A wee reminder about who can ask me for help with what

I can only make changes and enact world altering requests for WORLD OWNERS.

I private message anyone needing my help in the forums. Nobody needs to interfere.

A world owner being apparently absent does not constitute a valid reason to ignore their rights over their worlds.

I will not discuss another player’s account or technical issues with you. Nor will I discuss your account with anyone else.

I do NOT make exceptions.

If you have posted a thread about something please don’t also PM me. if you have PMed me about something please do not start a thread about it. This game can afford a limited amount of my time. By making me double handle things you are wasting that. Please consider the other people who need help, by not spending my time on needless stuff.

Thank you in advance.


That post your referring to. Check the time stamps from my pm and the post.

  1. I knew you couldn’t do a roll back.
  2. They came to me I told them to make forum accounts and we can contact you together.
  3. The post was made without my know and I contacted her about it. Figured we could leave it in the event someone else needed help with the issue.
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I will keep that in mind. :slight_smile:

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I referred to no post. I referred to what our policies are. This is about protecting the rights of customers, not any particular case. I do lay down the law now and then when I get a few people asking me to do things I won’t do, as new players come into the community and old ones leave, and not everyone is familiar with how we do things.

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