A world called null


I have had this happen to me before. I tried to upload an image and video but the files aren’t supported smh. I made my Survival world local so my other device could join to test something with other players and connection and after I left, there was an online server version of my world and a single player offline one. The server one says my username is (null) and my characters are “Nude Dude, MikAy and Unhanged” (Yes I have a character called Nude Dude but whatever) and when I try to load the online server, the game crashes.


I removed this from the old thread, because it was five years old. The game was a different app at that time. Please add details of your device, and more detail about what happened.


I forget what type of iPad I have but I have iOS 12.1.3 and this is exactly what happened. So, I opened up my survival world as local. I got my other ipad (iPad 2 running iOS 10.3.3) and got it to join to test if a hack still worked. (it didn’t. And if it did I was only gonna fly around but wouldn’t ruin the game.) Once it joined, the hack didn’t work so i disconnected before the iPad 2 could disconnect. Afterwards, I was at the main menu with 2 survival worlds. That’s exactly how it all started. If you’re wondering, the hack I tried to get to work was a patch on Flex 2 i made on my jailbroken iPad 2 running iOS 10.3.3 which just changes “Blockhead canFly” and made it true. It didn’t work though. Which is good so there shouldn’t be any hackers or as much at least anymore :slight_smile:


I think I’ve had this same issue I don’t know if its for the same reason though

It was years ago though…

Also I’m not sure if iPad 2 can run 10.3.3…


Our game is coded and designed to run on unmodified Apple devices. Anything that goes wrong if you use third party tools to modify it is on you, I’m afraid. Your use of the cheat has lead to damage to game data, which has transposed world data between entries, or overwritten an existing world with another world’s data. I can’t help you at all, because it’s basically self-inflicted damage. That’s the risk you take when you use the game in a manner we do not condone or anticipate.


Probably an error

Slightly off topic probably


Yeah, I know. I was just mentioning. I still have an offline version of the world though. So I have 2. I can still play it! :slight_smile:


Ah, okay. I thought you were wanting technical support :slight_smile:


Nah I know im not supposed too. Just wanted to try! :stuck_out_tongue:


In all honesty, we don’t mind hackers playing with the game and being creative. I’m not at all a fan of people using cheats they didn’t code themselves, though. I feel like it removes enjoyment, both for others, and for themselves, and they don’t even have the satisfaction of having been clever by hacking the game. They’re using someone else’s cleverness to remove all the challenges from the game, and they often use them to ruin the fun of others (grief). The thing to keep in mind is that while cheats get used to grief, we only act against the griefers, not the cheats who don’t spoil the fun of others, or the actual hackers that create the cheating tools.


Agreed. If I ever got to hack the game. I only fly around and just chill out. I don’t grief. Never have, Never will. It’s always nice to see when people put cheating to good. Like keeping servers safe and fun! I’m had to deal with a LOT of hackers. Once I was on a server (which is now dead as the owner stopped playing) and I was part of the staff team on the server so yay me but there were these hackers who always griefed the frig out of it. We always put it back though! :slight_smile: