A Young War (Roleplay)


My first Roleplay. YAY!

Far off the west coast of California, there lay the volcanic island of Westgate. This island holds about more than twenty thousand residents. If you looked at the island from above it would look like a light-bulb on its side. It is said to be twenty-one miles long and eighteen miles wide. The mayor made a rule to the Westgate residents, that calling from the island would be monitored. The web pages on the internet were also limited. Mayor Osborne wanted his residents to be isolated. He believed they could triumph on their own and make a living with the little people that lived on the island. A severe sickness came through the island by a man. He was hurried to the Westgate hospital, but his sickness infected every adult that was inside it. A year passed and the sickness was soon spread all over the island, killing everyone from the age six-teen and older. A deadly manipulative monster lay under the magma of the volcano, mutating the children that were soon left behind. A battle between mutant and human soon rise on the children. Hunger threatens, so do the animals that were originally brought to the island lay loose. Mutated worms which never ate meat have now grown man eating teeth. Flying snakes soar the skies. Will the children be able to get help? Will they survive this chaos?

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Please read this milla!

Name: Boeing AH-64 Apache
Age: 5 years old
Gender: Attack helicopter
Power: Shooting Missiles
Weakness: Rockets
Appearance: Has a four-blade, twin-turboshaft, with a tailwheel-type landing gear arrangement and a tandem cockpit.
Background: From Boeing


Name: Axel Dunforth
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Power: Can shapeshift to anything or any animal at will
Weakness: Tires him out quicker, and has to be careful not to keep any other object traits when switching. Rarely uses this as he prefers to use his machines more. Often overly kind and helpful, which leads him to doing the right thing at the wrong time
Appearance: Tall for a 12 year old. Has light blonde hair and blue eyes. Often wears a baby blue hoodie over a gray t-shirt, and blue jeans
Background: Nothing special. His mother worked in the mechanic factory and that’s where he learned his trade. His father had a huge imagination
Other: Nothing
Code: Inventor. Often creating devices that either help the town, or end up blowing up


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Name: Sam
Age: Unknown, yet he appears 13.
Gender: Male
Power(Optional): He appears to have no powers to the other children, but he can shapeshift into any sea creature, and block mindreader’s.
Weakness: He hates feeling hungry, weak, or any other unsettling feeling. He also hates not remembering stuff, like his past, or his parents. He hates bright lights, he prefers the dark. He also cannot stay away from details, he wants to know more about his past.
Appearance: Dark blue hair, light blue eyes, pale skin, and a wears whatever he likes and can afford. He is tall, and his eyes sparkle. He has a birthmark under his messy hair(shaped like a trident), no one can tell what it is for sure, though.

Background(Optional): He was abandoned in a small town, and he somehow managed to raise himself. He cannot remember anything about his parents, where he grew up, or how he grew up, he only remembers that he was abandoned. He taught himself all he knows, and he is pretty smart. He is mischievous at some points in time, but he tries his best to behave. He loves to swim, and he does it quite often.
Other: He is tough, and can withstand almost anything. Yet, he hates the color orange.

He lay quietly against a tree, looking at all the dead bodies…“What could have caused all this…?! Dang…well…” He puts on a mischievous smile. “I can now explore the abandoned buildings, without anyone fussing over my safety. I can hopefully find out more about my past…” He would dive into the water, to start his day off with a swim, like always.


Name: Mason Woods

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Power: Shoots blue-white lasers out of his hands. He once accidently shot his brother with his lasers when he was eleven (11). After that he was so scared of himself he created a little floating ball of light, he can manipulate it in whatever way he wants it.

Weakness: Doesn’t like the dark. (It’s not that he’s scared of it, he just doesn’t like it.) He can burn his own hands with his lasers.

Appearance: Brown hair, black eyes. His hair is quite a little shaggy, and his mother would always fuss about him cutting his hair a little. He wears a small locket that belonged to his father. He also has a dotted birth mark on his bottom left part of his neck.

Background: Mason was born on Westgate Island. He had lived there all his life, never having a chance to have a vacation to California, or Florida, or Colorado. He had always wanted to go to those places, but his family was short in money. He and his friend Troy would go to the skatepark after school to try out some new tricks. Troy was maybe the only loyal friend Mason ever had. The other people just hang with the cooler guys, or are just not interested in being with a skateboarder who didn’t even hang with other fellow school-mate skateboarders. Mason is a cool kid, but he tries hard not to stand out too much to cause trouble. The Westgate school was full of bullies. Lots of them. He once rescued a kid who wanted to jump off the third flood to kill himself because he couldn’t handle the bullies’ torture. Those were only his ten minutes of fame, and he was awarded “School Hero of the Month.” Though, he hated it. Reporters would come to interview him and ask him all types of random questions. He couldn’t even skate for a week because the reporters would wait outside of his home. He was there at the hospital when his mother took her last breath.

Other: Admires a student named Sam.

Code: Can jump three feet on a skateboard doing a kickflip. Skateboarding is his life.


Mason stood at the end of the pier. Just looking down at the water. A dead body was seen at the very bottom. A woman, who was about the age thirty to forty years old. Troy came up running to meet Mason

“Bro. Stop looking at it. I puke every time I see a body…” Troy said, trying not to look at the body.

“I know. She somehow reminds me of my mother.”

“Your mom?”

“She had that same facial expression when she died.” There was a long silence between both boys. Troy finally spoke.

“Look man. We gatta get going. If we don’t work, Carlos is going to kill us.” Troy said hurriedly. The town was now only children. Three thousand lone children on the island. Carlos was a kid who was only twelve, but he seemed to have gotten in charge of everyone. Today, it was helping out to pick up the bodies and burn them. A girl kept crying during the job. The stench was horrid and the bodies were decomposing fast. Carlos spotted Mason and Troy.

“Ah. You made it!” Carlos said holding a checklist. He was an organized boy. He always was.

“What do we do?” Mason asked

“We need house searches. We need anything we can get. We can’t pay the kids to work. There is none. What will we use it on? No one knows how to use an ATM. We need diapers and formulas for the babies. Medicines, and food.” Carlos flipped through the long list on his hands. “And, we also need to guard the convenient stores.”

“Yeah, people can’t just go looting stores without permission…” Troy suggested.

“You are mighty right, there, Troy.” Carlos pointed out.

“Who’s in charge of the babies?” Mason asked.

“Cynthia Morales.” Carlos said.

“Isn’t she that Hispanic chick who thought the Earth was flat?” Troy asked. Mason and Carlos nodded in agreement. They headed off to the town plaza. Kids were waiting against the wall of Town Hall, sitting and chatting on the grass, or simply just standing there, not knowing what to do.

Carlos stood on the third step of town hall.

“Everyone, may I have your attention?” The noise of chatter and babbling softened and everyone turned to look at the mighty Carlos.


((My character is more seclusive, constantly building and stuff. But he’ll be around sometimes, and if you want, you can be his helper or something.))

“It works… It works!” Axel’s shouts could be heard as he ran out of the cave, accidentally interrupting Carlos. With a great amount of pride he put a cube on the floor. He pushed a button and then shoved the box in some kid’s hand “Here take this.” He ran back to his cave leaving everyone in wonder.

“Hello?” Axel said to the box. On the other end, a projected image of Axel could be seen

“Wow!” One kid murmured, but the boxes were getting hot.

“It’s a mess up!” another shouted “Throw it up in the air!”

Two loud booms could be heard in the area. Axel came out frowning. “Must of been the generator…” Making the people watching groan again

“Honestly Axel, can you make anything that doesn’t blow up, like you used to.”

“The things I used to do don’t do anything. We will eventually reach a time where we either escape or innovate. And I hate these beast in the sky.” he said looking out to the vast area.

“I heard a discussion earlier. Before I go into my fortress of maximum secrecy, do you need help with anything?”


Name: Troy Gaither
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Power: He can turn completely invisible when he panics. He also turns invisible whenever he likes. They call him “Troy the chameleon”.
Weakness: He’s allergic to peanuts. He hates the cold and is afraid of heights.
Appearance: Red-orange hair, green eyes, and freckles all over his face. Wears a black cap backwards, and black-frame style glasses.
Background: Troy had first found Mason in the skatepark. They we only seven years old then, but they could skate at that age. He had always wanted to learn how to skate. Troy was at the half-pipe, trying to even get to the very tip of the pipe, when Mason came along and did it. Mason made it look so easy. “How do you do that” Troy had said. Mason smiled and said, “It took me lots of practice to master. You need to be taught?” Troy nodded his head violently. Mason showed Troy step by step the way he was supposed to get to the tip of the pipe. After that day, Troy would only go to the skatepark to meet Mason. He taught Troy everything he knew. They became the best of friends since that day.
Other: Has a dog named Poseidon. Troy loves the Percy Jackson movies.
Code: Can do a backflip while riding a skateboard on a half pipe.

Carlos looked at Axel. “That boy never learns.” He said as he shook his head. “Anyway, we are here to help. If we don’t take care of this town, we’ll soon starve and die like all those people. Raise your hand if you love this Island.” The majority of hands were raised. “Okay, how many of you want this Island to stink really badly if we don’t do anything about these bodies.” No one spoke or raised their hands. “Good. This project will be divided into ten groups.”

“I want my mommy!” A voice cried out.

“Yeah! We want our family back!” Another shouted. Carlos sighed.

“I know, I know. I miss my family too. But no one can revive the dead. I’m sorry.” Various cried were heard in the background. Carlos fought the earge to cry too, but he choked back the tears. “We need a leader. A brave one. Any care to volunteer? Or at least vote for someone?” Carlos said.

“Mason Woods is fit for the job!” A ninth grader said.

“Yeah! He could do it! He saved a life once!” There were many murmurs in agreement, heads nodding here and there. Mason took a step back. He didn’t want to do it, nor he was planning on doing it. A kid pushed him forward and he stumbled onto the first step of Town Hall. Mason flushed in embarrassment. He got close to Carlos and whispered.

“Man, I’m not doin’ this.” Mason whispered to Carlos.

“Yes. Yes. I know, but this is the life of these kids we talkin’ ‘bout.” Carlos was right. Mason knew a leader was needed for this town, but he didn’t think that he was the one to be chosen for it. Troy squirmed to the front.

“If he’s going to be leader,” Troy announced, “he’ll need a left-hand man. I want to be that person!” Mason stared at Troy. He just winked at Mason.

“Well then. I hear-by declare, Mason Woods as town leader, and Troy Gaither as assistant.” Murmurs again were heard here and there. “Now. To discuss the town necessities. Cynthia Morales is in-charge of the Pre-school. Therefore, there will be assigned people to do or get anything she needs.”

“I also need part-time helpers! Me and the other eight helpers can’t do as many things at once. We would need about fifty helpers a day. We estimate there are about one hundred and twenty-eight babies and toddlers that need to be taken care of.” Cynthia was in the middle of the ginormous crowed.

“Yes. That is why we need people to search the homes for any milk or formulas and diapers for the pre-school. We also need to conserve the water we have. Food is running out. I know it’s been a week since the disease massacre, but we need to stay strong. Those bodies aren’t going to move themselves.”

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The island meet was over, and Carlos headed towards Axel’s cave.

“Hey there, Axel!” Carlos mused. “Nice work you’ve done here. But I’m going to need you to work on that box you had earlier. They could be useful for communication.”



“Hm.” He was a bit sad they didn’t notice him, but also a tad bit happy. The last thing I need is interruptions, when searching for my parents…, he thought. But it would be nice for some help…yet I’m the odd one out, here. Not going to happen…

He watches Mason, as they start chanting. He stays silent, not knowing what to think. Where is a friend when you need one…


Name: Flare
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Power: Can control lava
Weakness: Water
Other: Can’t swim in water, due to her weakness. She can’t touch water other than drinking it and dew and condensation. (and other normal everyday-water-touching)
Code: can swim in lava, but not water.

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Name: Avery Samantha Jackson
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Power: Can control plant life. She can basically manipulate a plants’ plant life, as in, she can make a seed grow into a tree in just five seconds.
Weakness: Has Arachnophobia. (Terrified by spiders.) She is mostly tempted to eat lots of sweets, but stays away from it just in case. Can’t stand small, tight, spaces.
Appearance: Straight light-brown hair w/ bangs that line up to her eyebrows. Hazel eyes. She pretty, but something the guys would call a hottie.
Background: Avery’s parents had died shortly after her little sister was born. They were raised by their grandparents. She loves to dance, and watch movies. Now that her grandparents have died, she needs to do all the house chores, plus take care of her little sister Sarah. School was quite difficult without her parents. She’d cry during class, during lunch, and during break. One day, she was so depressed, she wouldn’t even look up to see if anyone would bump into her when she walked. A boy named Mason had bumped her pretty badly to the point on which she toppled to the ground, scattering all her books and assignment papers. “Oh god! I’m really sorry!” The boy said. Avery looked up at him slowly. “Are you okay?” He told his friend red-orange hair to go first and that he’d catch up with him later. “Sorry about that. I’m in a small hurry to class.” He helped her pick up her books. To her eyes, he was beautiful. “There you go. This is the last of it.” He said.
“T-Thank… You…” Avery stumbled on her words.
“Alright then, bye.” He left without another word. Avery, holding her books, watched as Mason walked away. After that day, Avery’s depression slowly faded away. She would watch Mason from afar. She’d just look at him. It was a small secret one-sided love she had, because Mason never even said ‘hi’ to her after that day. But she’s fine just watching him. She’s happy when she is.
Other: Avery and her little sister Sarah are only five years apart.
Code: As of her abilities, she has no specific skills.

Avery was sitting on her front porch reading a book. It was the best place to get some sun. It was also twelve o four p.m. in the afternoon on a Wednesday, a time she should be at school. But who was going to be at school? There were no teachers to dictate the lesson. Nor were there any cops, or parents, or doctors in disposition of saving them from this disaster. The town plaza was right in front of her house. She watched as Axel’s invention failed, how they nominated Mason for town leader and his friend Troy as his assistant. She sat on the porch with her legs propped up on the railing. Her bare legs were blazing white in sunshine. She had always been pale and was never the kind of person who obsessed over a tan, but she was feeling the need for sunlight today.

“Vivi!” Sarah called. ‘Vivi’ was a little name Sarah gave Avery because she couldn’t say her name right.

“What?” Avery said. Not looking away from her book.

“I’m hungry. Can you make me some chicken nuggets?”

“There’s still pasta from last night.”

“NO! I want chicken nuggets!”

“I’m not making chicken nuggets because there’s still something to eat. I’ll make ‘em tonight, but you have to eat what’s left. We aren’t in the conditions of wasting food.” Avery said in the calmest voice as she flipped a page in her book. Sarah pouted and went back inside. Avery closed her book and continued to admire Mason.

Mason climbed down Town Halls’ steps. Troy followed.

“Man… What do I do?” Mason flatly. “There’s clearly more people better than I am at doing this stuff.”

“Like who?” Troy asked. Mason searched his mind.

“AH! Sam could!”

“The guy three inches taller than you?” Mason nodded.

“Welp. We can’t change the past, but I’m here for you, Bro. I’m always here for you.” Troy patted Mason’s back in encouragement. Mason smirked and nodded.

They marched back to their small ‘Man Cave’ as they called it. The cave was basically Troy’s house. It was a two-story home which they shared with another boy named Kyron. The three lived happy there. No disturbance. No fights, they were all friends. And definitely no girls to bother them during the day. Today, it was Mason’s deep-thinking session with his skateboard. He skated for about three hours, until he thought of a plan that could work. And he did. And he was going to tell Carlos about tomorrow. Yep. Tomorrow.


He would gently open the door, and sneak into Masons “man cave.” There must be something, here…I need to know more…. He would look around then open then door to the room they were in. Eep He slammed the door shut, and bolted down the stairs. Masons home? Huh…the exit is blocked…I have to hide… He would face dive under the table, heart pumping.


Name: Siddhi Heravdakar
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Power: Determined through RP (Post 76: Gains an ability to make force fields, a weapon and defense)
Weakness: She requires time and focus to create the first forcefield, kind of like a charge. She also appears to be uncaring or pessimistic sometimes
Appearance: Short, with long Auburn hair and large dark green eyes. Wears a checkered jacket and black pants and a gray hat
Background: to be determined
Other: Third cousins with Mishri, the worst person ever
Code: Talented at being sarcastic :man_shrugging:


Name: Mishri Jayavant
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Power: Superspeed, depending on how much of a pinch he’s in he can go past his normal quick speed and become half the speed of light
Weakness: Even if he can run faster, his stamina isn’t endless, and he tires out eventually, but his stamina is built to take short runs. Even if his stamina appears endless while in ultimate speed, once he comes out it, he may blackout for days at a time, and he can actually kill himself from the stress of it. Like Axel he’s willing to go too far to do the right thing, even at the wrong time
Appearance: Brown hair and hazel eyes. Wears jeans and a brown jacket over a white shirt reading "You just lost"
Background: On his way to the hospital with the adults and Shiddi, the vehicle broke. The sickened moaned in pain, and as the driver and the two kids pushed the car, the research all pooled over him. He doubled back in pain, but when he opened his eyes, he was a mile from the car and of course had a cramp. The sick died from not getting to the hospital in time, which wouldn’t have done anything. But when Shiddi found out of his powers, she grew infuriated that he didn’t save them
Other: Eats candy, because candy= sanity
Code: Likes cracking jokes and delivering messages. Other than that, just random stuff

“Mail delivery.” Mishiri said zooming in, making Siddhi’s house shake and books fall.

“Stop it…” Siddhi said in a whiny voice as she threw a book at him. He easily dodged it and laughed

“I took liberty of reading the mail… Seems you have a secret admirer. Hey WAIT!” Siddhi started throwing books at him in a furious rage
"So you want to leave, because this is important stuff. Seems that there’s a village near over being developed. As a leader of this area, I think it’d be good for you to go. Well, gotta zip, gotta zoom, hopefully not see you soon." he said as he went off

Siddhi walked outside. The small village was no more than 20 people since the adults died, but they were old enough to take care of themselves. While no one was never given the actual role as chief, her wisdom was accepted.
“Siddhi, where are you going?” one boy asked

“I need to talk to some people in a nearby town. Seeing that they are urban, the odds of them having food is slim.”

“Should we send anyone else with you?”

“No, tend to the crops, kill the beast for tools. Imprison any idiots.” she said as she walked off

“Yeah yeah, just let me turn off the saw!” Axel shouted as he up to the front of cave. “Don’t step there. Or there, or there, or anywhere pretty much.”

He pushed a button, and a loud hum could be heard “One of my first inventions was making this cave accessible to me and…”

Sam! Where was he?
"I’m sorry Carlos town leader, but I need to find my assistant. I’ll work on that box. Gimme a week and I’ll have it working."
He began to run through town looking for Sam