A World Dissected

Dissection of a 1/16 sized world.
The earliest screenshot I could find is from July 2018. Throughout the last 3 years, off and on, I’ve been digging and placing lights.
This was it in 2018.

This is it now.

The Crew

Destroyer - her original name is no longer remembered. She was renamed to match the title of her job. As the first bh in the world, she started her solo journey to circumnavigate the land, build a minimal shelter, and bring other bh’s into the world. After helping to build up spawn and collect materials, she became the master destroyer, mining the world block by block.

Bo - second to arrive. He was Destroyer’s right-hand man. They worked together to create more benches and build up spawn until Destroyer left him to train the next bh’s. With the arrival of Taff, whose main job was turning stone into gravel, Bo spent most of his time sluicing the gravel for ores to keep the mission going.

Taff - With Destroyer dropping off chest after chest of mined stone, her main job became crushing it into gravel and handing off the stacks to Bo. After mining was completed, she helped Sans craft lanterns with clay and water.

Sans - jack of all trades, he crafted tools and lights and transported them to the diggers and back. He is also the portal chest master, transferring materials back and forth between this and other SP worlds. He’s also the master organizer; picking up med items around spawn and full chests from the diggers and sorting every last item into its proper spot.

Diggy - named for what eventually became the theme song of this world (Diggy Hole), was the last bh to enter. At this point, the other four were working together like a well oiled machine, but I started to feel like I was never going to get this done. So, I enlisted the help of Diggy. She became an apprentice destroyer. Her and Destroyer worked together to finish mining out the world and placing enough lights so that all underground areas are as visible as you see now.

What’s Next?

What do you want to see next? All the way down to lava? The depths of the ocean? As high as space?
I can’t guarantee it will be done anytime soon. But whatever the forums decide, my blockheads will provide.

  • The sky
  • The sea
  • To lava

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This is amazing! Wow! Well done! though, i’d love to know how much gravel you’ve made


Do the sky next! :slight_smile:

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Why don’t there a “Stop for the sake of your sanity” option???


I don’t even wanna know. Stacks upon stacks. But it’s all immediately sluiced, so it’s hard to know exactly. Right now I have 35 chests of stone and 6 chests of gravel.

I want to! But it looks like ocean is winning in the poll.

Hahah! Thanks, but this is actually what keeps me sane. I started this world to give me something to zone out to and relax.


Everybody should vote for the sky instead! :wink:

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It’s working! :lol:

Oh, snap
I’ll get my jet packs ready

The sea is currently winning! :stuck_out_tongue:image

Oh no! Vote for the sky! :arrrrgh:

Shoot! Shoulda closed the poll when I had the chance. lol
I’m ok with the sea, I just think it’s gonna take more patience and attention. I can’t let the water overflow. I only used oil lanterns instead of steel lanterns in the ground. If the water overflows while I’m working in there it’ll knock out all my lanterns :grimacing:

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Oh, vote for lava???

Roger Roger!

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I’ve probably never worn ice armor. Completing the rows all the way down to lava would give me a good excuse to use it for the first time. :+1:

u might wanna look @ dat again lol

Aw man.

Sky and Sea are tied now. If one doesn’t pull ahead of the other by this weekend, I’ll flip a coin.

What? They’re not tied right now.

Someone else voted after that message was sent.

Oh, brilliant! :smiley:

Thank you to everyone who voted! Clearing the sky won. It was much easier than I expected. So easy, in fact, I have already finished.

Sea came in second place, so I’ll be starting on that next :3