Ability to queue up mining of stone backwall

Natural stone backwall can only be mined when 2 or more sides of the backwall is exposed to air. I personally don’t have a problem with this, but what is really frustrating is that you have to actively tap to mine stone backwall; it only becomes selectable to be mined with a pickaxe when 2 or more sides are currently exposed. Trying to mine a stone backwall that does not fit the criteria results in a white square instead (see pic).

Suggestion: Allow natural stone backwall to be selected for mining with a pickaxe when 2 or more sides are either open to air or already selected with a pickaxe. For example:

This allows the queuing up of stone backwall mining, if selected in the correct order, and reduces the need for active stone backwall mining.

Although Dave is probably not going to add any more content updates, a simple QoL change like this would be awesome. What do you think? :slight_smile:


Thanks for this tip

This feature isn’t actually in the game now, its just a suggestion :slight_smile:

Oh ok I thought :sweat_smile: but someone managed to remove the back walls before I saw it

It’s definitely worthy of being in the game! :sweat_smile:


This is very useful! I wish Dave adds this. But booboogaga script kiddies :wink:

What’s the argument against being able to selectively remove the backwall? That caves shouldn’t get natural light unless there’s an opening to the surface?

I mean, if everybody could just punch holes into the cave wall 100 blocks below the surface, nobody would need lanterns and torches anymore.

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