and looks around the amphitheater, ornately carved out of maple wood and marble, finally resting his eyes on the empty chair, which only adds to his sadness.
“How many cities have we lost to Lloyd this week?” Will asks somberly.
“Two,” Daniel responds, “Mark’s city and Garry’s city. 3,000 casualties. It’s only a matter of time before they move in on Vincent.”
Sam points: “Vincent’s city is incredibly close to a equator. It’s a valuable position, but he doesn’t even have electricity yet.”
Will turns towards his two colonels.
“Send an army to Vincent’s city,” Will ordered, “Arm their soldiers with carbon fiber and titanium.”
The colonels exit to carry out the order.


Sarah asks" If we’re going towards the equator, shouldn’t it be getting warmer?"
“I’ve asked that question a few times, answers another soldier,” but the lieutenant says he’s just following orders."
Sarah looks out the back of the locomotive-like military car, and her conscience fades into the gentle rolling hills lined with coffee trees. But her daydream is soon disrupted by the sound of an ember artillery. She turns her head and sees a flaming hail of embers, pelting the cars with dents and fire. In the distance, another spray of embers launches into the sky. Sarah knows from training that if they’re within the range of the ember artillery, then the vehicles have already been deployed, so there’s no point in retreating. When the car crests the hill, Sarah sees a long steel barricade shielding archers with titanium bows. The tips of the bows glow with burning fuel, much brighter than the embers. The cars of the front start succumbing to the damage, forcing the soldiers to run.
“The captain orders a retreat!” The lieutenant yells from the front seat.
Their car along with some of the others begin backing up, and soon the entire army joins. But their retreat’s cut off by a pincer maneuver of enemy cars.

“Will, sir, we have a distress signal from the east peninsula!” A scout warns.
“Soldiers were never dispatched to that area,” Will says in confusion, “There must’ve been a mistake.”
“It’s not a mistake sir.”
“How many soldiers are in danger?”
“2,000 sir.”
“That’s how many were dispatched to Vincent’s city!”
“Sir, perhaps it’s a mistake?”
“No, the colonels were in charge of giving the order, and the directions were written by me and approved by my secretaries. At least one of them is guilty.”


The commando runs into the palace and hands the letter to the secretary. When he reads the letter, fear spreads across his face. Without hesitation or proper paperwork, he gives her directions to where Will is.
“Sir, Lloyd is only 13 time crystals away from us!” the commando tells Will.
To her surprise, Will answers: “I know, Kate. Don’t tell anyone, he won’t hurt us.”
“Permission to speak freely sir?”
“It would be unwise to assume he won’t attack, because he destroyed Frank’s city, which rivals the size of yours. He’ll destroy the city. It’s only a matter of time before he finds us.”
Will seems visibly sad when she mentioned Frank.
“I’m sorry sir. I know not to mention… him.”
“No need to apologize. Frank was my friend, and losing friends is a part of life. But I’m afraid I can’t explain to you why I won’t launch an attack. I must order this a secret.”
“Yes sir, I will tell no soul about our discussion.”
“Thank you.”
Kate leaves the room, thinking: “Grief has driven the man insane, I must tell someone who’s more level-headed.


The guards assign Sarah to a jail cell made of polished stone and large iron bars. The army had been killed, but some of them - like Sarah - were taken as POWs instead. Sarah looks down and sees her roommate sitting on the bed. He turned around, and Sarah sees that he’s wearing a steel mask over his head. Sarah’s shocked by how cruel the guards were to force this on him. Sarah tries to remove it, but it’s locked to him.
Sarah pitied: “I’m so sorry they did this.”
The lunch bell soon rang, and the prisoners get escorted in a line to the cafeteria, but four guards take the masked prisoner to another room.


Kate walks a few doors down the hallway and knocks on another door.
She says: “I had an appointment with Will, but he redirected me to you, sir.”
The apple wood door creaks opens, and the man inside asks: “Please show me the appointment paperwork.”
Kate hands his a piece of paper she had swiped off of Will’s desk. The man looks outraged when he reads it.
“Lloyd is 13 time crystals away, but no attack plan has been made?”
“Sir, I believe grief has clouded Will’s judgement.”
“It must’ve. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.”


Sarah feels a odd bump, and wakes up, slowly opens her eyes and letting out a yawn, but strangely, she feels movement. She quickly gets up, only to find out that she’s inside a car. At the wheel is a strange person wearing a hood, and next to her is the masked prisoner, still sleeping.
“What?” she asks.
“I’m fixing Will’s broken plan.” she answers.


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The colonel walks purposefully down the hallway. His destination is the special mess hall for ranks major and above. He knows Will started eating in his own room ever since Frank died, so it’s the perfect place to deliver the news. wasn’t quite familiar with where the mess hell is, because he prefers to eat with the lower ranks. Soon, he finds the room labeled “high ranking mess hall”. He bursts through the door and puts the attack plan on the table.
A major asks: “Sir, is this an emergency attack plan?”
“More like a lack of one.” the colonel responded.
“How’d you acquire this?” asks another colonel.
“A commando stole it from Will’s desk.”
A different colonel questions: “So what do you plan?”
“We usurp him.”

Will hears a knock on his door, breaking him out of his daydream.
Will greets: “Come in.”
A blockhead wearing a white lab coat enters the room, pushing a cart with a laser, a chair, and a screen on it.
“Pardon me, but isn’t doctor Avery supposed to do checkups on me?”
“He isn’t feeling well today sir,” the doctor responds, “And the law requires the president to have monthly checkups, sir.”
“I suppose so.”
“Sir, please sit in this chair.”
She turns on the laser, which scans back and forth, giving readings on the screen. When she sees the reading, a worried frown spreads across her face.
“Please, do not hesitate to deliver the news. Ignorance is an enemy.”
“Sir, I’m afraid you have PTSD. The grief of the loss has damaged your brain beyond repair.”
Will lets out a disappointed sigh.
“I suppose I’ll relinquish office.”
The doctor leaves the room with the cart. After she closes the door, Will deadbolts it, and takes a piece of paper off of his shelf. It’s a scan he took last night, showing that his brain is perfectly healthy.
“I’m no fool…”


After a staff meeting to prepare him for an embassy summit, Will checks the mailbox next to the door. He feels like he failed the staff, because he’s had a hard time thinking clearly. As he’s checking, he sees a bright yellow envelope. He goes to his desk, and neatly cuts open the envelope with a pair of scissors. As he reads the letter inside, he fills with a mix of happiness and fear. Without hesitation, he speed walks out of the door, towards the garage for ranks major and above. He picks out his car, and drives down the road as max speed. He takes a few turns on the large path, eventually turning to a smaller path that branches out from the main one. And sure enough, there’s a temporary wood wall. The gate opens for him, and behind it is Lloyd next to a guard holding a titanium sword against Frank’s throat.
“Ah, so you read my letter.” Lloyd says in a pleased voice.
Will exits the car and pleads: “I’ll tell the other presidents anything! Just please don’t hurt any of them.”
“Very well, we’ll stay here to make sure you don’t change your mind. If you don’t attack, we won’t either.”
Will enters his car and drives back into the city, and head to the embassy. As he enters, Daniel and Sam were there to greet him. They discuss strategies for a while until asks for intelligence on Lloyd.
Will sighs and answers: “Lloyd has yet to be found. He moves too quickly, from one base to the other.”

Will follows the colonels who are instructed to message the captains about the attack. He produced a blue bottle out of his pocket. Then, he stealthily runs into the room and sprays the potion, and they lie down on the ground and fall asleep.
Will says to himself: “A potion that removes memories; the embassy won’t suspect a thing.”
Will take the piece of paper that the order is supposed to be written on, and writes “attack the east peninsula” on it.


Sarah asks: “What plan?”
The hooded stranger pulls over the car. Sarah hears her walking around to the back of the car, and she opens the door. She produces a steel needle, and uses it to pick the lock on the other man wearing the steel mask. When it opens, she is completely shocked.
“President Frank?”
“Yes.” answers the hooded stranger.
“But why was he there?”
“Isn’t it obvious? Lloyd knew that Will will try to attack him to free Frank, so he moved him to the most powerful facility he owns.”
“How’d he know Frank was there?”
“Lloyd thinks I’m one of his loyal colonels, and he’s right - except for the ‘loyal’ part. Lloyd trusted me with this information and access to the facility, so I told Will, because I figured he should make the decisions since he’s the president. I just thought he would employ more tact than a direct attack, so now I’m taking things into my own hands. Will must be encouraged to attack; he can’t just watch as Lloyd tears the world apart. Freeing Frank will remove all leverage Lloyd has over Will.”
“Why’d you being me?”
“You’ll come in handy later.”


The colonel asks: “Doctor, do you have the false scan?”
“Yes,” she responds, “And Will has fallen for it sir.”
“Sir, the meeting is starting.” A major told the colonel.
“Thank you, major.”
The colonel walks through the hall with the many other military officials attending the meeting, including Will. Soon, everyone’s found seat and the meeting begins.
The supervisor asks: “Does anyone have urgent news that should be brought to attention?”
The colonel raises his hand. When the supervisor approves him, he walks to the front stage and puts the attack plan on the projector. People in the audience mumble in outrage.
“Our own president has canceled an attack on an enemy on our home territory. He is clearly unfit to rule.” the colonel says.
Will considers pleading his case, but saying he put the entire city at risk over his friend would make his reputation even worse.
The supervisor asks: “What do you propose we do, colonel?”
“Remove Will from office.”
“All in favor say ‘I’”
Will looks around hopelessly as everyone says "I’.

Sarah follows the stranger into Will’s palace. The secretary is speechless as he looks up at Frank, and gives them a pass. They rush into Will’s room to deliver the good news. Will is overjoyed when he sees Frank, but the joy is quickly replaced with worry.
“I’m afraid you’re too late, Ava,” Will says, “I’ve already been removed from office.”
“What do we do now sir?” asks Ava.
“Have you ever heard of the fallen states?”
“Sir, yes. The three connected states last owned by Oliver, Chad, and Mary, sir. After they left, the states were left leaderless sir, even to this day sir.”
“I think it’s time those states find a new leader.”



Will marches towards a limestone wall, next to Frank. Behind them is their combined security force, who have been dressed as soldiers. The guards open the door for him without asking questions, knowing they’re the presidents of two very powerful cities. Behind the gates is a bustling city, filled with limestone huts and coffee trees. Vendors sell items through old-fashioned shops, patrols wearing iron armor ride on donkeys, children play around with sticks. Will and his soldiers continue marching, heading down the main path towards the palace. People move out of his way as he comes by. AT the end of the path, guards open the palace doors, revealing a warmly lit grand hall lined with roasted dodos and fruit salads. Soldiers stand guard by the pillars, and at the end is a man sitting on a throne made out of wood. He wears purple royal linen and a sunrise hat of fullness.
“Hello, Vincent.” Will greets.

Vincent responds: "Ah, welcome Will and Frank.

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Could we have our own characters in this story? ex.

Will was climbing the mountain on the west of the country, when a hand reached out and grabbed his.
(Will)“Thanks. Who are you?”
The person in question takes off her carbon fiber helmet to reveal long, flowing cotton candy blue hair. “The name is Jade.”

The characters are actually based on people in the forums.

Huh ok then.

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