About my Server

Me and a friend wanted to finally make a server On the blockheads since we were bored. so i decided to make a server and pay up because one of us had to. so i made the world. x16 set my username and set a profile picture. named the world fortnite world because we thought it was funny, and was prompted to the purchase screen. so i paid with my telephone billing service. i received a SMS from my billing company that the transaction was made and then the game gave me the error. Failed to create world. I though to myself oh it must just have been a bug and i was going to try and recreate the server. i was then again prompted to the pruchase screen instead of getting booted into a world. I honestly dont know if this is a glitch/Bug or if i am even in the right catagory, but i would still like some answeres because i was still charged for my world credit and never got my world. Hva e a ncie day and a response would be nice.

This is the correct category. It’s a bug that they are trying to fix. @milla can give you the server if you want it, or you can email Noodlecake if you want a refund.

Are they even open right now? Nonessential businesses in most countries are being required to close.

Is noodlecake remote?

That is the thing. I’m not too sure.

Its been solved i have been repaid

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I haven’t asked Noodlecake whether they’re doing WFH or shutdown, but I expect it will be WFH since they’ve got such a huge games catalogue. Shutting down a studio like theirs would be pretty catastrophic, given they do have the ability to operate online.