Ability to Migrate Cloud Worlds to SP and Back in the 1.7 Environment

Now that Dave has revealed that the 1.7 update will come with monthly in app payment for active servers, I got to thinking about ways for those of us with multiple servers (that we still love) to effectively maintain our servers while being realistic about how much money we are comfortable spending on an app that we love.

I don’t know if this is possible, but I wonder if cloud worlds can be migrated into SP and back.

Having the ability to migrate cloud worlds back onto your devices would not only save cloud costs for Dave, but it would also allow players to save their most prized worlds until they could pay to post the server once again.

There are a few benefits that I can think of.

  • First, if you want to revamp/renovate/improve or put your server on a timeout (maybe because you temporarily don’t have the time to monitor the server), you could do so at your own pace without paying the cloud fees.
  • Second, you would be able to develop a themed server in your own time and without incurring costs until it is ready to share with the community. This would also potentially encourage increased variety and more developed servers in the cloud, since people could spend more time creating something in SP before releasing it to the BH community
  • This would be more cost effective for the player and more cost effective for Dave (because he isn’t paying storage for a bunch of stagnant worlds).
  • Lastly, psychologically, this would make players feel like they have more security and control of their worlds and the future of those worlds (if that makes sense).

I don’t doubt that Dave’s proposed payment structure is necessary to keep blockheads going. I also strongly believe that there will be many players who simply can’t pay monthly fees for multiple servers (real developed ones… I’m not talking about servers that are just impulse servers). And while the simple answer for those who can’t afford the monthly cost of a server would be for them to just be participants/visitors on someone else’s world, so much of the fun is coming up with your own world, developing the idea, and creating something tangible from an idea in your head. Maybe this solution would, at least, minimize the burden for some players who still want to do this, but don’t have the funds to do this without some planning/thought.


I would like this to be available too…

My little pixel art world has strict rules as I want it to be just for pixel art & for those who may come to learn how to do it or just come to make, may make my world FULL of builds before I know it… I’d hate to remove builds. Being able to revert back to SP to do maintenance would be helpful. I’m trying to grid protect the world… (do overlapping protection signs cause lag??)

I have another multiplayer world that I’m slowly preparing to be open to others with a birthday theme… It would be great to be able to work on this in SP mode (but thank you @MummyK for all your hard work & the other’s who’ve contributed too)

Great thought there Thuthu


I would love to add this, I really would, but there are just too many difficulties in doing it right.

The actual technical part of downloading the world and putting it on to a device or a Mac server is trivial. But to do it securely and reliably, and provide some user interface with buttons and progress bars, and all the error-checking, new methods of creating worlds from backups, etc etc etc would be a big job.

So I’m going to have to say no, at least for now while my focus is on finally getting 1.7 feature complete and out the door. I might give it some more thought down the track.


@majicDave I’m glad you’re going to consider this feature. I would love to have this in, but I can understand how you won’t do it now (especially as you’re working on 1.7), and we totally respect that! Thanks Dave :slight_smile:

I don’t want the responsibility of having my own server. I feel like I’m not creative enough to come up with a design, a theme, a USP that would draw players in. I’m happy being admin on my friends servers, helping them to enforce the rules and do maintenance jobs like a whole world protection grid (yep, we worked out how many signs are needed and it’s a vanilla world :joy: Thank you to @Ronnie, @Cactus_Jack and @Louz for assisting with protection signs, gold ingots, marble etc). I love knowing that I can help out my friends like that but I’d be willing to go a step further and help pay to keep the server running because I enjoy being there. If @Caronhere had been able to migrate her server to SP then I would lose out. If any of the servers I play on closes because the owner can’t afford to keep it running then I lose out. At the moment, whilst “payment” is in TC, a lot of my favourite servers tend to be maxed out so I have not been able to contribute to a few. Dave has mentioned that he is thinking of extending the maximum period that can be payed for. If this was the case and owners didn’t max out their server in one go, I bet I’m not the only player who would choose a server to add a months credit to when I could.

Whilst I know that many of you don’t want to ask for help there is no shame in allowing us to help. Once my children are working, if they still live in my house, I will expect a contribution towards the household running costs. I already expect them to contribute to the household chores. We all live here, we all contribute. It’s the same with our servers, if we want to be able to play there then we need to be responsible: obey the rules, keep the server clean & tidy and if we can afford it make a financial contribution. No one should feel forced to spend money to play on someone else’s server, or feel that you are “not allowed” to play there because you haven’t payed.

Server owners, please be gracious and accept a little help from those of us who appreciate being able to share your servers.


Well that totally makes sense. Development and practical implementation of ideas in apps is complete magic to me so the explanation is really appreciated. (peeks behind the curtain at the wizard).

Thanks for even considering it way down the line.

@MummyK Yes. Very true about welcoming help from other players for developed servers. I, selfishly, was referring to work-in-progress servers (servers that I have been creating off the grid to be brought out at a later date once they are ready). I have a few of those, each with significant work but not enough to share yet in my opinion. As I mentioned before somewhere, this will change the way I personally play, but I’ll figure it out. We all adapt and this doesn’t lessen my excitement over what’s to come in the update.


I think the porting ability should be set up to go both ways. @Thuthu is not the only one that likes to develop a world fully beforehand. If worlds can be developed in a single player world environment, than ported to the cloud for public release many would be happy.