Abandonment Issues


… I think this yak has abandonment issues. Ever have an animal be too “clingy?”

I like you, yak. I don’t LIKE you, yak.


Not THAT bad. But…



Too clingy!


there love u
As long as u give them rainbow cupcakes


What I’m really wondering is how did a yak grow jetpack wings.


Very painfully :joy:
Cyborg Yak.


You may not like the yak, but the yak will love you. A lot.

“We move in unison. We are one.” -Yak


“DoN’t LeAvE mE!!!” - Yak


Me in my mind:
Or that the people who took the pictures actually ABUSE the animals by super gluing their hair. SSSHHHHHHAAAAAAAMEEEE. That’s a weird thing to do, but I mean like, im not gonna bother, so might as well shut my own mouth
It’s a complicated world in my brain sometimes.

watches thu thu put superglue on herself to the yak
Thuthu: is there anything you want?
Me: Brain: Brain Processing of what to say to weirdo. Please hold on
After 10 seconds of awkward staring and silence:
Me: Well I mean, it’s good to say you enjoying yourself but uhhh
Brain: haha sucker look who’s the weirdo now


We are Bob.


“Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Bob?”


Definetly has abandonment issues


i can relate


I feel like this could be a famous quote