ABC Destruction

a Queen kills the prehestoric pteradon

rabbib rabbit kills the queen

A Stalker stalks and eventually kills the rabbit with bleeding ear!

A tiger kills the stalker

A unicycle falls in a random part of the universe

Are you sure you understand the game? Because the Unicycle didn’t destroy the tiger.

A Unicycle Rider uses the secret way of the unicycle to destroy the tiger
((Unicycle Rider OP lvl = Over 9000))

A violin :violin: is in the middle of the street, stopping the unicycle rider and injuring him/her.

V > W

Waves rush over the violin and destroy it.

W> X

The invincible Xylophone stops the waves in their tracks

X > Y

A zebra runs over the xylophone and breaks it.

Z > A

An Alligator (our very own Ally Flower of Blockheads) eats the Zebra

That is not how the food chain works…

A Blockhead kills the Alligator.

Next: B > C

a Cave troll kills the Blockhead.

A derpy dino kills the cave troll

An elaphant kills the derpy dino.

Next: E > F

a frog poisons the elephant, killing them.

a gorilla eats the frog thinking it was some form of unpoisonous food

A hiccup that the gorilla makes kills him.

Next: H > I

An iguana sucks up the hiccup.