ABC Destruction

A simple little game! It’s as easy as “Abc”!

You post something that would destroy the item the last post mentioned, But with a minor twist: your item must begin with the letter after the first letter of the last post’s item !


Person 1 : Apple

Person 2: a Bear Eats the apple!

Person 3: a Cat launcher shoots and kills the Bear

Anything will do as long as it’s Appropriate (quote me on that spelling)
The cycle restarts after Z (zebra then Apple)
Let’s give er a go!

Start: Angered Melon


a Band eats the Angered Melon

a Cat tricks the bear into falling into magma.

An explosion destroys the dark abyss.

A guy named freddy destroys the missle launch site shortly after the abyss is destroyed.

Wth i cant post anymore for 10hrs!

A giraffe eats Freddy, and sorry about the bear band mixup lol.

Huge Explosion destroys giraffe

A hacker deletes the internet, therefore deleting every guideline for protected animals. “50 years in the future”: a new generation arises that doesn’t know what not to kill and therefore kills the giraffe for vengeance for Freddy because the presidents grandfathers name was “Freddy” so his death was passed down through generations. And now the young president decides to build a wall between the giraffes and the land of A,U.S

@_herobrine, you were supposed to do an ‘I’ counter to explosion

An Interstellar Orbital Device destroys the cause of the Huge explosion

Can somebody help me out? Idk what this is because ima too stoopid to understand. ._.

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A jalapeño is placed within the Interstellar Orbital Device, and since it’s too spicy, it’s explodes, only leaving the fearless JALAPEÑO

A knife cuts up your jalapeño and makes a delicious salsa with it.

A Large Youtuber burns the Knife while trying to revive a past dead trend

The large youtuber’s mom walks in and destroys his/her YouTube channel

that’s quite acceptable


For example, a cat eats a band aid, then the dog eats the cat.

A Nutty squirrel eats the Large YouTuber’s Mom, thinking she is a nut.

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an opera singer deafens and kills the nutty squirrel due to her 12334568907543 decibels scream

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My mother whips out her clothes hanger and starts whacking the opera singer. “WHY YOU GET JOB SING NO DOCTOR?”

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M? I thought it’s P.

:???: Is it last letter, second? P wouldn’t fit either… I’m not sure.

A Prehistoric Pteradon trapped in time gets released ,flies, and eats the opera singer!